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Island + Kitchen bar pendants

  • Unika Pendant Light - Large from Northern Lighting | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Unika Pendant Light - Large

    Northern Lighting
    $ 446.40

    The Unika Pendant light - Large by Northern Lighting has been designed by Anders Lundqvist, Anne Louise Due de Fønss. Unika is a mouth blow series ...

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  • Dokka Pendant light from Northern Lighting | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Dokka Pendant light

    Northern Lighting
    $ 312.00

    The Dokka Pendant light by Northern Lighting has been designed by Birger Dahl. Dokka is a small pendant light with a clean profile. It is a genuine...

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  • Pull-It Pendant Light - Adjustable Height from Oligo | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Pull-It Pendant Light - Adjustable Height

    $ 418.00

    The Pull-It Pendant Light - Adjustable Height by Oligo has been designed by Ralf Keferstein. The lamp consists of two elements. The first element i...

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  • Unika Pendant light - Small from Northern Lighting | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Unika Pendant light - Small

    Northern Lighting
    $ 382.40

    The Unika Pendant light - Small by Northern Lighting has been designed by Anders Lundqvist, Anne Louise Due de Fønss. Unika is a mouth blow series ...

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  • Kora Pura Pendant Light from Steng | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Kora Pura Pendant Light

    from $ 252.00

    The Kora Pura Pendant Light has been designed by Peter Steng&Stefanie Hering for Steng. Pura is the name of a pendant light line with a very sp...

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  • Cubi Pendant Light from Leucos | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Cubi Pendant Light

    $ 380.00

    The Cubi pendant light from Leucos has been designed by Ufficio Stile/Tre in 2000. This suspension mounted luminaire is great for halogen lighting...

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  • Fly Candle Fly! Suspended Candle from Ingo Maurer | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Fly Candle Fly! Suspended Candle

    Ingo Maurer
    from $ 79.00

    The Fly candle Fly! suspension light has been designed by George Baldele for Ingo Maurer. The beauty of these candles is that they appear to be fly...

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  • Nostalgia Large Pendant Light from Studio Italia Design | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Nostalgia Large Pendant Light

    Studio Italia Design
    from $ 795.00

    The Nostalgia Pendant Light was designed and made by Studio Italia Design. The Nostalgia pendant light was designed by Dima Loginoff in 2015 and is...

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  • Light Eye Suspension Light from SLV Lighting | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Light Eye Suspension Light

    SLV Lighting
    from $ 190.00

    The Light eye Suspension Light has a smooth and polished design making for a simple and modern fixture. This mini pendant light is great for kitche...

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  • Little Bit 12 Pendant Light from Steng | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Little Bit 12 Pendant Light

    from $ 210.00

    The Little Bit Pendant Light has been designed by Peter Steng&Prof. HA Raiser for Steng. Made of Murano glass the lights are a design highlight...

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  • Bell 12  Pendant Light from Steng | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Bell 12 Pendant Light

    from $ 294.00

    The Bell 12 Pendant Light has been designed by Peter Steng&Klaus Bellinger for Steng. It is one of the manufacturer Steng's most popular pendan...

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  • Enola Pendant Light from SLV Lighting | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Enola Pendant Light

    SLV Lighting
    from $ 180.00

    Sleek, clean and modern are the defining features of the Enola pendant light. This appealing fixture with its subdued design will feet at home in a...

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  • Grashoppa Pendant Light from Gubi | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Grashoppa Pendant Light

    $ 375.00

    The Grashoppa shade is fixed with a brass tube and brass fittings on the top. For mountings on the ceiling, the pendant is equipped with a steel br...

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  • Implode SP 16 Pendant Light from Vistosi | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Implode SP 16 Pendant Light

    $ 436.00

    The Implode SP 16 Pendant Light by Vistosi has been designed by Gregorio Spini. The Implode SP 16 suspension lamp is part of the new collection of ...

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  • Champagne Wands 1-Light LED Pendant Light from Sonneman | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Champagne Wands 1-Light LED Pendant Light

    $ 350.00

    The Champagne Wands 1-Light LED Pendant Light by Sonneman has been designed by Robert Sonneman.The Champagne Wands 1-Light LED Pendant Light uses a...

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  • Orb 1-Light Pendant from Sonneman | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Orb 1-Light Pendant

    from $ 300.00

    The Orb 1-Light Pendant by Sonneman has been designed by Robert Sonneman. The Orb 1-Light Pendant is available in polished chrome finish with a cho...

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  • Mizu Pendant Light from Terzani | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Mizu Pendant Light

    from $ 442.00

    The Mizu pendant light, or better known as "The Flowing Light" by Terzani was designed by Nicolas Terzani. Each Mizu pendant resembles a water dro...

