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Modern Wall Lights

  • Ledtube Wall Light from Marset | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Ledtube Wall Light

    from $ 529.00

    Ledtube Wall Light by Marset was designed by Equipo Marset and Daniel L Carrillo in 2009. The Ledtube light is an adjustable wall light with LED t...

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  • Tilee Wall light from Flos | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Tilee Wall light

    $ 195.00

    The Tilee Wall Light was designed by Marcello Ziliani for Flos. Wall sconce providing diffused lighting. Die-cast Zamak body, available in chrome. ...

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  • Moo wall sconce from Northern Lighting | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Moo wall sconce

    Northern Lighting
    $ 1,799.00

    The Moo wall sconce is a full scale wall-mounted Norwegian light moose head. Moo may be used both for indoor and outdoor decoration purposes. The f...

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  • Delight Wall Sconce from Ingo Maurer | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Delight Wall Sconce

    Ingo Maurer
    $ 299.00

    The Delight wall sconce has been designed by Franz van Nieuwenborg for Ingo Maurer. This wall sconce , although very similar to the Santa Maria, br...

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  • Lampe Gras 210 Wall Lamp - Black Satin from Lampe Gras by DCW Editions Paris | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Lampe Gras 210 Wall Lamp - Black Satin

    Lampe Gras by DCW Editions Paris
    $ 780.00

    The Lampe Gras 210 Wall Lamp - Black Satin White by Lampe Gras has been designed by Bernard-Albin Gras. A design classic – this interesting wall li...

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  • Opi P Wall Sconce

    $ 390.00

    The Opi P Wall Sconce by Leucos has been designed by Alessandro Piva. Composed of steel and available in either a matt white or matt grey finish. S...

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  • Corner AP Wall Sconce from Vistosi | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Corner AP Wall Sconce

    $ 274.00

    The Corner wall sconce Vistosi has been designed by Studio Tecnico Vetreria Vistosi 1993. This creation is suited for bridging corner walls where i...

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  • Lucellino NT wall sconce from Ingo Maurer | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Lucellino NT wall sconce

    Ingo Maurer
    $ 385.00

    The Lucellino NT wall sconce has been designed by Ingo Maurer. This wall sconce resembles a light bulb with wings. Artistic, practical and versatil...

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  • Mademoiselle Filou  wall light from Oligo | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Mademoiselle Filou wall light

    $ 188.20

    The Mademoiselle Filou wall light by Oligo has been designed by Sigi Bußinger. The designer of this can be used as wall, table and floor lamp acces...

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  • 349 Wall Lamp from ITALAMP | Modern Lighting + Decor

    349 Wall Lamp

    from $ 654.35

    Product Details:The 349 Wall Lamp has been designed and made by Italamp. 349 Wall Light is a contemporary lamp made of crystal, glass, Swarovski el...

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  • Luxy W0 wall sconce from Rotaliana | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Luxy W0 Wall sconce

    $ 310.00

    The Luxy WO wall sconce features a pressed glass diffuser. Forks and joints with 50% fiberglass reinforced, injection-molded nylon. Cast steel grip...

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  • BL7 Wall Sconce from Gubi | Modern Lighting + Decor

    BL7 Wall Sconce

    from $ 425.00

    The BL7 Wall Sconce by Bestlite has been designed by Robert Best. As the smallest member of the BL family, the BL7 also boasts impressive functiona...

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  • Loop Wall Sconce from Domus | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Loop Wall Sconce

    $ 275.00

    Neat wall fixture which conjures up a zestful interplay of light and shade onto the wall through its swivelled lamp shade. The shade can be turned ...

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  • Pila Wall Sconce from Domus | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Pila Wall Sconce

    from $ 340.00

    The eye-catching feature if this lamp is its elegantly rolling curvature formed in many working steps from a single piece of wood. The PILA Wall Sc...

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  • AWL.14 Wall Sconce from LumenArt | Modern Lighting + Decor

    AWL.14 Wall Sconce

    from $ 242.00

    The AWL.14 Wall Sconce from the Alume series has been designed and manufactured for LumenArt. Micro brushed with clear coat after fabrication befor...

