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Oluce Lighting

The italian based company - Oluce is believed to be the oldest and most experienced Italian lighting company in present times. It was established by Giuseppe Ostuni in 1945 and since then has bagged several awards for delivering highly creative, practical and productive lighting fixtures to their customers. This brand has been associated with a large group of talented designers & architects who have contributed tremendously to the company’s success till date. The company is very well-known for its exclusive designs of Table lamps, Floor lamps, hanging lamps, Wall/Ceiling lamps & Outdoor lamps which are widely used in residential & commercial settings. Several restaurants, hotels, offices, high-profile event arenas & public areas have used Oluce luminaires.

Spider 291 was introduced in 1966 and is considered to be the most popular choice of table/floor lamp produced by Oluce. Like the company itself, this particular model is the oldest of all lighting fixtures that are manufactured so far. This masterpiece has also bagged the Compasso d'Oro award for its premium design & efficiency. This model showcases a metal stand, chromium coated stem & a flexible aluminum reflector which ensures that the lamp emits sufficient levels of illumination to the desired area.

Floor Lamps can be availed in a wide range of models comprising of Agnoli-387, Dim-333, Colombo-626, Pascal-345, Switch-306, Colombo-669/626, Lulu-311, Spider-3319, Teda-332 and many more. These lamps are creations of several designers & each one of them has a unique feature to offer the customers. They carry a stylish design which can be easily accommodated within apartments, offices, as well all kinds of commercial areas,

One of the oldest & widely used Wall & Ceiling Lamps is the 1960 model which can be used for indoor as well as outdoor settings. The wall & ceiling lamp is constructed with metal and polycarbonate. It offers direct as well as subtle illumination and can be availed in small as well as medium size. This particular lighting fixture has gained immense popularity only due to its superb quality, simple appearance, superior functionality & affordable pricing.

Suspension Lamps by this brand is created with white polycarbonate anodized metal & clear sand-blasted Murano glass which allows the equipment to emit subtle lighting while hanging from the ceiling or roof. This particular lighting fixture is designed in a vast variety which is suitable for all kinds of indoor as well as outdoor settings. They provide superior functionality in improving the home décor as well as for illuminating the porch areas

Their Outdoor Lamps are designed by a bunch of talented & contemporary architects working for the company. their outdoor lamp collection includes Ela – 308/318, Stones/Stones-215, Krystal, Fresnel/Fresnel - 1148, Lyndon 160, Pill-low – 219 and Teda – 102/302. Amongst these, the most popular model of outdoor lamp is the organic shaped Stones-215 which looks great in illuminating the garden & pool area.