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Kundalini Lighting

Kundalini Lighting Q&A

Where is Kundalini located?
Kundalini is located in Milan, Italy, in the precinct of Trezzano Sul Naviglio.

What is the history and philosophy of Kundalini?

Since the beginning of time, the human mind has been captivated by light. From the sun, to fire, to glows, hues, and brightness - this quintessential quest for lightness have become a tool in deciphering our world on a much deeper level where there exist places for opportunities, moments, space and understanding. I find that evolution has truly allowed the human being to become directly aware of light - creating illumination that directly addresses awareness and intention within spaces. But what if we looked at the intimate relationship between us as individuals and light?

This is where Kundalini lighting truly excels. Their designs are a particular embodiment of this unexplored close relationship - this ambiguous and almost accidental access to unexplored spaces and new dimensions of energies. 

The word Kundalini originates from the spiritual essences of Dharma Religion, where it means delves in the power of light. The term is intended to describe the potentials and dimensions of energy that are unaware to the individuals yielding it - this energy keeps building and building waiting to be discovered by the individual, an unawakened opportunity. 

There is no question that Kundalini Lighting was intentional with their identity by utilizing this exact origin as inspiration for their work. Founded in 1996, the Italian lighting company drew much attention for its philosophy of creating and designing 'Interior Light Bodies.' Rather than just lighting a space, these light fixtures - or 'Interior Light Bodies' - welcomed the opportunity for individuals to look not only at the atmosphere and intimacy of space, also at how you relate to space and look at your presence within this area.

This self-awareness becomes a guide to understanding the light within you. Kundalini creates this humanistic aspect of lighting by utilizing geometries, shapes, materiality, touch and sense. Consequently, Kundalini has created a way to understand light not only as an aesthetic perception but also as an intimate experience.

Every season they welcome their customers with unique and exclusive themes of designs and creativity comprising of being high spirited in style and high-quality lighting fixtures with the use of important materials and accessories. Their developers try to build products that can be accepted by customers’ worldwide. Thus it blends the touch from various sectors of life and various parts of the world. Every creation will stand apart from the others in its uniqueness and originality. Designers and architects here know very well what it means to combine the aspects of proper functionality with high quality and impressive designs and looks and they work towards this achievement with utmost dedication.

What are the most popular collections of Kundalini ?

Some of the most popular collections of Kundalini are the floor lighting subjects. These floor lighting products are soft and romantic - adding a particular type of subtlety to space. Most of these lights are organic in shape, sculpture like and drawing inspiration from the human form. These aesthetical forms are one of the visions that began the notion of creating 'Interior Light Bodies,' which lead to the inspiration of instilling perception space from within.

This handcrafted collection is a breadth of art and collaboration from many Artists, Designers, and Architects around the world. This variety in form and nuances allows for this collection to explore all energies in different forms. In return, the collection of floor lights from Kundalini explore the various possibilities of how light can be used in a way that illuminates as a whole - aesthetically, functionally, ergonomically, and poetically.

Spillo outdoor – These are outdoor lamps provided with pegs. It comprises of rotational molded polyethylene diffusers. It is available both as fixed lamps as well as floor lamps.

Suspension lights: These are the beauty of high-class designs. Abyss ceiling: These are suspension lamps with high voltage LED strips. It has a modular cylindrical structure molded with opal polycarbonate. It is attached to the tube with a fluorescent spotlight. Sama ceiling: These are specialized focusing ceiling spotlights. It is organized with a two tone extruded laser cut and had Plexiglas diffusers.

Kundalini Table lamps: Wonders of artistic creations can be seen under this category. Entropia table lamp: These are perfect laser sintered nylon diffuser provided table lamps. It has a sturdy chrome plated metallic stem and base.Eero table lamps: These are structured to give a white painted metallic look. It consists of a mouth blown acid etched glass diffuser.

Wall lights: These are another set of good lighting fixtures available in various shapes and colors. A few varieties capable of worth mentioning under this category are the Hexagon, Frame, Evita wall lamp and the Atomium wall lamp.

Tell me a little bit more about the designers of Kundalini .

The most breathtaking part about Kundalini is most definitely its collaborative essence. The CEO Stefano Bordone searches across the globe for Artists, Designers, and Architects that can contribute to the identity of Kundalini. Designers from France, Italy, Germany, USA that all utilize their industrial design backgrounds to create pieces that fabricate immersive poetical products. In this way, each product is individual in its own self. Just individualistic enough to resonate with their artist- but their sameness lies in their purpose which is what makes their products collaborative as a whole.

What are their most popular products?

One of the most popular Kundalini products is most definitely 'E.T.A' which is the first lamp that came out from Kundalini Lighting Fittings. Designed and created in 1996, 'E.T.A' is designated as a handmaid light diffuser made with an ecological fibreglass and metallic inner structure. It was quite advanced for its time because of its consideration for the eco-system, as well as the understanding of how a lamp can be more than just a directional light. The beauty of this piece that the light comes from within itself diffusing throughout the room a soft, warm, buzzing glow. Rather than just using part of the lamp, Kundalini went leaps and bounds ahead of it's time to create a piece that lights up as a whole. In the sense, this product becomes an example of the philosophies of Kundalini because it expresses the poetical beauty of lighting spaces from within.

Is there a video I can watch about Kundalini ?


At Kundalini lighting, people desire to improve the life of all – and in what better way when you can give in the most regarding the utmost necessity of the daily life that is light.

Philosophy behind the success of Kundalini:

They know the value and preciousness behind light and its functionality. Their perception of life revolves around the genuinely good creations of lighting fixtures. Kundalini’s journey began way back in 1996, when it created the unique collection of lamps, genuinely innovative and artistic in design suiting the needs of people all around the world.