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  • Dafne AP AL Wall Sconce from Vistosi | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Dafne AP AL Wall Sconce

    from $ 214.00

    The Dafne wall sconce Vistosi has been designed by Studio Tecnico Vetreria Vistosi 1993. This elegant design comes in a blown glass satin-finish an...

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  • Scatola LED wall lamp from Interior Deluxe | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Scatola LED wall lamp

    Interior Deluxe
    from $ 91.00

    The Scatola LED wall lamp features an aluminum body. It runs on an LED light source and is energy efficient.  Popular modern tube design, suit for ...

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  • Le Soleil Wall Sconce from Pieter Adam | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Le Soleil Wall Sconce

    Pieter Adam
    from $ 1,258.00

    Pieter Adam’s Le Soleil design encompasses the shape and warm shine of a radiant sun. Natures beauty has always been the primary source of inspirat...

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  • Sento Verticale LED Wall Light from Occhio | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Sento Verticale LED Wall Light

    $ 681.00

    Sento Verticale LED Wall Light has been designed by Axel Meise and Christoph Kugler. This wall sconce features simple yet innovative design. Lamp h...

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  • Beat Black Wall Sconce from Tom Dixon | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Beat Black Wall Sconce

    Tom Dixon
    $ 525.00

    Beat Black Wall Sconce has been designed by Tom Dixon. This fixture is inspired by sculptural simplicity of traditional water vessels in India. Th...

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  • Lampe Gras 214 Wall Lamp - Black Satin from Lampe Gras by DCW Editions Paris | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Lampe Gras 214 Wall Lamp - Black Satin

    Lampe Gras by DCW Editions Paris
    $ 880.00

    The Lampe Gras 214 Wall Lamp - Black Satin by Lampe Gras has been designed by Bernard-Albin Gras. The Lampe Gras 214 wall lamp is a further variati...

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  • Box 60 Wall Sconce from Decor Walther | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Box 60 Wall Sconce

    Decor Walther
    $ 745.00

    Product Details:The Box 60 wall sconce has been designed and made by Decor Walther. The cuboid wall sconce by Decor Walther convinces with a timel...

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  • Tight Light Wall Light from Flos | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Tight Light Wall Light

    $ 595.00

    The Tight Light Wall Light was designed by Piero Lissoni for Flos. This designer modern wall lamp indirect light and is non-dimmable. Wall attachme...

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  • Ovalina Wall Sconce from Vistosi | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Ovalina Wall Sconce

    from $ 230.00

    The Ovalina wall sconce Vistosi has been designed by Studio Tecnico Vetreria Vistosi 1993. This design comes in a blown glass satin-finish and offe...

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Wall Sconces - Buying Guide

Well-placed wall lamps are the secret “stars” of home illumination. They are not as present as large floor lamps or pendant lights, but they create mild, indirect and no-glare light.

Not only the ceilings but also the walls inside your home offer a convenient mounting and projection surface for lamps and indirect light. They have significantly more area and are at a much better angle. The reason why wall-mounted lamps are not as popular among consumers might be because are not easy to install. They cannot be put somewhere, switched on, and quickly moved as desired. Wall-mounted lights require exact planning and wiring inside the walls. They are a type of lamp that has a long tradition and great effect. Having started with torches, candleholders and gas lamp their history reaches back to the beginning of civilization.

Changing Light

Whether you are trying to install a decorative wall light, an uplight or a reading light on a wall, almost all of them result in a no-glare light. The reading lamp is bright and focused on your book, indirect lighting of the wall (as room light) is soft and discrete, and mood lights are dimmed or blocked off.

With wall lights, you can create flexible and lively lighting situations that would not be possible with ceiling mounted lights. Especially in comparison with one or several centrally located lights, the difference could not be greater. Lights along the outer limits of a room have an excellent effect. A bright wall makes a room tangible. Wallwasher lights close to the ceiling spread mild light across the wall, which then reflects it into the room. You will see that this creates a sense of vastness, which is ideal for modern style homes. Also, small lights have the following advantages: They are inconspicuous and stay in the background during daylight.

Another playful application of wall-mounted lights is the illumination of structured wall surfaces or crown molding at the transition to the ceiling. Architectural details can very easily be accentuated in such a way. This holds true also for furniture, textiles or artwork, which typically can be found directly in front of or on the walls. With the help of subtle wall-mounted lights, you can submerge your “treasures” in focused light, which emphasizes the plasticity of objects.

Plays of Light

A narrow hallway can seem brighter and more spacious thanks to well-placed lights on its walls. Illuminated surfaces appear reset, making the room feel optically larger. In old homes, whose high ceilings should be illuminated, as well, wall-mounted uplights are ideal. Another effect can be achieved by certain patterns of several lights. Lamps that are visually modest appear nicer when hung at least in pairs. Add some rhythm to a large or long room using a whole row of them.

Dining room lighting can be perfected using the recommended indirect lighting of the room via uplights mounted to the walls. Elegant and creative wall lights that do emit not only indirect light but also pieces of art are a whole new aspect of living and dining rooms. Instead of hanging a painting, you might want to install an impressive lamp at a prominent spot on a wall. In the office room, you can choose a desk light that is mounted to the wall. It helps keep things organized on the desk and avoids damage to desktops that can result from over tightened light-mounting clamps. Make sure the arm of the lamp is flexible.

Reading and Mirror Lights for the Wall

Reading lights mounted to the wall are just as convenient. They allow you to avoid putting up an elaborate floor lamp. Wall-mounted reading lights have similarities with desk lamps, but they do not have a bendable arm. Also, in the bedroom, such reading lights can be mounted at the headboard. This kind of wall-mounted lights is often found in hotels. The advantage is that they cannot fall over, like table lamps. Bathroom mirror lighting is a prime example of the use of wall lights. They should shine onto the face from at least two, but ideally all directions, so no shadows get in the way. Lights mounted on both sides of the mirror are highly recommended. The same applies to the mirror in the entry way or the wardrobe. Wall-mounted lights are often used for orientation purposes. When installed along stairs, steps or in hallways they can help prevent accidents.


Choose the Spot Wisely

Do yourself a favor and begin planning far ahead of the installation. The cables of wall-mounted lights have to be run inside the wall. It is best to have a professional install them properly. Consulting a light planner is also recommended, as it is often not easy to make the right decision on where exactly to mount the lamps.

The ideal lighting option for any space

Wall scones are the most versatile, stylish and energy-efficient form of lighting. They are the perfect lighting option for any space – living room, bathroom and more.

At Interior Deluxe, we bring you a whole range of contemporary wall sconces from industry leaders. Our recent collection includes LED wall sconces, crystal wall sconces, wall sconces with switches and much more. You name it, and we’ve got a wall scone that suits your practical and aesthetic requirements.


Additional information and some product recommendations of the Interior-Deluxe team

It’s not just pleasant light that modern wall sconces provide – they also help beautify the room. At least this is what our vast collection of wall sconces offer to our customers. Our assortment of wall sconces comes in a variety of size and design. We stock only the most reputable and internationally renowned brands such as >Alma Light >Artemide > >Cini & Nils  >Gubi   and >Hampstead Lighting.

Our collection of elegantly designed wall sconces is designed for a variety of needs and requirements. Whether you want wall sconces for your hallway, bedroom, or bedside table, you can find them all here. The wall sconces come in a variety of sizes and design, all of which are elegantly made with flawless craftsmanship.

Modern / Contemporary

Our modern/contemporary wall sconces are all elegantly designed to provide great appeal to any room. The two best examples of elegantly themed wall sconces include Flaver’s KA.NEW max wall sconce  and AVMazzega’s Blow Up AP 1092 Wall Sconce. Both come in multiple colors, so you easily choose a color that complements your home décor. The best thing about these sconces is that they add a touch of artistic elegance to a room.

We have a large variety of AVMazzega’s wall sconces that feature its trademark Murano glass. This glass reflects expert craftsmanship and skill that is over a thousand-year-old, having adopted the design elements of contemporary times.

