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Metal Lux Lighting

Metal Lux Lighting - Q&A

Metal Lux is a company in Italy that is known for its high quality chandeliers. For more than 40 years, this company has been selling and manufacturing lighting fittings that are decorative and long lasting. It only uses raw materials from its native country and is proud to claim that everything in its line of products are 100 percent Italian made.

1. Where is Metal Lux located?

The head office and manufacturing plant of the company is located at Via Piave, 35 Torreselle di Piombino Dese 35017 (PD) Italy. Their facilities are located in the heart of the lighting industry in Veneto.

2. What is the lead time of their products?

Customers can expect their lighting fixtures to be shipped from the facilities of the company within 4 to 6 weeks upon receipt of their orders. All products of this company are hand-made. 

3. Can you tell me a bit more about the history of Metallux and what drives this company?

This company was established in 1970. It started as a maker of metal components that are used by the lighting industry. By 1976, the company started manufacturing its own lighting products and was able to have its first compilation of a full lighting product catalogue. It has now reached its milestone being in the lighting fixtures manufacturing and marketing business for about 43 years. This company will continually innovate and create top-quality lighting products to satisfy the needs of its customers. It strives to accomplish this with the help of its large and dedicated group of co-workers who use their highly specialized artisan skills to make high quality and long lasting lighting products.

Metallux was encouraged to develop new product lines of bespoke mettalux chandeliers intended for high-end residential customers and the hospitality industry sector. And then customers also requested for new lighting products which would take advantage of the latest state of the art metal working technologies and machinery in manufacturing and design. The extensive experience that the company has acquired through the years and its leadership position in the market enabled it to offer solutions to lighting issues with products that are characterized with high quality of technology at very competitive prices. On top of these qualities, the company’s position in the marketplace enabled it to have a faster turnaround rate compared to its closest rivals.

The company’s headquarters are located in a natural environment made more beautiful by waterways with vegetable and DOP fruit plantations. The company was able to install a 366 kW photovoltaic power supply system in 2012. This electric generating plant answers all the energy requirements of the company. The solar harvesting system is installed at the roof of the company’s manufacturing plant and is composed of about 1,600 solar panels all of which can ensure non-emission of CO2 of around 220 tons.

4. Tell me a little bit more about their collections, quality, models and manufacturing process.

There are three collections in the portfolio of this company. They include:

  • Highlight – this is the new contract line of the company. These lines of metallux chandelier products are intended for big private and public areas and combine the design to the artful skill of a remarkable artisan tradition. There are six types of metallux lighting products in this collection. They are Clovy, Sierra, Altatensione, Impossible, Dado and Global
  • Tradition – as the word implies, this collection exemplifies the traditional style of lighting that this company is well-known for. There are 30 different products in this collection. Some of them are Dolce, Astro, Dedalo, Free Spirit, Medusa, Brick and many more.
  • Custom – these are metallux lighting products that are made and customized according to the visions of customers. Some items in this collection are called Opera, Arena, Astro and Bolero.

All metallux lighting products are made in its manufacturing facility that has an area covering a total of 7,000 square meters. The entire production process of every product in its portfolio is undertaken in this manufacturing plant that is equipped with the latest technology and machinery. These include hi-tech galvanic plant and machines for nickel, chrome and gold finishing.

The basic manufacturing process involved in producing a metallux chandelier and other lighting products include the following:

  • Its workshop prepares metal parts required to make the product
  • The galvanic plant finishes the metal parts and electrifies the product
  • The quality control department checks the product for any inconsistencies, and tests it.
  • If the product passes the third stage, it will be sent to the packaging department to prepare it for shipment to the customer.

5. What is the warranty of Metal Lux models?

A metalux chandelier is given a 1 year warranty by the company. 

6. Is there a video I can watch?

Yes, there is actually more than one. You can watch these videos if you will click on the following links: