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Kitchen Lighting

  • Tania Trio VMC32500 Modern Three-Tier LED Chandelier from Vonn Lighting | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Tania Trio VMC32500 Modern Three-Tier LED Chandelier

    Vonn Lighting
    $ 849.95

    Dress up your décor with Tania Trio VMC32500 Modern Three-Tier LED Chandelier. This elegant chandelier features a simple yet elegant design which i...

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  • Swing LED Pendant Light from Interior Deluxe | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Swing LED Pendant Light

    Interior Deluxe
    from $ 997.00

    The Swing LED Pendant Light is an LED technology that lights the way to energy savings. The subtle finishes fit well into the?entryways, kitchens, ...

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  • Ring LED Chandelier from Interior Deluxe | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Ring LED Chandelier

    Interior Deluxe
    from $ 656.00

    The Ring LED Chandelier is a round shape. The body was available in?iron finish and iron structure. Well suited for kitchen, living room, dining ar...

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  • Tania VMC34911/VMC34912 Modern Circular LED Chandelier from Vonn Lighting | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Tania VMC34911/VMC34912 Modern Circular LED Chandelier

    Vonn Lighting
    from $ 674.95

    The Tania VMC34911 / VMC34912 Modern Circular LED Chandelier by VONN features a sleek and elegant design. The ring on this low-profile chandelier i...

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  • Capella VMP22200AL Modern Three-Ring LED Pendant Light -  Inventory Sale!! from Vonn Lighting | Modern Lighting + Decor
    Sold out

    Capella VMP22200AL Modern Three-Ring LED Pendant Light - Inventory Sale!!

    Vonn Lighting
    Original price $ 450.00
    Current price $ 225.00

    Capella VMP22200AL Modern Three-Ring LED Pendant Light is inspired by the brightest star in the constellation of Auriga. Gaze into the night sky an...

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  • Tania Duo VMC31740 Modern Two-Tier LED Chandelier from Vonn Lighting | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Tania Duo VMC31740 Modern Two-Tier LED Chandelier

    Vonn Lighting
    $ 574.95

    Tania Duo VMC31740 Modern Two-Tier LED Chandelier. High performance, Energy efficient integrated LED light source with 3000K Color Temperature and ...

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  • Tania VMC31640 Modern Circular LED Chandelier from Vonn Lighting | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Tania VMC31640 Modern Circular LED Chandelier

    Vonn Lighting
    $ 374.95

    Tania VMC31640 Modern Circular LED Chandelier features subtle and delicate design. This elegant fixture brings timeless elegance essence to any spa...

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  • Capella VMC32410 Modern Five Ring LED Chandelier from Vonn Lighting | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Capella VMC32410 Modern Five Ring LED Chandelier

    Vonn Lighting
    $ 799.95

    Gaze into the night sky and you’ll find your eyes resting on Capella. Inspired by the brightest star in the constellation of Auriga, Capella VMC324...

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  • Salm VMC31810 Modern Disc LED Chandelier from Vonn Lighting | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Salm VMC31810 Modern Disc LED Chandelier

    Vonn Lighting
    $ 329.95

    Brighten an entryway or living room with Salm VMC31810 Modern Disc LED Chandelier from Vonn Lighting. This exquisite chandelier features understate...

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  • Cubi T 11 Table Lamp

    $ 320.00

    The Cubi T 11 Table Lamp from Leucos is designed by Leucos Design Lab. This charming and simple table lamp consists of a blown glass cube, layered ...

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  • Gross Pendant Light from Traum | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Gross Pendant Light

    $ 795.00

    Gross light by Traum is a pendant light formed by many tulips are born from the concentric superposition, all held by a central star.This pendant l...

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  • Alba Ceiling Light from Nordlux | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Alba Ceiling Light

    $ 387.00

    Alba Ceiling Light is a contemporary semi flush fixture with an adjustable arm that offers 15 degrees tilt, allowing you to illuminate the desired ...

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  • Ray Pendant Light from Nordlux | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Ray Pendant Light

    $ 117.00

    Decorate your living space with a stunning touch of Ray Pendant Light from the Nordlux. Ray series adds a sophisticated style to your home with its...

