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The Italian Brand Mazzega was established based on the ancient Venetian techniques of glass making. Literally translating to island of glass, the company was founded by Gianni Bruno Mazzega in 1946. The company started with humble origins in Murano which has been the land of glass making. The residents of Murano are well known for their various glass making techniques. Murano is also home to other famous light fittings companies. However the company started by Gianni Bruno Mazzega has since its inception closely guarded it trade secrets which has resulted in stunning and exquisite collections of light fittings.

The company itself has made number of changes to its production techniques and has introduced various materials that are sustainable and environment-friendly to protect the environment for future generations. The result has been a stunning collection of light fittings by the company the most popular being the Hong Kong collection which is a family of matching lights consisting of table lamps, floor lamps and suspension lights. The Hong Kong collection has taken inspiration from the traditional Chinese lights made of fabric. The company has given it a modern and Italian twist of exquisitely textured blown glass. The Hong Kong collection has been featuring for many years now ever since it was introduced. Though the company offers the lampshades in one particular color of white, the customer can request customizations to suit the décor of the establishment. The lampshades are available in two finishes: satin white and crystallized white. The company though has a strong foothold in its native country, distributes its products to other countries through a close network of sales agents and distributors. 

Customers have to place orders and request customizations through these sale points. The company also regularly takes up contract to design the lighting of luxury establishments like hotels and restaurants. Hence the light fittings of the company are visible in prominent establishments all across Europe. Other popular collections of the company include the Sixty collection of table lamps, floor lamps, wall-mounted lights, ceiling lights, and suspension lights. The Sixty collection is inspired by the disco lights of the ‘swinging sixties’. The blown glass has a textured finish similar to disco balls of the era. The lamps of this collection are available in three different shapes and colors.

The customer can add his/her own customizations to the options offered by the company. With an international presence spanning more than 50 countries and over six decades the Mazzega has gone from a humble company into a market leader of light fittings. Today the company is in the capable hands of the second generation of Mazzega family and true to its roots; the company has been reviving and nurturing traditional methods of glass making. Hence the products of the company are exclusive and exquisite. Completely hand crafted the products also have a knack of leaving most of its customers dumb struck with their sheer beauty. The company has however updated most of the techniques to speed up the production lines and keep up with the changing quality standards of many countries.