Two other great wall sconces that can beautifully illuminate your rooms include 2305 Wall Lamp and 349 Wall Lamp from ITALAMP. These wall lamps have a contemporary look that can serve as an elegant edition to both small and large rooms. The wall sconces contain a metal structure with Swarovski details and are suitable for offices, restaurants as well as residential dwellings. What’s great about the wall sconces is that the lamp is dimmable. When turned on, the lamp diffuses an array of light that is spectacularly brilliant.

If you fancy something more sophisticated, there is the Luna AP1072 Wall Sconce from AVMazzega. The wall sconce has been designed by Michele De Lucchi who has done a great job in coming up with the ultra cool and jazzy look. The moon shaped lighting fixture is particularly recommended for bedrooms that can significantly add to the modern appeal of the room.


Transitional wall sconces serve different architectural and design needs. These fixtures look great in bathrooms, hallways, bedrooms, living room, dining room, and many others. One great transitional wall sconce is the Fold 4201 Wall Light from Vibia. Designed by Arik Levy, this wall sconce is shaped in a distinctive chevron design that creates the illusionary 3D effect. The wall sconce looks elegant and exquisite in any room.

You can add a modern look to your bathroom and vanity area with the Millenium 8091 Wall/ Bathroom Light from Vibia. This great wall sconce is designed by the great designers Ramos and Bassols. It comes with a white polycarbonate diffuser and polished chrome finishing that adds it a touch of elegant charm.

Stunning yet functionally simple, SET 7764 Wall Light from Vibia has a fantastic design that displays attractive light effects. The wall sconce can serve as both a source of light and an artistic display item. The wall sconce will look especially great in the entrance hall of hotel and office as guests will be left impressed by the futuristic appeal of this fixture.

Traditional / Old world

When it comes to traditional wall sconces, Berlin Brass Lamps is certainly in a league of its own. The elegantly made wall sconce of the company offers a classic vibe with opal glass globes and brass finishing that gives longevity to these wall fixtures. It is especially ideal for installing in dining rooms as it can give an elegant touch to the room.

Another great traditional wall sconce from Berlin Brass Lamps is the AD266-123crB Wall Sconce. The wall sconce boasts of crystal cut glass diffusers and finest brass material. It fuses classical with modern design, going well with all sorts of home decor. The wall sconce from Berlin Brass Lamps is made with high-quality material ensuring the longevity of the fixture.

Crystal and Glass Wall Sconces such as Flash Wall Sconce from Schuller, VE 812/A2 G Wall Sconce from Masiero, and Chill Out Wall Sconce from Ilfari provide an artistic and graceful appeal to modern homes and offices.

These modern wall lights feature a unique combination of conventional and modern design elements. The result is a light fixture that serves as both a source of illumination and a decorative item that gives a sensation of exclusivity and refinement.

No mention of wall sconces can be complete without mentioning bedside wall sconces. We have an extensive collection of beautifully designed wall sconces that can complement the home décor of both modern and traditional homes.

Wa Mod B wall sconce from Catellani & Smith feature minimalistic design features that look great in the bedroom. The wall sconce comes with nickel plated copper base and sticks as well as an adjustable metal flex. It’s simple yet elegant design will perfectly complement the modern décor of a room.

Another great bedside wall sconce that can serve as a beautiful addition to a bedroom is the Tolomeo wall spot wall sconce from Artemide. The wall sconce features adjustable incandescent lighting. It also features a highly polished aluminum finishing. Also, the diffuser boasts a matte anodized aluminum construction that is fully adjustable. Moreover, this UL listed lamp incorporates an on/off switch for convenience.

Hotel-Python Wall Sconce from Carpyen and EDWARD Wall Sconce from Domus are two other great bedside wall sconce. These wall sconces feature an elegant design that can add to the charm of a room. The wall sconces are made of high-quality material, ensuring that durability is never a concern.

Still not sure which Wall Sconce to buy?

Call us today on +1-866-477-1345 and our ALA certified lighting experts would provide you with inspirations and guide you through the process!