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Nordlux Lighting

Where is Nordlux located?

The company is located in Aalborg, Denmark .

What is the lead time of their products?

The lead time of their products is around 2 to 3 weeks.

What is the vision and design of the company?

Their design and vision is based on three things. For one, they focus on creating well-designed products at a price that is consumer-affordable. They’d like great products to be available to everyone, and to come up with stylish products that allow the public to take home-decor into their own hands. Their overall goal is to always be the preferred supplier for their consumers.

Secondly, they want to be innovative and ahead of their competition. They also want to mix both innovation and a focus on the end results- making their service team strong with a strong emphasis on knowing and anticipating what their consumers need.

Nordlux USA also promises to treat the environment and the people in it appropriately and with a good conscience. They assume responsibility for their work from start to finish and do everything they can to make sure they have no negative impact on the environment.

Can you tell me more about the Code of Conduct of the company?

Their Code of Conduct applies both to the company itself and their suppliers. Overall, their Code of Conduct includes that both the company and their suppliers, and even their sub-suppliers, treat their employees, their customers, and their environment well. They declare that they are a responsible company in regards to societal concerns, making sure that they pay attention to sustainability, green options whenever available, and that all of their products are made in conditions that are considered responsible socially, including those in third countries they work with. They also make sure they are in adherence with international laws as well. Their supplier signs the same Code of Conduct, and the company keeps the right to check in on the supplier to be sure they adhere to the Code of Conduct as outlined by the Confederation of Danish Industry and the Danish Industry of Human Rights as well as international standards that apply, including those from the United Nations.

To continue their Code of Conduct, they ask the supplier to also make sure that they commit their suppliers to the same standard. In 2010, they added that the supplier has to begin pre-screening their sub-suppliers and selecting them while keeping in mind that they need to adhere to the same code. They also need to start an organised system over time that consistently checks up on sub-suppliers.

They make it clear that their goal is to help suppliers improve standards on an environmental and social level and not to end business, and they offer to work hand-in-hand with suppliers to help them stay compliant with the Code of Conduct. In general, the Code of Conduct cannot go against national legislation in any way as national legislation supersedes it.

Their Code of Conduct includes stopping child labor, and now allowing themselves or their suppliers to employ anyone under 18 years old. If the supplier does employ someone under 18 years, it will be according to national legislation, and they can, therefore, employ children ages 12-15 for a lighter workload for only a couple hours at a time. In the case the supplier finds out that they are employing someone under 18 years old, they will not terminate employment but will make sure that the child is given an education and financial support instead, after discussing with the child and their family.

As a company, they do not allow forced labor or discrimination based on race, sex, color, language, political beliefs, sexual preference or religious beliefs.

They encourage their employees to speak to management about working conditions without the worry of punishment and promise a safe work environment, including safety from dangerous machinery, fire, chemicals that can be hazardous and accidents. Their supplier must also have a plan for safety and a set of procedures. They do not allow employees to be disciplined by their management or their suppliers for raising safety concerns.

Working conditions include holding the supplier to a certain standard. The suppliers must make sure to protect employees from any kind of physical or mental abuse, sexual assault, and threats or abuse at work, both by management or other workers. Employees must be getting at least the minimum wage set by the law or wage of the local industry. They will be given whichever of those is higher out of the two. No matter what that amount is, the supplier must make sure that the employees are receiving an amount that is enough for them to pay for their personal needs and that of their closest family. The private life of the employee is respected, and they are also given a written, legal contract that is easy to understand. The contract includes childbirth, holidays, working hours, sick and holiday leave. They also provide that provisions for seasonal or temporary workers are the same as full-time employees.

Due diligence is taken when designing all Nordlux lighting, to prevent defects or any harm to the consumer and environment. They also require that the supplier proves that they continuously try to improve their environmental performance in areas such as handling hazardous substances, soil emission, noise, odor and dust emission, and use of national resources such as water and energy.

They do not allow unethical business practices, bribery, kickbacks, gifts, or payoffs with employees or customers. Lastly, they do ask their suppliers for a questionnaire to be filled out every year before a social audit. The social audit includes name and age of all employees, hours accounted, wages accounted, health specifications and any other documentation necessary for the audit to be properly conducted.

If any part of their Code of Conduct isn’t followed due to gross negligence or false information, they can terminate cooperation with their suppliers without notice or any further financial obligation.

What is the warranty of Nordlux models?

Nordlux lighting has an extended 2-year warranty.

Is there a video I can watch?

Yes, feel free to watch the following video for more information: