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Murano Glass Chandeliers

Murano Glass Chandeliers

Murano Glass Chandeliers – Treat your Room to Luxury and Class

Let yourself be charmed by the elegant beauty of the timeless art piece that has helped decorate the world’s most lavish palaces. By purchasing Murano glass chandeliers from Interior Deluxe, you can too enjoy the opulence and magnificence of the artistic masterpiece made in Italy.

Murano glass represents a legacy of artistic excellence and skills of craftsman belonging to the Venetian island of Murano. It is believed that glassmaking originated in the 8th century when Venice was a major trading port. The concentration of highly skilled craft makers from different parts of the world resulted in the cross-fertilization of ideas that perfected the art of glassmaking. The popularity of Venetian class grew during the 15th and 16th century, fuelled by the demand of "à la façon de Venise".

At Interior Deluxe, you can find a wide collection of Murano Glass Chandeliers made by internationally reclaimed masters in Murano, including >AVMazzega >Axo >EviStyle >ITALAMP >Leucos >Schuller >VetriLamp Murano, and >Zaneen Panzeri.

Leucos is one of the most sought after brands whose chandeliers have won admiration mainly due to their elegant design.

Quality is the hallmark of Murano glass chandeliers made by Leucos representing a combination of impeccable functionality and beautiful design.

Bolero L3 and Bolero L6 chandeliers from Leucos, for instance, offer a fusion of color and sparkling transparency with all the attention to detail that is a perfect reflection of Murano craftsmanship.

The hand-made diffuser of the chandelier features a blown glass bowl with chromed metal frame and glass arms. The chandeliers are suspended from a metal chain that can be shortened as required during installation.

For something more home-like, the Orleans L12 chandelier from Leucos is simply one of the best. The Murano glass chandelier reflects modern art with all the elegance and skills of centuries-old craftsmanship.

The diffuser of this chandelier is completely hand-made consisting of a large bowl in white or black color Murano glass that is decorated with thin transparent glass leaves. The elegant chandelier is available in chrome plated metal construction.

If you fancy something more ostentatious and showy, the Danieli L6/L12 chandelier from Leucos will fit your needs. This strikingly stylish and grandiose chandelier offers both diffused and direct light. Construction of the elegant Murano glass chandelier consists of gilded or chromed metal.

VetriLamp Murano is another popular brand that is known for beautifully handcrafted chandeliers.

Whether you like elaborately designed modern shaped chandeliers or a transitional one, you can find one that suits your tastes and preferences.

Murano 301/6 Chandelier from VetriLamp Murano is the classic Murano glass chandelier made by the iconic brand that can complement the look of any modern and luxury home décor.

If you fancy adoring the room with the golden colored modern decorative item, you should look at Murano 971/6 Chandelier from VetriLamp Murano. The gorgeous lighting fixture features the elegant design that can upgrade the look of a modern design room.

A truly spectacular Murano Glass chandelier is the Murano 997/65 Chandelier from VetriLamp Murano. It is one of the few Murano glass chandeliers that feature a unique dome-shaped design that is perfect for any home décor and design. This chandelier features stylishly shaped edges that surround an inverted dome shaped Murano glass bowel.

Murano 1184/6 Chandelier from VetriLamp Murano is an elegantly shaped Murano glass chandelier that is manufactured with innovative technique and elaborates design. This luxury lighting collection adds glamor and style to any space but is especially suited for large rooms with lofty ceilings. It is recommended for adoring the ceilings of large hotels, villas, and palaces.

AVMazegga is a premium quality brand that channels the skills and craftsmanship of the glass masters of the past to produce some of the most striking modern light fixtures.

Take for example the Ca'Vendramin 8010/06 6 Lights chandelier from AVMazegga. This chandelier is an evergreen example of the Murano glass craftsmanship with nice and ornate shapes that looks stunning to the eyes.

Another great AVMazegga Murano glass chandelier is the Ca'Pesaro 8008/08 8 Lights chandelier, which captures the craftsmanship of the past and fuses it into modern design of the present day giving it durability that will make it last well into the future.

The Oblivion 10012/P7 7 Lights chandelier from AVMazzega features a cascade of glass flowers that seem to be floating in the air in a concentric spiral shape. The fixture offers a treat to your eyes that look imposing and spectacular at the same time.

