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Office Lighting

Spend your working hours in style and comfort! Whether you’re looking for desk lamps, suspended lighting (such as pendants or chandeliers), floor lamps, or other high quality fixtures, we have an expansive selection of modern lighting solutions for your workspace or office.

Choose from brightly colored lamps or muted silver fixtures—you simply can’t go wrong with the gorgeous, sophisticated pieces in this office lighting collection.

Office Lighting Q&A

Lighting fixtures that are designed for offices provide excellent atmospheric light that creates a pleasant and productive work environment. The fact cannot be denied that office lighting can make a huge difference in the workplace. Proper illumination in the office has been linked to positive emotional states contributing to increased productivity. On the contrary, poor quality lighting at the office leads to a feeling of dissatisfaction and even irritation with the consequent negative effect on employee productivity.

Office lighting fixtures have greatly evolved since the days of dusty single light incandescent bulbs and crackling fluorescent tubes. Today’s lighting fixtures offer high-quality illumination that raises the morale of the employees allowing them to work in a productive and efficient manner. Here are some of the questions that can help you in selecting the best lighting solution for your workplace.

Q.1. Which directions should I follow when setting up lighting for my home office?

Ans. Quality office lighting can boost the productivity of the employees. It improves energy levels, mood, and morale of the employees that lead to increased efficiency while performing work. On the other hand, poor quality office lighting can sap the energy of the employees leading to headaches, eye strains, and other problems.

Before purchasing a lighting fixture for the office, it is important to first assess the room illumination requirements. Find out the amount of natural light in the room and then select a lighting solution accordingly. The best advice when it comes to office lighting is to go for recessed downlight such as the APD 01 pendant light from LumenArt that creates warm white light projected downwards and that are not too harsh for the eyes.

Moreover, a lighting fixture that is dimmable with an external dimmer such as Forchini PD-2 Suspension Lamp from SLV Lighting is recommended in case you want to control the light based on the amount of illumination required in the office space.

Adjustable spotlights can also work well in the office environment creating a modern twist to the décor as seen with the Spot 79 120 V spotlight from SLV Lighting. This lighting solution allows you to highlight a specific area of the room in a spectacular fashion.

A pendant light and chandeliers don’t suit office space. They are more suitable for homes and hotels. If you do want to select these lights, you should make sure to select one that features a simple fuss-free shade.

Task lighting such as the Tolomeo classic table lamp from Artemide and Hippo table lamp from Vertigo Bird are important in office spaces that require bright illumination. The adjustable office light brightens up space in a way that allows employees to fully concentrate on the task at hand.

You should position the desk lamp opposite the writing hand to avoid the shadows that will distract while working. Also, make sure that the beam of the light falls on the working area and does not reflect onto the screen.

Wall lights such as AWL 13.1 Wall Sconce from LumenArt and Aria Mini Recessed Wall Light from Artemide are also ideal for the office space. You should select a light that mimics daylight and that can be tilted and rotated on the wall as per the illumination requirements.

Careful consideration to the office lighting can allow you to create a pleasant and comfortable environment at the office. There are so many varieties when it comes to office lighting that you can select one that can perfectly suit the illumination requirements at the office.

Q.2. Can you tell me a bit more about the glare on computer work desks? How can I avoid glare?

Ans. Office work is both mentally and visually demanding that requires good lighting. Good lighting means one that does not cause stress, and allows the employees to focus on the task at hand. One of the factors that can negatively affect the performance of the employees is glare on the computer work desks.

A glare is caused by excessive light falling on the computer screen. This prevents them to clearly see the screen. When employees experience glare on the computer screen, they lean either forward or backward in order to resolve the issue. This leads to awkward body position that leads to postural fatigue and mental stress, which in turn results in musculoskeletal injuries (MSI).

The main sources of glare include outside windows, overhead lights, and light that is reflected off the work surfaces. Depending on the location and source of the light, there are different solutions that you can take to reduce glare from the computer screen.

  • Adjust the tilt and position of the monitor screen,

  • Relocate the monitor to a more suitable location,

  • Place the monitor at the side of the window instead of directly in front,

  • Install parabolic louver covers on the overhead lights,

  • Dim the lights using the external dimmer, and

  • Install an anti-glare shield on the screen to avoid glares.