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  • Doo-Wop Pendant Light from Louis Poulsen | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Doo-Wop Pendant Light

    Louis Poulsen
    from $ 576.00

    The fixture primarily provides a downward directed soft light by means of the white lacquered inner conical reflector, and the main shade contribut...

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  • Cielo HB Chandelier 3 Light from Pablo Designs | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Cielo HB Chandelier 3 Light

    Pablo Designs
    from $ 1,160.00

    The Cielo Pendant from Pablo has been designed by Pablo Studio. Modern, elegant, and energy efficient, the Cielo Pendant features a fully dimmable...

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  • Sonya LED Ceiling Light
    from $ 336.00

    Quirky and contemporary, the Sonya LED Ceiling Light makes for a striking addition to any interior space. It is equipped with light guide technolog...

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  • Ryndu LED Ceiling Light
    from $ 364.80

    The Ryndu LED Ceiling Light is a striking contemporary piece with a pronounced profile and soft subtle touches to create a unified look. A powerful...

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  • Celia LED Ceiling Light

    Interior Deluxe
    from $ 371.20

    Slim in profile, smooth-sided in construction, and utterly functional in design, the Celia Ceiling Light is a solid addition to any contemporary or...

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  • Ratno LED Ceiling Light

    Interior Deluxe
    from $ 291.00

    With a clean, sleek look and modern appeal the Ratno LED Ceiling Light is a versatile lighting solution that will beam your room with bright LED il...

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  • Connix LED Ceiling Light

    Interior Deluxe
    from $ 288.00

      Simple shapes and clean lines define the Connix LED Ceiling Light. Mounted flush against the ceiling, the structure of this modern ceiling light ...

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  • Nata LED Ceiling Light

    Interior Deluxe
    from $ 294.00

    The Nata LED Ceiling Light is a simply styled addition to interior spaces. When illuminated, this modern flush mount ceiling light casts a soft and...

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  • Rossa LED Ceiling Light

    Interior Deluxe
    from $ 246.00

    Rossa LED ceiling light is composed of hardware fixtures, acrylic shade, and an LED light source. Perfect for indoor lighting, living room, bedroom...

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  • Ringo LED Ceiling Light

    Interior Deluxe
    from $ 320.00

    Ringo LED ceiling light is a very attractive light fitting with a puristic character. This LED ceiling light design has a contemporary look with a ...

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  • Rutto LED Ceiling Light

    Interior Deluxe
    from $ 360.00

    If you are looking for a real eye-catcher on your ceiling, the new Rutto collection is exactly what you need! With its simple, timeless design, it ...

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Kitchen Lighting - Buying Guide

Functional Excellence and Premium Quality Design

Kitchen lighting brightens culinary workspaces and counters. High-quality kitchen lighting serves more than mere sources of illumination. They offer a decorative touch that compliments the modern or traditional look of the house. Our extensive range of kitchen lighting is energy efficient, stylish, and elegant complements different home décors.

At Interior Deluxe, you can find a large collection of stylish kitchen lighting manufactured by brands such as >Alma Light >Almerich >Domus >Flos >Penta>LBL Lighting and many others. All of the lighting solutions that you can find in our stock boast flawless finishing, high-quality materials, and classy design.

We offer Window board Lighting, Lighting for the kitchen table, Lighting for cabinets and kitchen counter, and Kitchen ceiling lights. This lighting adds to the aesthetics of any home décor. The modern kitchen lighting fixtures are available in different styles including Modern / Contemporary, Transitional, and Traditional / Old world.

Kitchen Ceiling Lighting

The Formosa C1 pendant light designed by Aldo Cibic for Anton Angeli is an ideal incandescent lighting for the kitchen. The suspension mounted lighting has an asymmetrical textural shape, which can be used either independently or with a wall, floor, table, and suspension lamps. The construction of this luxury lighting features quality textile fabric available in red or white color.

For something truly unique modern lighting for the kitchen, Cellula Chandelier - 47 inches- 9 bulb from Anthologie Quartett is worth consideration. It was designed for Penta by Anthologie Quartett and features ornate design, elegantly illuminating the space. The lighting features original Swarovski crystal glass prisms with red, blue, or green crystal options.

People who have a taste in abstract art will like the Rachel low voltage pendant lamp from LBL Lighting. This exclusive kitchen lighting features high-quality Murano glass that is not only pleasant to look at but also offers excellent illumination. Available in three different colors, the lighting fixture is perfect for making a bold artistic statement.

