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Morosini Lighting has been creating a niche for itself in the lighting industry for the past 25 years. Keeping with the Italian principles of modernity along with tradition has made the designs of the company so popular. The company has always believed in providing creative freedom to its designers which has resulted in stunning collections of light fittings manufactured by the company. The elegant and simple lines of the designs have always endeared to the customers of the company. The company has hence made its presence felt all over Europe. 

The company has also taken up the green initiative hence every light fitting is manufactured from material that is sustainable and recyclable. The fabrics, metals and dyes are all environment friendly to protect the planet for future generations. The designers of the company have hence taken the light fixtures beyond their basic functionality of providing just illumination and given them a touch of style and elegance. The light fittings manufactured by the company have hence become an integral part of the décor of the establishment.

The company boasts of an impressive list of designers from all across the world who design the exquisite light fittings for the company. The designers include Luca Ferretto, Serena Papait and Simone Bellan amongst others. The designers draw inspiration from day to day activities and objects to create the fabulous light fittings. The designers have taken the idea of light and illumination and given it a stylish twist.

The catalogue of the company consists of impressive collections like the Alaska which is a family of matching lights. The collection consists of suspension lights, table lamps, floor lamps and wall mounted lamps. The Alaska collection is made of milky white blown glass whose shape is customizable according to the customers’ desire. The lamps also have a polished edge with a crystal finish.

Other impressive collections include the Club family of lights. This collection consists of suspension lights and wall mounted lights. The Club collection is made of wood with a clear glass screen on which customers can request certain images or text to be printed. The screen is given a satin finish to enhance the luxurious feel of the décor. Similarly the Cool collection is also a matching family of globe like lights. This collection consists of table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lights and wall mounted lights.

The Cool lights are made of white blown glass with a stain finish to provide an effect of diffused light in the room they are placed.

The company though has a strong presence in Italy, distributes its products across the world through a close network of distributors and agents. The company also regularly features in the fairs and festivals of the lighting industry. The company uses such occasions to showcase its award winning designs and upcoming collections to a test market.

With twenty five years of experience and a strong presence in Europe the company is sure to spread its formidable roots to other countries in sometime. Morosini Lighting hence will soon become one of the leading manufacturers of light fittings.