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Metalarte Lighting is a Spanish manufacturer of fine lighting which is also shaped by the basic principle of setting up successful companies: its people. With enterprising people setting up the company it has gone beyond just lighting fixtures or balance sheets and profit statements. Antonio Riera Cortes took over from his father in the late 60s and has since been transforming the company into a different identity with each passing collection the company has launched. Antonio from the beginning launched himself into the world of active designs. It was this interest which had him crossing paths with George W. Hansen.

Establishing a personal and professional relationship with Hansen saw the company and Antonio proudly launching the famed swing arm lamp which was originally designed by Hansen during World War II. Antonio also brought into the company the famous and revered Spanish designer Andre Ricard who had revolutionized the lighting industry in Spain with designs that went beyond the basic functionalities of light fittings to add a touch of elegance and style to the décor.

The Calder model 1974 has been till date one of the most famous light fittings of the company and still features on its catalogue. The light fitting named after its creator comes in a family of matching lighting fixtures that consists of table lamps, floor lamps, suspension lights, wall mounted lamps and outdoor lamps. Other famous designers who worked for the company includes Enric Franch whose designs were always ahead of his time and hence have remained timeless light fittings since the first batch produced.

The company though has accepted a touch of modernity in its light fixtures has always maintained a strong relationship with its roots of tradition. Hence the company uses a variety of sustainable raw materials like wood, brass, iron, stainless steel, fabrics, etc.

The impressive portfolio of the company includes award winning light fittings like the Eda m, Oslo, Walden m and Las Santas. Each collection comes in a family of matching light fittings of suspension lights, table lamps and floor lamps. The Eda m is created by the famed designer Mario Ruiz who has given simple but elegant lines to this light fixture. Available in the purest color white this lighting fixture family is sure to give a touch of elegance along serenity to your commercial or residential establishment.

The light fittings of the company can be found in major establishments across the globe from luxury hotels, restaurants and top corporate offices. The Crown Casino Melbourne has been the latest famous addition to the long list of illustrious clients of this company. The casino features the elegant and exquisite Copacabana Queen lamps designed by Jaime Hayon. The sophisticated and luxurious light fitting has enhanced not only the appeal of the casino but also adds to its feel of luxury and entertainment in a relaxed atmosphere.

The company also is regularly involved in events like the WELCOME HOME event to showcase its timeless and upcoming designs to customers and critics. The Metalarte Lighting has not only surpassed every standard of quality and beauty set by its competitors it has brought a whole new definition to minimalist designs and beauty.