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Marset Lighting

The spanish lamp manufacturer Marset Lighting is a company has created its identity as a company which is much beyond manufacturing just lamps. The company and its production line has understood light, its effects and subtleties and taken this understanding to create collections that provide a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home or office. The company has since inception been dedicated to manufacturing lighting fixtures that help improve and brighten the lives of its customers. The result has been creation of practically flawless lighting fixtures. 

The company has always sought methods and designs which tingle the senses of its customers and also encourages customers to provide their own designs and customizations to challenge the company. The designs of the lighting fixtures by the company are mostly contemporary with functionality that surpasses any previously set benchmarks in the lighting industry. The energy efficient and long lasting lamps manufactured by the company have not only increased its popularity but have also helped in spreading the green initiative.

The simplicity and understated elegance of the lighting fixtures make them compatible with any décor, modern or traditional. The designs are much like the history of the company itself. What started as a family business in 1940s dedicated to casting various metals has now grown o an international business of producing exquisite lighting fixtures. The experience of the company combined with the attitude of adapting to modern times has helped the company grow with a significant global presence.

The lighting fixtures in the decorative collection of the company include award winning and popular fixtures like the Atila. The Atila designed by Joan Gaspar is a stunning decorative version of an industrial lamp. The lamp is best suited when used near the bedside for reading purposes. The design of the fitting is such that it concentrates the illumination at a particular point hence making it perfect for those who like to read in bed. The design also incorporates a switch on the top of the lamp making it extremely convenient to turn on or turn off the lamp.

The adjustable joints and shade makes it perfect for reading without causing any glares, shadows or dazzling. Other iconic pieces by the same designer include the Atlas. The Atlas has gained popularity and brownie points from critics because of its understated beauty. The Atlas has shown that there can be beauty even in the minimalist. The lamp is made of a polycarbonate structure that capably enhances the beauty of the light while remaining true to its functionality of providing ample amounts of illumination.

Architectural lighting fixtures produced by the company include the Continua which provides illumination in length strips. The front profile of this light fitting is made of transparent polycarbonate which allows the customers to provide a piece of the wall paper or background of the wall the light will be fixed on. This provides an effect of self illumination of the wall.

Located in Spain since the 1940s the Marset Lighting has grown from a backyard business to a business with international standing due to its exclusive designing for indoor, outdoor and architectural lighting.