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  • Athene suspension light from Less n More | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Athene suspension light

    Less n More
    $ 446.00

    Product Details:The Athene suspension light has been designed by Kai Steffens, Christian Dinow in 2009 and is made in Germany by Less 'n' More. Th...

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  • APD.01 Pendant Light from LumenArt | Modern Lighting + Decor

    APD.01 Pendant Light

    from $ 155.00

    The APD 01 Pendant Light from the Alume series has been designed and manufactured for LumenArt. Micro brushed with clear coat after fabrication bef...

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  • Sweet Light Pendant from Catellani & Smith | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Sweet Light Pendant

    Catellani & Smith
    from $ 333.00

    The Sweet Light Pendant by Catellani & Smith is designed and handmade in Italy. Sweet Light is a remarkable small pendant lamp, because the bal...

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  • Sky-Fall Pendant - Medium from Studio Italia Design | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Sky-Fall Pendant - Medium

    Studio Italia Design
    from $ 1,155.00

    Its shape reminds you of the precious blown glass decanters under for high-quality wines and at the same time show progress, putting together the s...

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  • Aplomb Mini Suspension Lamp from Foscarini | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Aplomb Mini Suspension Lamp

    from $ 530.00

    The Aplomb Mini Suspension Lamp has been designed by Paolo Lucidi and Luca Pevere in 2015 and is made in Italy by Foscarini. This brand new suspens...

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  • Flute LED 12V Pendant Light from Steng | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Flute LED 12V Pendant Light

    from $ 430.00

    The Flute LED 12V Pendant Light has been designed by Peter Steng for Steng.The Flute LED pendant light of the German luminaire manufacturer Steng c...

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  • Flute Pura Pendant Light from Steng | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Flute Pura Pendant Light

    $ 522.00

    The Flute Pura Pendant Light has been designed by Peter Steng&Stefanie Hering for Steng. Pura is the name of a pendant light line with a very s...

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Bar or Kitchen Island Lighting - Buying guide

Whether serving drinks in a commercial bar or a home Kitchen Island, the ambiance of the place is just as important as the quality of refreshments and drinks served to the guests. And one of the important elements that help set the perfect ambiance of a bar or a kitchen is the lighting.

For perfect illumination, pendant lighting is the best for bar and kitchen island. Pendant lights, particularly when suspended over a bar or an island create the perfect setting for dining and enjoying drinks. When selecting a lighting for the bar or island you should consider the size of the room as well as its illumination requirement.

That being said, there are other things that you should consider apart from interior décor of the place when deciding on the type of lights to buy for the bar or a kitchen island. Below we have compiled frequently asked questions that will prove helpful when pinning down lighting for the bar, café, or a home kitchen.

Q.1. How to choose a Bar or Kitchen Island lighting?

Ans. Pendant lights come in different sizes, shapes, color and sets. Some pendant lights are small that come in two or three sets, while others have a large single piece structure. The pendant light should fit comfortably into space and illuminate the room making it bright and lively. Moreover, the color of the pendant light should match the interior décor of your bar or kitchen.

Typically, pendant lights are hung about 60 inches from the floor to their bottom rim. Heights of some pendant lights such as the Corona 24-Inch LED Pendant Light from Sonneman depicted in the figure above are adjustable. Ideally, the pendant should hang high enough that it does not act as a barrier but low enough to hide glare of the bulb.

A bar and kitchen island lighting should not just perfectly illuminate the place, but it must also create an ambiance that complements the general preferences of the customers.

If most of the guests belong to ultra rich, upper segment of the society, you should select a lighting that appears modern, elegant and ostentatious. Otherwise, a simple design bar or kitchen island lighting is most suitable.

Q.2. Should I install LED, Halogen or Fluorescent lights over my Bar or Kitchen?

Ans. When it comes to illuminating a bar or kitchen, you should select LED lighting fixture for your bar or kitchen. LED lights are energy efficient and consume significantly less power as compared to either halogen or fluorescent light.

This translates into lower energy bills as well as reduced carbon emission, which allows you to play your part in reducing carbon footprint from the environment.

Q.3. Can you illuminate about the historical development of LED lighting?

Ans. LED light was developed by an American Nick Holonyak Jr. in 1962 while working for General Electric. It consisted of a light emitting diode that produced light in the visible frequency range. Later in 1972, another American named M. George Craford improved LED lighting by making it much brighter.

