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Nemo Italianaluce Lighting

The Manufacturer NEMO Italianaluce is a company of the Cassina group. They produce lighting appliances designed in collaboration with Steve Blackman, Carlo Colombo, Giancarlo Fassina, Joseph Forakis, Carlo Forcolini, Markus Jehs, Jürgen Laub, Piero Lissoni, Vico Magistretti, Ilaria Marelli, Karim Rashid, Studio & Partners – Nic Bewick. The close collaboration with leading designers and the pursuit of engineering excellence make Nemo’s products unique in terms of design and intrinsic quality. Their catalogues include lamps suitable both for use in domestic and public spaces such as offices, showrooms, hotels, shops and meeting rooms. 

Nemo selects light sources with great care, with special attention to fluorescent lights, which allow high light output with low energy consumption. Using the most up-to-date electronic power supply equipment and electronic dimmer controls, their products are at the leading edge of design not only for their aesthetic qualities but also for visual comfort and respect for the environment. In 1998 Nemo acquired Italiana Luce, manufacturer of several classic products (Dove, Logo, Jazz, among others). With the acquisition of Meltemi s.r.l. (2001) Nemo entered the contract sector for lamps in blown glass, especially suitable for the hospitality industry. Nemo has two associated companies: Illuminating Experiences LLC, located in New Jersey (U.S.A), producer and distributor of a large range of lighting appliances in the United States, and Artelux, located in Paris, a company specialising in the distribution of lighting appliances in France. Ever since its foundation in 1993, they have been present on all the European markets, in the Americas and in the Far East through a carefully selected network of distributors and retailers.