A modern lighting fixture made by AVMazegga that represents a mixture of modern design and the centuries-old craftsmanship of Murano glass is the Zante 10002/18 18 Lights chandelier from AVMazzega. This elegantly crafted chandelier features hand-blown arum lily gathered into a bouquet with up to eighteen stems that together illuminate the room in a spectacular fashion.

ITALAMP is yet another luxury lighting fixture manufacturer whose Murano glass chandeliers are one of the best when it comes to design and functionality.

All of the ITALAMP Murano glass chandeliers diffuse a parade of light that spectacularly illuminate the rooms.

Most popular chandeliers of this iconic brand include the 281 Evoque chandelier, 2201 chandelier, and 2400 Cheers chandelier.

The ITALAMP Murano glass chandeliers are available in multiple colors that you can select according to your exact preferences.

A lighting fixture made of Murano glass looks resplendent and stunning irrespective of the design and style. These modern design chandeliers can be a beautiful addition to any sized room in home, hotel, or office settings.

Still not sure which brand Murano glass chandelier to buy?

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Chandeliers are some of the easiest ways to add life to home décor. They are statement pieces that can change the look of your home in an instance. Chandeliers have been part of the homeowner’s décor list for a very long time, and over the years, the styles have evolved considerably. Whether you are looking for a contemporary, modern or rustic look, you can find a piece that fits. The problem is when you have to choose from the millions of designs available. A good chandelier should complement whatever you have going on in a room, but a wrong one can ruin the whole décor. So, how do you avoid mistakes with your chandelier choice?

First, consider the functions you want a light to play before making a decision. Most people incorporate it for decorative purposes. Large chandeliers are especially popular choices for drawing rooms, living rooms and other large spaces in the home. However, you may also want you fixture to provide task lighting. In that instance, you would need a chandelier that offers more light than decoration. Never get a chandelier as the sole source of lighting in your room. The designs for these pieces are for complementary lighting, so making it the primary illumination source will just ruin your lighting. If you are going for mood lighting in your dining hall, then you have to find a piece that offers soft lighting. One frequent misconception is that chandeliers are just for specific areas such as living rooms. You can, however, get fixtures that work in different parts of your home.


The designs, colors, and materials of chandeliers are so varied that making just one choice seems unfair. Getting the style choice right is not as complicated, though when you know what matters. The secret is to go with a piece that doesn’t detract from the rest of the décor. Regardless of whether you are playing it safe or being bold with your décor, a chandelier should not be so distracting that it overshadows everything else that is going on in a particular space. For example, if you are going for a modern look, you can pick a drum shape that incorporates crystal in its design. An antique glass to blend in with your contemporary theme is also excellent.


Size is, perhaps the biggest consideration when picking a chandelier for your decor. You can ruin the proportion of a room by just a simple miscalculation of the chandelier size. A piece that is too large will only serve as a distraction while one that is too small will get lost in the space. You must find a fixture that caters to the ceiling space that you are decorating. There is a rule of thumb for getting that right. Take the width and the length of the room in feet and them. Convert the sum of the two measurements in inches and that is the diameter of a suitable chandelier. For a chandelier in a dining room, some experts recommend getting a diameter of ½ - 2/3 of the dining table’s length. Because the piece is going to be at the center of the dining room, measuring it this way ensures that it doesn’t dwarf or overwhelm the table.

Besides the diameter, there is a matter of height to consider. A chandelier that hangs too low has an awkwardness to it. For one in the dining area, you have to consider the height of the fixture in relation of the table. A distance of between 30 and 35” is ideal. For a foyer installation, 7ft off the floor would be suitable. If the ceilings in our home are tall, you can afford to have tired fixtures.


The space where the chandelier is going to be will determine its suitability. For instance, if it’s the foyer, a fantastic piece will feel right at home. The same goes for a drawing room or living room. However, if a piece is for the bedroom, then you may want something more subtle and dimmable for perfect mood lighting. If it’s the kitchen, you want a piece that is decorative enough but still out of the way, so a mini chandelier may prove worthy.

