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4th of July Sale - Savings up to 50% OFF! Shop Now »

Lumina Lighting

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The company Lumina was started in 1973 when the founder Tommaso Cimini took the plain and simple transformer along with the even simpler desk light and produced Daphine. Completely hand-made, Daphine was first introduced to the world in Milan at the Fiera Campionaria. Its simplicity, clean lines and aesthetic appeal is what endeared audiences worldwide to Daphine. Thus began Lumina Lighting in 1975. The company was started with the idea to manufacture lighting fixtures that not only served their purpose of illumination but added to the visual appeal of the room they were placed in. 

The company has gone a step ahead with quality of lighting fixtures and has set its own benchmarks in the industry. Hence the lighting fixtures manufactured are beautiful, strong and durable. The company strives in every quarter to improve the quality and manufacturing guidelines to produce products that can be enjoyed by customers over a lifetime.

The company has upheld the Italian beliefs of quality, beauty and prestige. This has lead to the worldwide popularity of the company. The lighting fixtures are now available in 35 countries with the famous museums showcasing the flagship lighting designs.

The company now has added a modern twist to its lighting fixtures to keep up with the changing times. The latest modern lighting fixtures help enhance the sleek, stylish and contemporary feel of homes done up in the modern style. The company boats of a modern collection of table lamps, ceiling and wall mounted lighting fixtures along with floor lamps. The ceiling lighting fixtures can be used to give an effect of a cluster of celestial bodies in your living room or foyer. The unusual lighting effect will definitely draw glances from envious guests.

The portfolio of this manufacturer has maintained modernity along with its traditional roots. The company has grown on the basis of the quality of products that it manufactures hence the production lines have to adhere to strict guidelines to maintain quality and standards that bypass and rival of the company in the industry. The company has always treasured its best kept secrets of nurturing its employees and network of sales agents thus creating a reliable system of production and sale.

The lighting fixtures today are increasingly making a niche for themselves in the luxury section of every industry: from hospitality to commercial establishment. The company despite its growing success has not lost touch with its roots and hence remains dedicated to the cause of safe-keeping the environment for future generations. The production lines have been made energy efficient and have drastically cut down the carbon footprint.

Lumina Lighting has become a force to reckon with in the lighting industry growing with committed staff and agents. Hiring the top designers from across the world the company grew by leaps and bounds, adding new designs and customers to its repertoire. Italy was always known for its rich heritage and excellent craftsmen. Lumina has taken advantage of this natural resource to produce the most stunning lighting collection that bends into any décor, traditional or modern yet stands out with an identity of its own.