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Northern Lighting

Based in Norway - Northern Lighting was established a few years back in 2005 as a small scale company specializing in designing & construction of unique & creative lamps, pendant lights, wall lights, table lamps, decorative lamps, floor lamps, studio lights & night lamps. This company is based in Norway & presently holds a superior position in manufacturing high-quality lighting fixtures that compliments different moods within all kinds of indoor settings. Through years of hard-work & dedication, they have been able to create a respectable reputation which is clearly depicted in the fact that the company currently markets its lighting products for commercial as well as residential purposes in more than 30 countries. The company owes its success to their talented & experienced designers like Mark Braun, Anu moser, Morten Kildahl, Sven.J Dysthe, Daniel Cortazar, Hedda braathen, Ove rogne, Rudi Wulff, Tom Stepp and many more. Their Lighting Solutions have been largely used for various hotels, restaurants, real estates, offices, apartments, night-clubs, Television show studios & sets and similar large-scale projects in the past.

Their Bell Series Lamps are amongst their most popular lighting products with bell shaped pendant lights that are constructed from porcelain as its main material. They have a glossy finishing and are available in many different colors which are inspired by Scandinavian plants and rocks. This particular collection of lamps is designed by Mark Braun and fits perfectly in most residential settings as well as commercial bar & lounge areas.

Northern Lighting Nova Pendant Lamps were designed & introduced by Anu Moser whose creativity and simplicity can be clearly depicted in the overall appearance of this lighting fixture. It is created with 2 layers of white glass & one layer of transparent glass and presented in a circular form with a patented hanging option. This makes it easier for one to change the bulbs easily from time to time. The Nova Series lamps can be availed in 3 different shapes/options namely: Ophelia, Callisto and Miranda. They compliment all kinds of indoor areas and look great even when the lights are off.

Bender Floor Decorative lamps are another addition to the creative collection of Northern Lighting Solutions, designed by Morten Kildahl. Bender Lamps have a simple yet sophisticated design that offers flawless brightness for illuminating a particular part of the room. This particular lighting fixture is also used as a reading lamp in many residential & commercial settings. It includes flexible settings of lampshade which makes it easier to adjust the brightness according to the user’s convenience.

One of the most elegant pieces of lighting equipments manufactured by them is the Unika Series of Pendant Lamps, designed by. These lamps consist of an outer glass covering/lamp shade which gracefully lights-up all kinds of indoor settings but are most suitable for hotel lobbies & restaurants.

In addition to the above mentioned popular products they also manufacture the Snakkes Series, Evergreen Series, Diva Series, Illusion Series, Doka Series, Big Mama Series, Butterfly Series, Oslo Wood Series, Groggy Series, Berg Series, Snowball & Scheisse Series of lighting fixtures.