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Black Friday Sale - Savings up to 30% OFF Sitewide! Shop Now »

LumenArt Lighting

The Chicago based company Lumenart is a company that specializes in manufacturing lighting fixtures made from blown glass and a wide variety of perforated materials. The stunning collection of blown glass and perforated metal lighting fixtures are what have put this company on the world map of the lighting industry. The company has an extremely flexible design system to accommodate the changing needs and tastes of their customers. The company also offers customized lighting fixtures that are made available even on short notice. Each collection again has a wide variety to choose from and customers can order their own customizations and modifications.

These blown glass lighting fixtures create a warm and inviting atmosphere with the soft diffused light in your home or office. The atmosphere thus created is conducive to dinner parties, conversation and enjoyment at home and productivity at the work place. The company adds texture to their lighting fixtures by sand-etching or acid-etching which are unique techniques to this company. 

The manufacturing line is also flexible to provide customers with options of imprinting their logos onto the lighting fixtures. The company has nearly a thousand different moulds to bend the glass and metal into desired shapes to produce exquisite wall scones, ceiling lights and pendants. Once these moulds are combined with the waterjet-cutting expertise of the company the result is a stunning piece of ighting.

The company produces over a hundred handcrafted wall scones, pendants and ceiling lights for customers each year. The lighting fixtures are also produced in matching families to provide a continued elegance in every room of your house. These lights produced in matching families are also ideal for use in commercial establishments such as restaurants, hotels and offices.

The lighting fixtures imply the green initiative of the company and hence can be used with any type of bulb though the company recommends using energy efficient bulbs to reduce the carbon footprint and protect the environment.

The company also produces light fixtures made of fabric or perforate steel. The fabric light fixtures are available in the popular geometric shapes and the company encourages the customers to come up with their own shapes for the lighting fixtures. The fabrics used in these lighting fixtures are backed by a self extinguishing vinyl which is white in color. This vinyl backing acts as barrier between the bulb and the fabric. The fabrics are also coated with a flame retardant.

The steel lighting fixtures are available in six main families of designs each with wall scones and ceiling lights. Their entire product line is promoted by selected representatives in each state of USA thus reaching and attracting customers all over.

Customers can combine different colors of blown glass, any particular shape they prefer and texture to create the perfect lighting fixture for their homes or commercial establishments. Though most lighting companies offer the standard three colors of glass to choose this Chicago based company offers the customers a huge palette of 24 colors to choose from. The customers are also free to mix different colors to get that perfect illumination to match the décor of their homes and offices.