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Luz Difusion Lighting

Created in 1985, Luz Difusion Lighting has become a brand to reckon with in terms of design and marketing. Since the beginning the company has been gaining popularity and customers to due to the clear and innovative designs. The company was started with the idea of providing effective and efficient lighting which serves not only its primary purpose of illumination but also adds aesthetic appeal to the décor of the house. The commitment to quality has taken the company’s reputation to new heights and attracted customers from nearly 35 different countries.

The designs of the lighting fixtures manufactured by the company are contemporary yet can be fixed in any house with a traditional or modern décor. The company even takes pride in the fact that they manufacture lighting fixtures from the basic metals and materials like textile and glass apart from the original materials produced by the company, like polyethylene mesh. Most of the lighting fixtures manufactured by the company are hand-made and the company stays wary of mechanization and the failures of mass production.

The company has always chosen to maintain the traditional way of manufacturing lighting fixtures while remaining open to experimenting and innovative designs. The company has a wide portfolio of ceiling lights, floor and table lamps along with suspension lights. All the lighting fixtures are crafted from the top quality materials. The raw materials are manufactured by the craftsmen of the company itself usually by the manual technique of blowing. This system has been used for generations and now is being used by the company to craft stunning lighting fixtures.

The use of such traditional manufacturing processes has made the company renowned. The hand crafted lighting fixtures are unique and exclusive while preserving the age-old techniques of lighting fixture manufacture. The metal components of the lighting fixtures are crafted by equally skilled workers who have to undergo rigorous training. The flexibility in designs ahs also made the products of the company to be energy efficient to protect the environment for future generations.

The lighting fixtures can be effectively and efficiently used in residences and office spaces. The company can also accommodate special requests from customers. The manufacturing processes of the company are also quite flexible hence they can customize products on a short notice for fast track projects.

Most of the lighting fixtures come with reflective bulbs that enhance the beauty of the design of the lighting fixtures. The designs of the lighting fixtures are such that they allow the light to focus on a single area hence they can be efficiently used over workstations or for reading over your favorite armchair. Some of lighting fixtures in Boogie line have taken the world by storm due to its innovativeness and creativity. The light fixtures in this collection line have been inspired by the headlights on old motorcycles like the Royal Enfield and Harleys. 

The light fixtures are available for fixing on ceilings, as wall scones and table lamps. With the aid of top designers from across the world, Luz Difusion Lighting is now creating a niche for itself in the lighting industry.