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Modoluce is an Italian company with just over ten years of experience in the lighting industry. But already the company has built a formidable name and reputation for itself. The company has built a name for itself on the basis of its unique designs and the research it has conducted to use materials that are sustainable and environment friendly. The company is also known to providing creative freedom to its designers which has resulted in collections of light fittings that have garnered rave reviews from customers and critics. 

The designers of the company are known to pay great attention to detail to create light fittings that provide more than just illumination. The light fittings of the company become an essential part of the décor of the establishment. This basic principle of thinking beyond the functionality of the light fittings has strengthened the company and taken it to new heights. The company also takes pride in creating designs that are beyond even today’s modern and changing times.

The company has always maintained the Italian principles of beauty and quality hence each light fitting of the company is produced to last at least a decade not only in terms of durability but also style. The designs of the company seamlessly integrate modernity with tradition and hence can be used to compliment any décor modern or traditional. The portfolio of the company boasts of exquisite table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lights, and wall mounted lamps and outdoor lights.

The company despite its just over 10 years of experience has several popular light fittings in its portfolio like the Angelica. The Angelica is a family of matching ceiling lights, wall mounted lights, table and floor lamps. The Angelica comes in two major varieties of colors: white and black.

The suspension lights, table lamps and floor lamps of the Angelica collection consist of a stainless steel frame and customers can choose the kind of finish they desire. The most common orders include having a glossy white finish or an aluminum finish. Collections like the Angelica have enhanced the concept of minimalist beauty.

The company regularly features in the top fairs and festivals of the lighting industry in the country and abroad. Though its main office is located in Italy the company distributes its light fittings all across the world through a close network of sales distributers and agents. The customers hence can place orders online or through the agents. The customers can also request customizations through these channels.

The light fittings of the company are visible in major hotel and restaurant chains all over Italy. The lighting fixtures of the company have hence become synonymous with luxury and beauty. The company recently also took up the green initiative to keep up with the changing times hence all its light fittings can be used with LED bulbs which are extremely energy efficient and environment friendly.

In ten years the company has created an international presence for itself hence customers and critics both await new stunning collection of light fittings from the Modoluce Lighting.