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Masiero Lighting

Masiero Lighting has been manufacturing exquisite lighting fixtures for quite some time now. With years of experience the company now manufactures light fittings from crystal glass and ordinary glass to which the craftsmen adda color and texture often to match the customizations desired by the customer. Keeping in line with the traditions of Italy the company has managed to seamlessly integrate modernity and tradition in its designs. Hence the light fittings manufactured by the company can be used along with any type of décor: traditional or contemporary.

The company’s designers have created fabulous designs which effectively capture the values of the past, present and future and have hence become light fittings of timeless beauty. The company has a portfolio of three main collections of lighting fixtures: Ottocento, Masiero and Emme Pi Light. The company takes pride in its craftsmen who create the light fittings out of a variety of materials like wood, glass, ceramics and methacrylat. The company has been sourcing special ceramic for years from Bassano for its delicate features.

The craftsmen also have years of experience to mould these materials into contemporary and modern shapes while maintaining the traditional lines and shapes to stay linked to the traditional identity of the company. The frames used by company range in materials from iron, steel, brass, silk organza, shantung Le Bock, polyester and pongé. The company also uses various other adornments to further beautify the light fittings. The company uses a selection of Bohemian, Asfour and Swarovski crystals. These crystals are used especially in the pendant lights to give them a touch of elegance. 

The company is constantly evolving its manufacturing lines to accommodate the customizations of the customers at the shortest notice keeping in line with company’s philosophy of ‘tailor-made light fittings’. The collection of Emme Pi Light consists of award winning light fittings like the 1690 which is an elegant table lamp with a leather painted finish frame that has warm stroke of gold or copper and is decorated with the expensive brown glass. The lamps made of brown glass are further decorated with gold filigree, handmade ceramic roses and crystal petals which add a delicate touch to the table lamp.

Lighting fixtures like the 1690 come in families of matching light fittings. For example the 1690 family consists of table lamps, suspension lights, wall mounted lights, chandeliers and floor lamps to add that exclusive touch of elegance and style to your residence or commercial establishment. The lighting fixtures manufactured by the company are popular with luxury hospitality establishments across the world. The award winning light fittings of the company can be found in major hotel and restaurant chains across the continents.

The company also takes part in many international fair and festivals to showcase their unique designs. Recently the company celebrated its 30 years in business at the International Furniture Exhibition in Milan. The company also celebrated its three successful decades at the Euroluce 2011 by presenting an exclusive preview of its new Diamond collection.

The Masiero Lighting has scaled new heights of success and fame with every collection it has launced earning rave reviews from customers and critics.