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Living Room Lighting

Living Room Lighting - Buying guide

Living Room Lighting- Luxury and Functionality Combined

Homeowners spend a lot of time selecting furniture or deciding on the right color for the living room, but tied up with all this; they tend to forget about the right lighting. This is a grave mistake as proper living room lighting can add warmth and charm to your house.

We at Interior Deluxe stock a range of high-quality designer lighting that serves different purposes. You can find designer living room lights for TV and media cabinets, display shelves, couch and side tables, living room picture lighting and even mood lighting for the floor.

You can find a lot of branded living room lights made by internationally renowned manufacturers such as > Almerich > B.Lux > Flos > Louis Poulsen > Studio Italia Design, all of which feature a combination of elegant design, modern look, and flawless functionality. 

TV and media cabinets lighting

Our most popular living room lightings for TV cabinets include Tolomeo micro clip spot from Artemide, Glo-Ball Mini T table lamp from Flos, Vaso TA4050 Table Lamp from AVMazzega, and Tocco Oval Table Lamp from Penta.

Artemide’s Tolomeo clip spotlighting is best for direct and indirect LED or incandescent lighting for the TV shelves. Designed by internationally renowned product designers De Lucchi and Giancarlo, the lighting feature polished die-cast aluminum with matte anodized aluminum. It is fully adjustable, and you can tilt and rotate according to your preferences. The lighting exhibits a versatile and practical design that is ideal for placing on TV cabinets.

Glo-Ball Mini T table lamp from Flos is another great TV cabinet lighting. This was elegantly designed lighting consists of Opaline glass and acid-etched diffuser. The globe shaped lamp offer a treat to the eyes that look simple yet suave and elegant at the same time.

For an elegant and artistic lighting for your TV cabinet, Vaso TA4050 Table Lamp from AVMazzega is certainly the best in its class. This elegant lighting boasts of a decorative hand-blown glass that is sculpted to perfection. The stainless steel frame of the lighting has a satin finish that looks modern, chic, and elegant in the living room. The highest quality Murano glass has been used in its manufacturing that represents century’s old legacy of high craftsmanship, skill, and expertise that has been passed down generations.

Designed by M+K design, Tocco Oval Table Lamp from Penta is ideal for any TV shelf providing a touch of elegance and charm to the home décor. It looks utterly charming with its bleached oak or wood stained wenge. The top and base of this elegantly designed lighting fixture features white lacquered wood while the inside is made of pyrex.

Display shelves and cabinets lighting

Some our lightings are ideal for display shelves and cabinets placed in a living room. You can find a wide variety of elegantly shaped display lighting. One of the unique shaped lighting that you will probably not find elsewhere is Cactus Prisma Table Lamp from Slamp. This unique yet charming lighting fixture was designed by the great Adriano Rachele. The defining feature of this lamp is the opal flux material that is fit to last for a long time. Light comes through the openings of the fixture creating a magnificent diffused light that looks spectacular and charming.

If you fancy a more traditional lamp for the shelf, then Bon Ton Table Lamp from Penta is certainly worth consideration. The lamp boasts of an opaque anthracite and blown glass. It is available in a multitude of colors that you can select to match the décor of the living room.

Sweet light from Catellani & Smith is yet another great light that is ideal for shelves and cabinets placed in the living room. The designer lighting fixture boasts of a ball shaped glass that shines from the inside. You can change the strength of the light with a touch of your hand to suit the mood and setting.

 Couch and side tables lighting

For couch and side table lighting, Tolomeo Micro LED Table lamp from Artemide is one of the best. This elegant lighting is rotatable 360 that you can adjust as per the need for illumination. The lighting feature extruded aluminum with an anodized matte aluminum diffuser. It is the best example of classic and intuitive design that looks traditional and modern at the same time.

Another great example of couch and side table lighting is the Atollo table lamp from Oluce. The simple yet modish design of the table lamp adds a touch of elegance to the living room. It features an opaline blown Murano glass along with diffused and dimmable lighting.

Living room picture lighting

Every luxurious and modern home décor consists of photographs and paintings, which you can highlight using picture lighting. One great picture light fixture is the Antenna II display lamp from Oligo.The elegant yet simple living room lighting brilliantly illuminates the pictures and works of art displayed in your living room. It is especially ideal for commercial settings such as art shops and hotels.

Looking for something a bit on the mellow side of the spectrum? Check out the Eliana cuadro picture lamp from B.Lux. This light features steel and Zamak with a metallic finish that can complement any painting that hangs in the living room. It’s streamlined, and simple finishing certainly creates a pleasant visual impression.

For something more bold and daring, you should go for Dim 4-60 Mirror from Decor Walther. The elongated head is attached to a wall plate that you can swivel vertically so as to throw the best light on the pictures. This luxurious picture lighting for the living room is available in matt and chrome finishing. The light projected by this lamp is dimmable allowing you greater control over how the picture is illuminated in your living room.

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From the furniture to the artwork, you put careful consideration into each element of your luxury home décor—and lighting fixtures are just as fundamental. Your living room is a place for relaxation—a place to unwind from the stresses of the day.

At Interior Deluxe, we offer a vast selection of modern living room lighting solutions that will accentuate and enhance your existing décor while providing the blissful illumination you require.

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Add functionality and style to your living room

Your living room is where you kick back, relax and spend quality with your family and guests.

Hence, it is essential to invest in quality lighting for your living room.

If simple, elegant and modern living room lighting designs catch your fancy, then we have just the right thing!

We offer an array of designer living room lighting under one roof. Check out our unique and appealing lighting designs, shapes and style to transform your living