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Le Klint Lighting

Light is a basic necessity for everyone’s home, Le Klint works on perfecting this necessary aspect. Furnishing your home, the way you like it is not far away with the widest collection of Le Klint lighting products. There exist highly talented and experienced architects and designers. The focus is more than just creating sources of light, they work on believing in creations of contemporary lighting with highlights on functionality, operation and visualization.

There is an entire universe of widespread lighting collections. The establishment of their foundation dates back to the year 1972. This foundation has been the pioneer in encouraging plenty of upcoming architects and designers. The first initiation towards the creation of a strong lighting creation base was when Kaare Klint, a reputed architect launched his exclusive collection of designs especially the LK 101 and LK 306 which continues to be one of the most sought after collection of lighting fixtures in the market even on this present day.

The first shop under the name of their company name was opened up in Copenhagen ages back in 1943. Since then the designs and development of the lighting fittings have been kept up to date with the upcoming modern technologies till date. The excellent craftsmanship is considered perfectionist in producing the world class lampshades which are structured in the cross pleated formation which has been an impossible task for several other such traditional developers. To achieve this pleating activity, they have come up with the embossing machine which is provided with a brass roller capable of imprinting the patterns onto a roll of material. Thus, indicating a unique roller for each model.

Pendants: These are the perfect highlights of well designed craftsmanship oriented creations which are exclusively fascinating and unique in design. It has been structured in such a manner that it suits the requirements to hang it at various heights as well without affecting the quality of light that it imparts, since the shades have been so well angled and positioned.

Table lamps: Exclusive collection of table lamps usually designed with the use of handmade glass. It inspires various upcoming designers and many of its products are the creations of these new designers who love to experiment and expose the inner beauty sides of technology to the world. So has been the case with the creation of plenty of lamps which has been provided an artistic look by building up both the base as well as the top with exquisite pleated plastic material with the combination of transparent acrylic tubes. Usually these table lamps are well suited as shelf lamps and to be positioned near windowsills.

Viper: These Viper felts are available in variety of colors and sizes - ranging from black to white to yellow to turquoise and pink. Thus allowing you to choose the decorative piece according to your interior designing taste. It has a flex wiring such that it can be extended and shaped as the customer wishes it to look like.

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