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Leucos Lighting


A Powerful Single Brand to Meet the Future & Honor The Past 

It has been an eventful and exciting first quarter for FDV and its renowned Leucos brand. A new C.E.O. and president are deftly leading the premier Italian lighting company into a new era with a rebranding and restructuring that will enhance its place in the market in order to better meet global challenges and opportunities.

The New Structure

In November, FDV Group was acquired by Rocco Bormioli, nephew of the founder of the Rocco Bormioli S.p.A, which has long been considered one of Europe’s premier glassmakers. Rocco Bormioli immediately took over as president of the FDV Group bringing with him a love of glass making and a long background in the industry. The company also took that opportunity to appoint a new C.E.O., Gherardo Flaccomio Nardi Dei, a young and dynamic executive who has extensive experience in the lighting industry.

Based on an analysis of the FDV Group collection and brands, the new management team has decided to concentrate all of the product offerings under this brand. Going forward, all products from the Leucos, ITRE, Gallery vetri d’arte, ALT lucialternative, Muranodue and Aureliano Toso brands will merge into three Leucos collections under this brand. This determination was made after a careful and detailed evaluation that considered each product for its technological innovation, aesthetic design and flexible capacity to respond to international trends. At the center of it all, was a focus on products that had the universal appeal and efficiency to perform in the marketplace.

A Brand on the Move

Leucos is an excellent brand for the transformation of FDV, as it is known both for its historic roots and its innovative leadership. The style of this manufacturer was born in the Sixties with an absolutely ground-breaking initiative, as glass was, for the first time, taken a out of its classic place in an art studio and reinterpreted for modern use. Those early products were the first to marry design and the tradition of glass making production in order to create series’ that would make beauty accessible to a greater audience.

In line with this innovative spirit, the creative process became more important and appreciated – making it the stylistic value of the brand. These two elements – light and design – and the infinite shapes that distinguish the material and the innovation of the technical process.

Three Visions, One Brand

Known for excellence the world over, Leucos now has more product depth than ever. Lights from the five FDV brands have been added to the original collection. These products are organized into three new pioneering collections. They are:

IDEA: Most closely representing the timeless and pure design of the brand and its Venetian roots in the Sixties, IDEA lights are composed primarily of Murano glass.

Download the Idea Leucos Idea catalog here:

STUDIO: Made up of of lights that go beyond glass, these are composed of a wide range of materials and are architectural in style.

Download the Leucos Studio catalog here

MODO: This line of custom, modular lights offers the perfect solution for stunning and distinctive installations. It includes pieces that capture the drama of classic Murano creations.

Download the Leucos Modo catalog here

Another Logo, Another Light

As we look to the future they will approach it with a new logo that is lighter and more recognizable. The E in Leucos has lost its left vertical bar and is made of just three horizontal lines, each representing the new collections: IDEA, STUDIO and MODO. This modern new logo combats the perception that the light produces only glass, by projecting the name in the context of pure design.

The company’s new maxim made from just two words, “Another Light,” reinforces the message of renewal, but without losing sight of the past. Once again, the word light is central to the company’s mission and philosophy. Looking at things in “another light,” implies viewing things with a different perspective. This perfectly describes their ongoing drive to innovate and think “outside-the-box.” Light of yesterday and today define this company that is on the vanguard of worldwide lighting manufacturing.