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Occhio Lighting by Axelmeise is one of the most popular lighting companies in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The company since its establishment has become the market leader for producing high quality light fittings. The company has built its reputation on the basis of its unique designs which have always been beyond their times. The designing department of the company is headed by its founder Axel Meise who has been striving constantly to take the company to new heights with each collection that it has released.

Occhio by Axelmeise has been headquartered at Wiener Platz in Munich-Haidhausen, Germany since 1999 and currently employs about 60 people who take care of the designing and manufacturing of the light fittings. The founder of the company Axel Meise has been a self taught designer you creates the light fittings from pure inspiration. The company hence believes in giving opportunity to fresh design school students and amateurs who wish to make a mark in the lighting industry.

The company with its creative designs has taken the basic functionality of light and created something that is unique and exclusive to your establishment. The company believes in producing light fittings that provide illumination, enhance the décor and more importantly help in improving the quality of life of their customers.

Axelmeise also features in the top events of the lighting industry across the world. The company has created its reputation on showcasing its upcoming collections to appreciative and applauding audiences every time. The company’s portfolio boasts of a variety of light fittings like recessed lights, table lamps, spotlights, ceiling lights and suspension lights. The most popular collection of the company till date has been the Puro collection.

The Puro collection is a family of matching lamps consisting of ceiling lights, table lamps, floor lampsand suspension lights. The company offers many variations of each lamp. For example the table lamp can have twin lamps and hence so can the other matching lights of this collection. The company also offers rail lighting in this collection to illuminate consecutive work stations or to illuminate kitchen counters.

Similarly the Piu piano collection is also a family of matching lights with variations. The lamps in this collection come in single pieces or twin pieces. The family consists of table lamps, floor lamps, suspension lights and ceiling lights. The company also offers rail lighting in this collection.

The company regularly take sup contracts to provide lighting solutions to major establishments across Europe. The most important contract of the company has been to provide lighting solutions to the University of Zurich. The company provided customized lighting solutions to the University of Zurich that enhanced the architecture of the building and proved to be extremely energy efficient.

The company for this project created a new collection known as the Soffitto lamps which included wall mounted lamps, table lamps, floor lamps and suspension lights. The company hence markets its products on the basis of viral marketing and through a close network of sales agents.

Already clocking on the experience the Occhio Lighting is bound to reach new heights with its unique and stunning light fittings.