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LucePlan Lighting

Among the leaders in High End Design lighting Luceplan lighting follows the present day necessity of ensuring eco-sustainability. The company follows a natural attitude towards achieving a consistent growth in the lighting sector. The company has set goals, quite different from many of its competitors. It aims towards reaching greater heights at the same time incorporating lighting designs which involve revival of wastage and develop creations depending on the changing trends every season. The company works towards diminishing the assembling procedure such that the volume occupied in the packaging aspect is compressed as well as ascertains the production of high quality lighting fixtures.

The growth continues: 

The company has been immensely powerful since its growth and has taken the initiative to get involved in the production of lighting solutions considering the ecological factors and requirements unlike many of its competitors who focus only on the look and immediate lighting functionality fulfillments. The LED lightings are another major highlight which has enabled the company to obtain fittings that are equivalent to the everlasting traditional light sources with the addition of extra beneficial features such as less power consumption and enhanced reliability.

A look at the products:

    • Table lamps: A marvel in itself, the table lamps created by the designers here incorporate modern technologies and is provided with an artistic look and feel. Amongst the most beautiful ones is the Agaricon which is partially transparent and light colored enabled with chromatic finishes to be suitable for all environments. These are provided with dimmers which can be easily operated with the help of sensor dimmer rings made up of aluminium thus ensuring that the intensity of light used is as per the usage requirements. It is provided with a body made of polycarbonate.

    • Floor Lamps: Berenice is one of the most beautifully designed floor lamps. It is ideal and well suited for varied purpose usage. It’s slim and compact thus ensuring efficient and easy portability. It provides soothing and comforting lighting outputs thus enabling the user to place it anywhere as desired. It is extremely stable and has a well balanced base. It’s a true symbol of elegance such that it operates using a transformer that allows only the necessary amount of current to reach the bulb through the placed rods thus eliminating the need for electrical cables. It has a specialized distance unit which allows the user to increase the focusing capability of the light head.

    • Ceiling and Wall sconces: High quality and well designed lights such as Costanza are provided with powerful dimmers which are sensor enabled such that a light touch can activate it and let the user adjust the intensity of the light’s brightness.

Final Word:

The work of the designers at Luceplan lighting speaks for itself. All its creations have gained, immense reputation and their work has been acknowledged and appreciated by many. Among the plenty of recognitions that the company has received, the most reputed one is the European Award Lights of the Future which was won by the work created by the experienced and talented designers of all time called Alberto Meda and Paolo Rizzatto for their classic Table Lamp creation called ‘Mix’.