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Lumen Center Italia Lighting

Lumencenter Italia is progressing with renewed energy the company plans to continue its foray of being the best by maintaining tradition while turning towards contemporary ideas and modernity. The company produces lighting fixtures that embody the true Italian values of beauty and strength. The company’s factory located in Italy designs, tests and produces the lighting fixtures completely in Italy. 

The company has always shied away from mass production of a million copies instead it takes pride in exclusivity of its products. Over the years the company has also pursued excellence to develop lighting fixtures that have been designed by fantasy and creativity. The portfolio of the company boasts of ceiling lights, table and floor lamps, suspension lights and wall mounted lights.

The contemporary lighting collection of the company has grasped the emotions of the ever changing times of the 21st Century. This lighting collection has been designed to illuminate hotels, restaurants, office, etc which have been done up in the modern décor to cater to the changing needs of their customers.

The classic lighting collection also embodies the primary objective of the company that is maintaining high quality. The lighting fixtures of this collection have been designed taking inspiration from the classic lighting fixtures or yesteryears and giving them a modern twist. The lighting fixtures have the same dimensions, finish and workmanship as that of the classic lighting fixtures.

The innovation collection of lighting fixtures by the company has been designed keeping in mind the tastes of the future generations. The lighting fixtures of this collection have been produced using cutting edge technology and designing tools. The lighting fixtures in this collection are energy efficient while being sophisticated for use in buildings that need a touch of glamour. The lighting fixtures are designed to create a fresh, warm and inviting atmosphere to stimulate conversations and enjoyment.

These lighting fixtures can be used in any part of the house from the garden to children’s bedroom and even on the terrace. Some of the most famous and widely sold lighting fixtures of the company include Ribbonled designed by the famous designer Alberto Fraser. The Ribbonled is an adjustable lamp that has an extremely flexible structure cast in transparent PVC. The lamp comes with a touch dimmer which is made of polycarbonate.

The lighting fixtures of the company are available from a wide network of sales points evenly distributed across the six continents and various cities. The lighting fixtures of the company are produced by following strict manufacturing guidelines which contribute to the impeccable quality. Hence since its inception in France the Lumen Center Italia has created a strong presence in the interior lighting industry. Founded in 1976, the Lumen Center Italia started in France and then moved to Milan in 1987. The company was started with the idea of creating designs that were unique and exclusive. The company was acquired by Villa Tosca Design Management in 2000. By then in the three decades that had passed by the company had created a niche for itself in the interior lighting industry. The company celebrated its 30 years by opening a new ‘house’.