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Next Lighting

Thomas Schulte, Managing director of Next Lighting believes that the lighting fixtures manufactured by his company are not only unique & stylish in their appearance but also depict class & sophistication in its make. Next Lighting Company focuses exclusively on quality & performance, which is why they gave an opportunity to several bright & upcoming designers to showcase their talent through their work. This decision proved to be the right choice and has worked wonders for acquiring worldwide appreciation & popularity for their Lighting products.

Several products designed by Next Lighting have bagged awards from different parts of the world, amongst which the most recent one is the Audience award for ‘Luminaire of the Year’. Amongst a host of Lighting fixtures, the most popular creations of the company include Liquid & Molecular Lights, NLC Lamps, Alien Lamps, Flip-flap ° 10 Lamps, Blade Pendant Lights, DNA Ceiling lights, Cao Mao Ceiling Lights, Down lights, Birdie Nam-Nam table lamps and LED/Halogen Light bulbs.

Let us briefly study the salient features of a few of these above mentioned products

The Blade Pendant Lights are engineered to offer 12 different variations of lighting solutions to illuminate any kind of indoor space. This means that you can provide a room with 12 different appearances just by making simple alterations to position the 3 bowl-shaped shades according to your choice. There are originally available in a circular form but can be easily re- structured into a propeller shape, organic triangle and many more.

The DNA Ceiling Lights are designed by Hopf & Wortmann and appears as natural grown structures from the ceilings. They too have their independent charm in lighting-up a room space in the most creative manner. These ceiling lights manufactured by them are created with Pink, White & Chrome plastic components, that are fixed into lighting bulbs & are available in the form of pendant, wall/ceiling and table lights.

German architect, Constantine Wortmann is responsible for introducing the NLC Lamps which appears to be somewhat like the branches of a treetop. It unique design seems to be inspired from the head of Medusa. This piece of lighting fixture is available in white as well as black body in order to compliment residential as well as commercial settings. NLC lamps make use of LED lighting solutions in order to grant superior quality illumination at all times. They are available with flexible & adjustable dimming settings which allow the user to control the brightness levels easily.

Another creation by Constantine Wortmann that has gained a lot of appreciation in the world of Lighting Solutions is the Alien Lamps. These lamps were introduced in the year 2008 and since then have bagged raving reviews for its overall appearance. They can be used as pendant lights, table lamps as well as floor lamps/lights. One can also choose amongst red & silver textile cable shades as per the physical settings in which these lighting solutions would be placed.

The user can also choose to change its lower cover in red or white body option. Alien Lamps are constructed to provide a soothing illumination for residential as well as commercial areas.