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Orion Lighting

The Austrian-based company - Orion Lighting Company was initially established as a small scale business in the late 1940’s and subsequently matured as one of the largest manufacturers of superior quality lighting equipment. Today, the company manufactures almost 20,000 products which include innovative designs of lamps as well as chandeliers that complement all kinds of interiors and suits every mood. One of the most striking features of this company is their exclusive hand-made lighting fixtures that not only represents original design but also promises first-class quality. Therefore, Orion products not only appear to be great but also last much longer than its competitors. Orion Light style offers premium quality lighting fixtures to various commercial organizations including restaurants, hotels, concert halls, churches, offices, nightclubs, studio, showrooms etc. The company has been a part of the lighting industry long enough to obtain complete expertise in this area, as a result of which they have gained internal recognition for their manufactured goods. This lighting brand has successfully joined hands with professional interior decorators as well as qualified designers to deliver highly productive lighting fixtures across more than 100 countries worldwide.

Orion Specialty Lighting Fixtures

Ceiling/Wall Lights can also be availed as spot hanging & table lamps. These lighting fixtures make use of high-voltage halogen lights that are concealed with gold/satin/nickel polished metal. Their Ceiling/Wall lights are created with premium quality glass that can be availed in opal, frosted, transparent or cut design.

Chandeliers have an elegant design and a halogen lighting system that makes use of colored crystal stones or Swarovski-strass. These chandeliers are constructed with the finest quality silver/gold polished metal and are also used as wall bracket & ceiling lamps.

Floor Lamps are manufactured manually with the use of authentic Swarovski Spectra crystals that are imported directly from Austria. These Lamps are a mixture of conventional & contemporary designs that holds a mass appeal. Swarovski crystals add charm and elegance to this entire lighting fixture. They can be availed in chrome or 24 karat gold polished metal.

Table Lamps are manufactured with pure quality, Swarovski Spectra crystals. Like most lighting products that are made by the company, these lighting fixtures to are produced manually by assembling each part of the lighting fixture with complete care & supervision. They can be availed in chrome and 24 karat gold polished metal

Wall Scones are available in a vast variety of designs which compliments simply as well as complicated interiors. They make use of halogen lights and can be availed in 2 separate voltage options. They can be easily located in a wide range of color shades and finishing choices.

All lighting equipment by Their Company are manufactured with premium quality materials and are priced accordingly. They can be purchased from Official Showrooms which are located in Prague, Linz, Vienna, Bratislava, Klagenfurt, Graz & Budapest. They can also be purchased on the internet. For any more information on their Light style, you can visit their website at

This Australian based lighting company specializes in beautiful celestial type lighting fixtures. Orion began as a small business in the 1940s and has become, thanks to all of their handwork and dedication to creating and designing unique light fixtures, internationally famous today. They craft lights for all occasions and every part of the home: floor lights, wall lights, chandeliers, kitchen lighting, countertop lighting and much more. If you want something classy, this is it.