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Modern Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers offer a touch of class to any area of your home. At Interior Deluxe, these modern lighting solutions—offered in a multitude of styles, shapes, and colors—are the perfect way to add sophistication and elegance to your favorite room.

From subtle-yet-stunning to bold and mesmerizing, we offer a wide variety of sparkling crystal chandeliers that will suit even the most discriminating of tastes.

Crystal Chandelier Buying Guide – Q&A

Crystal chandeliers serve a perfect addition to any modern home décor. Their memorizing sparkle and elegant appearance impresses anyone that sets eyes on the lighting fixture. Installing a crystal chandelier can transform any drab and plain room into an alluring one. It is a must-have accessory for luxury and upscale hotels, dining places, and residential homes.

Before the advent of electricity, crystal chandelier held candles that were hung high up in the room to ensure maximum illumination. Glass and crystal used in the chandeliers reflected light that spectacularly illuminated the rooms.

Originally, the natural crystals and glass used in the crystal chandelierswas not effective in reflecting light. They were difficult to cut and shape, as they were brittle. This changed with the development of artificial crystal containing lead oxide in 1676 by George Ravenscroft. This new revolutionary breakthrough made crystals easier to cut and design for maximum illumination. From then onwards, crystal chandeliers have increasingly grown in popularity and have graced a large number of palaces and monasteries in the past.

Before buying a modern crystal chandelier for decorating a home, a number of things need to be considered. There are different types of frames and crystals to choose from, and certain techniques to enhance beauty of the chandelier and ensure maximum illumination, which requires forethought. To make your task easier of selecting the perfect crystal chandelier for your home, we have prepared this guide that will prove helpful when you head to a store to purchase one for your home, office, or any other commercial setting.

Q.1. Which size should I choose for my new crystal chandelier?

Ans. Crystal chandeliers come in different sizes. You need to determine the approximate height of the crystal chandelier that should grace the room. Before heading to the store you must measure the size of the room first. This will help in making sure that you don’t purchase a chandelier that is too large or small for the room. Use a measuring tape to determine dimensions (length and breadth) of the room, and the multiply the dimensions to get area of the room. This will be useful in knowing about the right height and diameter of the room.

While there is no hard and fast rule, an easy way to select a flattering chandelier for a room is to add the dimensions. For instance, a 7-foot by 9-foot room would look the most elegant with a 16-inch wide crystal chandelier. Another way to determine the right size of a chandelier is to multiplywidth of a room by 2. So, a room that is 14-foot wide would great with a 28-inch wide chandelier. These two techniques will help you to decide on the diameter of a crystal chandelier that would be ideal for a room.

To determine the correct height of the chandelier, you must first find out height of the room, and then select a chandelier with a height that is three inches per foot of room height. So, for instance, for a room with a height of eight feet, the chandelier height should be 24-inches. Also, the chandelier should hang no less than six feet above the floor to give adequate head clearance.

Q.2. Where should I hang a crystal chandelier?

Ans. Although, most homes hang a crystal chandelier in the dining room, but there are a number of other places where you can hang these decorative lighting. In many homes, kitchens, for instance, tend to have bland and boring lighting. Hanging a crystal chandelier in the centre of a kitchen can enhance the look of the room. The lighting fixture can add an elegant appeal to the kitchen area.

Another place where a crystal chandelier will look good is the sunroom, a solarium, or the conservatory. These rooms let in lots of natural light that will reflect in a resplendent fashion off the crystals of the chandelier. The reflections will create prisms of light that will be cast throughout the room. This will greatly add to the charm and beauty of the sunroom. Consider buying a chandelier with many crystals, preferably in different shapes. This will enhance the ambiance of the room by reflecting different light prisms around the room.

Hanging a crystal chandelier over a bathtub is also a great idea. This is especially recommended in modern and luxury homes. Adding crystal chandelier in a bathroom adds a touch of elegance and charm. Imagine how amazing it would feel luxuriating in a bubble bath underneath an ostentatious and charming glow of a crystal chandelier.

If you have a mudroom where visitors leave their shoes when entering a house, hanging a charming crystal chandelier above will certainly make an imposing fashion statement. While a mudroom is not exactly a fancy part of a house, but it is the first room that visitors see when they enter a house. You can hang a crystal chandelier to add class and distinction to the room. For long and narrow mudroom, you can consider hanging two or more crystal chandelier to accentuate the size and brightly illuminate the room. Look for chandeliers with many bright bulbs so that the visitors have enough lighting while removing or putting on their shoes.

If you have a greenhouse room, you can add a crystal chandelier to enhance the charm of the place. You can also place the chandelier over the patio for beautiful glow and illumination of the area both during the day and night as crystals can reflect both natural and artificial light. There are many other places you can hang a chandelier. Just look inside and around the house, and find a place that seem to be bland and needs a touch of elegance to upgrade its appeal.

Q.3. How should I position a crystal chandelier?

Ans. If hanging a single crystal chandelier in a room, you should position it such that it hangs at the center of the room from the ceiling. On the other hand, if you think that two chandeliers will look good in the room, you must position the lighting fixture in a way that it hangs at either end of the room.

A crystal chandelier in a dining room should be placed in the center of the dining table. Do not buy a chandelier that is larger than the width of the table. A good rule of thumb is that the chandelier should have a minimum of 48 inches of space from edges or walls of the room. Moreover, it should be about 12 inches narrower than a table, and hung about 32 inches above a table for a room with 8 foot ceiling. In case the ceiling I higher than 8 feet, you must mount the crystal chandelier an extra 4 inches higher for each foot of ceiling.