Murano Glass History

Venetian glass has acquired a famed reputation in the industry, and a big part of that is the glassmaking in Murano. A group of islands called Murano on the edge of the Adriatic Sea rose to global fame for glassmaking prowess around the 1860s. However, this was not the first time that Venice was a household name for its decorative glass products. The region got into glassmaking 500 years before that, and it is believed the skills were a result of the area’s connections to the Orient. The Glassmaker Guild in Venice was responsible for regulating the industry and ensuring the highest quality of glass. To achieve that, there were no glass imports into the region or employment of foreign workers. In 1291, the glassmaking factories were moved from Venice to Murano to avoid the risk of fire. However, it is believed that the real motive was to keep the trade secrets of Venetian glassmaking in the islands.

The discovery of how to produce clear glass (cristallo) by Angelo Barovier made it possible for Murano glassmakers to be the only producers of mirrors in the whole of Europe. Over the years, new techniques were discovered, allowing the production of products such as lattimo, a white glass with the traits of porcelain, filigrain a, and ice glass. Even as the glassmaking industry in Murano started declining in the 17th Century, innovations were still coming up. Murano artisans developed glass with brighter colors and more details such as raised decorations on glass or embedded metal flecks. The closure of the majority of furnaces in Murano after Napoleon’s conquest of Venice spelled doom for the industry. However, in 1854, the Fratelli Toso opened under the leadership of six Toso brothers. The company is dedicated resources in reviving the sector. Five years later, Antonio Salviati opened a factory whose focus was the production of traditional Murano glass. Exhibition events in Venice and other parts of Europe showcased the authentic glassmaking techniques of the Murano artisans, and this played a significant role in boosting the industry to its former glory. Glassmaking in Murano evolved to provide modern products that fulfill various art décor requirements. They focus on simplicity, functionality, and minimalism.

Quality and Statement Design of Murano Chandelier

The secrets of Murano glassmaking were handed down from one generation to the next to preserve its authenticity, and that is why the name is synonymous with excellence. Murano chandeliers are some of the most sought after because of the high standards of the manufacturing process. The unsurpassed craftsmanship of the artisans ensures that the array of choices is broad and unique. Even the most intricate designs of Murano chandeliers do not involve painting. Patterns and flowers are designed by blending different types of glass.

Brands that Make Italian Murano Chandeliers

AV Mazzega

Started as Mazzega 1946, the company has been producing handmade glass products for seventy years. The brand broke into the Italian Design world in the 1980s with the help of internationally recognized designers such as Piva and De Lucci. AV Mazzega works with luxury hotels and high-end retail outlets to provide bespoke furnishings.


Vistosi is another renowned name in the Murano chandelier market. The company has well-equipped glass factory where the glass blowing and handcrafting gives strong, durable, and exquisite glass products. It has worked with designers for all over including Andrea Lazzari, Angelo Mangiarotti, Vico Magistretti, and Silvio Zanon among others.

VetriLamp Murano

Since 1988, VetriLamp has been evolving regarding its designs, but the techniques and quality of work have remained true to traditional Murano glassmaking. The designers at VetriLamp adapt different styles to cater to varied tastes.

Top 5 Murano Glass Chandeliers

Murano 972/8 Chandelier

This Italian made chandelier is by VetriLamp Murano and is crafted beautifully to grab attention. Master artisans of the traditional Murano techniques handcraft each intricate design. The bulb goes in a candelabra base to give a truly brilliant fixture. Six finishes are available for choice.

Zante 18 Lights Chandelier

This AV Mazzega production is an epitome of beauty and class with eighteen stems arranged in perfect unison. The Zante 18 lights chandelier allows a single halogen lamp in each stem, and it is coated with a chrome finish for added elegance.

Bolero L6 Chandelier

The Bolero L6 Chandelier is a Murano glass piece by Leucos. Its bolero shape consists of a blown glass diffuser with the bowl that is supported by a chrome-plated frame. You can get it in milky white, crystal, or red and make a lasting statement.

Sixty Pendant Light 220

Another AV Mazzega design that entails thin pendants joined in a perfect circle. The glass encasing and the 9-foot suspension give the fixture magnifies its grandiosity. It is ideal for high ceilings and large spaces like foyers.

Octopus 12 lights chandelier

The handcrafted AV Mazzega chandelier personifies simplicity. Its octopus design makes it suitable for any room with its 12 lights, illuminating space sufficiently.