In short, a computer glare can be uncomfortable for the employees as it prevents them to properly see the computer screen. In order to avoid the glare, you can either control the lighting source or adjust the monitor screen.

Q.3. How many lumens do I need in an office?

Ans. When buying office lights, the focus is mostly on the wattage. Not many people give consideration to lumens of the lighting fixture. Lumens are a measure of the intensity of the light. More the lumens, brighter the workspace, and vice versa.

For general office spaces, the lumens should be between 300 and 750. This provides the best illumination in general settings. However, there are areas where more illumination is required due to the general nature of the work.

Mechanical Workshops, for instance, require a higher degree of illumination as compared to other office spaces. So, you need to install lighting that provides net lumens in the range of 500 to 750. The lumens required for the performance of visual tasks for prolonged periods require even higher lumens that range from 1500 to 2000.

Q.4. What different types of Office lighting fixtures are available?

Ans. You can find different varieties of office lighting fixtures. The lighting fixtures can be categorized in different manners that can serve different requirements and budgets. For office spaces where employees work mostly sitting on desks, task lighting is the best solution. Then there are office wall lights that are fixed on the walls, and the office suspension lights that are fixed on the ceilings.

The office floor lamps are another category of lighting fixtures that can be installed at the workplace. It gives greater control over the illumination of the place. For instance, the Worklight LED SL-1 Floor Lamp from SLV Lighting is equipped with the latest technologies such as motion sensor, daylight control and regulation, and a dimming feature that controls light according to the illumination requirement.

Another way office lighting fixtures can be categorized is according to the type of the bulb installed in the light. The three main types of light bulbs include halogen, fluorescent, and LED. Of these halogen and fluorescent bulbs provide the brightest illumination, while the LED bulbs are the most energy-efficient bulbs.

Office lighting fixtures can also be categorized according to the shape of the lighting shade. You can select Abstract, Bell, Conical, Cylindrical, Dome, Drum, Globe, Multipoint, Rectangle, Round, and Square design lighting shade.

Apart from the shape, the office lighting fixtures also differ according to the finishing. Office lighting fixtures come with Aluminium, Black, Brass, Bronze, Chrome, Chrome Matt, Gold, Nickel, Nickel Matt, and White. You can select a lighting fixture with a finishing that looks the best to you.

Q.5. Why should I use LED or Fluorescent lighting in my office?

Ans. When it comes to energy efficiency, LED office lights are by far the best choice. These lights consume the least power as compared to other kinds of lighting solution. LED bulbs contained in the lighting fixture also last for a long time thereby offering value for money.

The next best lighting source is the fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent bulbs produce ultraviolet light that when electrified is converted into visible lights. These bulbs are twice as energy efficient as compared to halogen and incandescent bulbs.

Q.6. What are some recommended products for Modern Office lighting?

Ans. At Interior Deluxe, we have some of the best brand lighting products. You can find such well-known brands as Anta, Artemide, Axo, Fontana Arte, and much more. The entire range of modern lighting fixtures that you can find here features exquisite craftsmanship and high-quality build. The lighting solutions at Interior Deluxe offer great value for money, saving you a lot of costs in the long run.

The Tolomeo classic table lamp and Tolomeo with shade table lamp both from Artemide are our two most popular office lights. People like these lighting fixtures that come with fluorescent bulbs for their simple yet elegant design, and affordable price. The modern lighting fixtures designed by Michele De Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina feature high-quality build and finishing that has made them a star at Interior Deluxe.

Our next two most popular office lighting fixture includes the Berenice small table lamp from LucePlan and Mini Kelvin Led table lamp from Flos. Berenice small table lamp has been designed by Alberto Meda and Paolo Rizzatto for LucePlan. The halogen bulb lighting fixture boasts of a fluid movement and perfect stability that has made it popular among the customers.

The Mini Kelvin LED table lamp had been designed by Antonio Citterio for Flos. This lighting fixture is energy efficient and comes with features such as diffuser in photo-engraved methacrylate with aluminate surround, Head in presso-fused aluminum, ON/OFF switch with Soft Touch technology, and others that have made it a hot item at Interior Deluxe.