If the chandelier is placed in a large foyer or an open lobby, you should consider hanging them high enough so that it perfectly illuminates the side passages or stairways. A good standard is placing the chandeliers about the upstairs landing’s knee level. Chandeliers that are placed in a foyer or a lobby setting should be tall and wide so that they don’t appear too small for the visitors. Also, make sure that there is at least about six and a half feet clearance from the floor.

Q.4. How can I clean my crystal chandelier?

Ans. Regular cleaning of a chandelier will ensure that the light is reflected brilliantly off the crystals. The prismatic effect of a crystal chandelier is multiplied when there is no dust, dirt, or grime on the crystals. Neglecting to clean the chandelier will make it appear dingy and can actually ruin the frame and crystal of the chandelier.

To clean the crystals, it is recommended that you spray the crystals with one part isopropyl alcohol and three parts distilled water. Afterwards wipe off the solution from the crystal using cotton gloves. You can also use warm, soapy water to clean the crystals.

A special note of caution when cleaning a crystal chandelier is to avoid having liquids drip off to the frame of the chandelier. This will ruin the polished frame of the chandelier, which in most cases is not water resistant. You should also consider removing crystal parts from the frame, and cleaning them separately to ensure that no water gets into the frame.

For dusting the crystal chandelier, you can use a make-up brush, lambs wool, or feather duster. You should consider cleaning and dusting the chandeliers every six months at the most. Consider cleaning them more often if the chandelier is placed in a kitchen, or if you reside in area where there is a lot of dust in the air.

Q.5. What types of crystals are available?

Ans. Many different types of crystal are used in a chandelier. However, the three most common types of crystals include Swarovski crystals, Egyptian crystals, and regular crystals.

Q.6. Can you tell me more about Swarovski crystal and its history?

Swarovski crystals are world renowned for their brilliant charm and allure. These crystals are created through superior cutting and polishing methods. The story of Swarovski crystal starts with Daniel Swarovski (1862-1956) who was born in Bohemia (now Czech Republic). His father owned a glass factory where young Swarovski learned about the skill of glass cutting. He had patented an electric cutting machine in 1892 that help in making crystal glass. Three years later in 1895, he founded Swarovski Company (originally known as K.S. & Co) in partnership with Armand Kosman and Franz Weis. A glass-cutting factory was set up in Wattens near the Austrian Alps to take advantage of local hydroelectricity that was required for energy intensive glass cutting machine patented by Swarovski. The crystal production plant manufactured the highest quality crystal glass for use in jewelries, couture, home décor, and off course chandeliers. To this day, Swarovski crystals are popular due to the highest quality of artisanship and uncompromising standards set by founder of the company. The crystals have a unique shine and glare unlike any other. They look resplendently beautiful, especially when a chandelier is adorned with these crystals.

Q.7. Which brands would you recommend for Crystal chandeliers?

Ans. We have crystal chandeliers made by many well-renowned brands. All the of the different brand chandeliers have their own unique charm and appeal. However, the two brands that we can recommend to you for crystal chandeliers include Kolarz and Orion Lighting.

Kolarz is an Austrian based brand that manufacturers spectacularly brilliant lighting fixtures. Its lighting fixture represents a fusion of expert craftsmanship, quality functionality, and beautiful design. The company has evolved the design of its lighting fixture according to the changing tastes and needs of its customers.

You can find a whole range of crystal chandeliers made by the company. All the crystal lighting fixtures project brilliantly resplendent light that greatly adds to the charm of the room.

Crystal chandeliers made by Orion may not look too imposing due to their relatively small size, but they certainly look breathtakingly beautiful and elegant. The lighting fixtures feature high quality build and are suitable for different design and décor of the room.

One of the most unique aspects of Orion crystal chandeliers is that they are exclusively hand-made, and promise first-class quality. These lighting fixtures make use of Swarovski-strass or colored crystal stones. The chandeliers are made with the finest quality gold/silver metal and can also be used as ceiling lamps or wall brackets.

Q.6. Which products would you recommend?

Ans. At Interior Deluxe, you can find a large variety of different design, color, and shape of crystal chandeliers suitable for both residential and commercial settings. Our three most popular crystal chandeliers include Cellula chandelier – 47 inches and Original Cellula – 63 inches chandeliers from Anthologie Quartett and Diamante chandelier from Marchetti.

Cellula chandeliers, 47 inches and 63 inches made, by Anthologie Quartett are in most demand as they accommodate standard size dining tables the best. The former features nine bulbs while the later has thirteen. Both of the products have adjustable height and are made of aluminum and stainless steel. These lighting fixtures are adorned with Swarovski crystals that look spectacularly brilliant. You can also opt for blue, green, or red crystals as per your preference. The crystals can also be arranged by shifting them along the rod.

Other varieties of Cellula chandeliers that are in demand include Cellula LED chandelier B. The lighting source in this one is in a slot in the underside of the structure instead of candle lamps..

The Diamante chandelier made by Marchetti features a very conventional material such as the Italian crystal with a Bohemian cut. The crystal chandelier has no visible metallic structures, and is accurately covered by octagonal 30 mm crystals. It represents a sophisticated design and finishing that is protected with a patent. This chandelier can suit any room and décor greatly enhancing the look and charm.

Our next three most popular chandeliers include 4105 6 chandelier from Masiero, Lillibet Mini chandelier from Slamp, and 6200-12 light chandelier from Masiero.

The 4105 6 chandelier is a high-end crystal chandelier that represents a beautiful mixture of classicism and modernism. The lighting fixture features a delicate gold plated iron with branches decorated with strings of Asfour or Swarovski crystals.

Slamp’s Lillibet Mini chandelier also looks spectacularly brilliant and is adorned with 75 crystals placed in the perfect sport that ensure brighter illumination. Lastly, the 6200-12 light chandelier from Masiero features clear and elegant golden leaf decorations on the sparking golden frame decorated with crystal droplets that create perfectly illuminating light.