If you fancy something a slightly less artistic for your kitchen ceiling, Drop pendant light from Anta will not disappoint you. The lamp was designed by Fiedeler and Raasch and features a premium quality glass drop with metal details in anodized aluminum.

Lighting for the kitchen table


The kitchen table too deserves a high-quality lighting fixture. The right lighting for the kitchen table can significantly add to the appeal of the kitchen. Mega Bulb Pendant Light from &Tradition is the ideal lighting fixture to hang above the kitchen table. Designed by Sofie Refer for &Traditions, the lighting is composed of premium quality mount blown glass with a polished edge. The electrical components of the lighting fixture are made of stainless steel, making it perfect for humid environments. Available in transparent glass and silver, the lighting looks elegantly straightforward and pleasing at the same time.

Cloud XL Suspension Light from BELUX is a spectacular lighting fixture that looks amazing from all angles. The lighting fixture has been designed by Fran Gehry for Belux. It provides a natural look and amazing feel to any environment. It comes with either a dimmable or on/off configuration.

In case you want something simpler yet futuristic and modern at the same time, the Discoco Large Pendant Light from Marset is certainly one of the best for homes and offices. This graceful piece of lighting creates and elegant atmosphere. Each light of the lighting fixture is made of 35 opaque disks that are coated with a bright white lacquer. This creates a reflective light that greatly adds to the charm of the place

For a more subtle yet impressive design, you can’t go wrong with the Giogali Chandelier from Vistosi . The lighting fixture was designed by Angelo Mangiarotti. It is composed of 215 handmade horseshoe rings; all interconnected to create a stunning lighting effect.

Lighting for Cabinets and Kitchen Counter


Brighten your cabinets and the kitchen counter in splendid opulence with one of our branded lights! Our extensive collection consists of both simple and complex design lighting lamps. Damasco SP G Pendant Light from Vistosi is one of the finest lights that can perfectly add to the beauty of the home décor. The light has been created using a unique approach that consists of applying molded glass threads in a blown crystal. The pendant light comes with a certificate of authenticity regarding its originality and exclusivity.

Another great lighting for cabinets and kitchen counter is the APD 01 pendant light from LumenArt. The unique and simple design of this kitchen light have made it popular among the customers. It features aluminum with stainless steel fasteners that last for a long time. The kitchen lighting reflects expert craftsmanship that can wonderfully illuminate any modern home décor.

For those of you with tastes leaning towards simple design, the Basic strip wall sconce from Artemide can perfectly complement the modern home décor. This simple yet elegant lighting is made of the extruded aluminum with anodized or white powder coated finish.

Designed by Umberto Asnago, Pan Pendant Light from Penta is also popular due to its contemporary design and perfect functionality. The lighting fixture consists of nickel satin metal with the diffuser made of either transparent hand blown glass. It displays lustrous and dazzling light that is sure to brighten any style of home décor.

Not many lighting fixtures can match the quality of craftsmanship and exquisite design of Berlin Brass Lamps lighting, and this is also the case with W7-99grB Table Lamp from Berlin Brass lamps. The light features intricate bass decorations representing a fusion of contemporary and modern design.

All of these ceiling lights feature a stylish design combined with flawless functionality, creating an exquisite ambiance. Available in variants of subtle color variations, the lighting fixture adds to the look and beauty of a kitchen.


A kitchen is a place with unique lighting requirements—you need an ambient light that is bright enough for complex tasks such as food measurement and preparation, but you also want fixtures that complement your existing home décor.

Those who require modern kitchen lighting will find an ample selection of high-quality pieces here at Interior Deluxe—everything from recessed lights to chandeliers and pendant lights, and much more!

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Diverse range of lighting for your kitchen

Your kitchen is the heart and soul of your home. What many people don’t realize is that lighting is one of the most critical aspects of your kitchen. A well-lit kitchen adds character, warmth and reflects your personal style.

Transform your kitchen into a comfortable space for you and your family with our branded, modern kitchen lighting. From kitchen counter lighting to counter lighting, we have it all!

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Call us today on +1-866-477-1345 and our ALA certified lighting experts will provide you with inspirations and guide you through the process!