LED lighting initially was very expensive costing $200 a piece. However in 1970s, a tech company named Fairchild Semiconductors was successful in developing LED at a reduced cost of just 5 cents. This led to the commercial usage of the product for various purposes such as display screens, computers, DVD players, etc. The first company to develop commercial LED lighting was the Dutch technology company Philips in 2009.

Q.4. What are the benefits of using LED lights in a Bar or Kitchen Island?

Ans. The main benefit of using LED lighting fixtures is that they consume less power, delivering great cost saving. Additionally, LED lights utilize less heat on the surface when hanging over a dining table. This also enhances the lifespan of the dimmer.

Q.5. How to choose the right LED color temperature for a Bar or Kitchen Island?

Ans. The following table shows the LED color temperatures measured in Kelvin. It ranges from 2700 K which is perfect for creating an intimate personal appearance to 6500 K that is ideal in commercial and industrial setting.

Q.6. How much can I save in energy cost when using LED Pendants compared to Halogen or Incandescent lighting?

Ans. You can save a lot of money by using LED lights as compared to Halogen or Incandescent light. To get an idea on how much you can save by installing a LED light, suppose that you want to install 5 bulbs that will run for 8 hours a day, and the cost per kWH is 0.55.

By installing LED light instead of typical 40W halogen lighting, you can save about $241.29 annually and 0.27 tons of carbon emissions. On the other hand, you can save as much as $402.16 per year and 0.46 tons of carbon emissions by installing LED light in place of a typical 60W incandescent light.

Q.7. How can I convert Wattage of an Incandescent bulb to LED?

Ans. You can use our Lumens to Watt convertor here to convert wattage of an incandescent bulb to LED.

Q.8. Are LED Pendant lights dimmable?

Ans. Some of the LED pendants lights are dimmable that allow you to adjust the brightness of the lamp, while there are some that cannot be dimmed. You must read the manufacturer manual to find out compatibility with your current lighting system as some of the LED lights do not handle lower wattage and can get damaged when controlled using a dimmer.

Q.9. Can LEDs produce a warm light?

Ans. Yes, LED lights are can produce warm light. The color temperature of the lighting fixture determines whether the lamp feel warm or cool. A lower temperature creates warm and relaxed lighting while a higher color temperature produces energizing and cool light.

Q.10. What’s the lifetime of LED Pendant lights?

Ans. Ans. Life expectancy of an LED light depends on the type and usage fixture. However, the general life expectancy of an LED light that is operational for 10 hours a day is around 13.7 years.

Q.12. What are some tips on buying the best LED pendant lights for Bar and Kitchen?

Ans. The German based lighting manufacturer Tobias Grau has designed a lot of innovative lighting solution for more than 25 years. In an interview given to Luxus Magazin he shared his tips for customers that want to buy led lighting.

According to Graus you must consider buying a LED light with dimmer functions and minimum wattage. Dimmer function can allow you to create the perfect ambiance, while minimum wattage will allow you to save a lot of power in lighting the fixtures.

Grau says that you should ask the vender the Color Rendering Index (CRI) of the LED lamp. Consider installing a light with a CRI value of 90 or above for bright illumination. Grau also suggests that you should consider the color before buying a LED light. A lighting fixture with a color of 3000 Kelvin should be ideal for most situations.

Lastly, Grau shared his views that before buying a LED light you should consider where you want to put the light. You must consider whether indirect lighting, spot light, ceiling or wall light will suit the place. Also, make sure that the lighting is not placed at the brightest point of the room. Ideally, it should be placed on a surface onto which the light shines. These things should be considered every time you buy a LED light for the bar or the kitchen.

Q.13. What Brands Does Interior-Deluxe recommend for Bar and Kitchen Island Lighting?

Ans. At Interior Deluxe, you can find many well-known lighting brands including Anta, Catellani Smith, Pablo Designs, and Artemide. You can find a lighting fixture that can perfectly illuminate any size and design of bars and kitchen.

Lighting made by Anta can change the ambiance of a bar or kitchen from bland and boring to sparkling and lively. The elegant design lights made by Anta can perfectly complement interior décor of any modern bar and kitchen. Their opulent design and highly functional lighting reflects the skill and expertise of designers who pay great attention to detail. As a result, it’s not surprising that lighting fixtures by Anta are one of the most sought after in Europe.

Anta lights give a warm and welcoming feeling to a bar or a kitchen. The lights not only create a positive impression but also cheer them up due toelegant pattern, color, texture, and line that reflecting innovation lighting solution.Perfect shine of the metal, comforting illumination, and finesse of materials can create a sense of aliveness in any environment.

Catellani & Smith Lighting represents an idea of two self taught designers who want to create stunning illumination that delights the viewers all over the world. The company was formed to transform simple lighting into something that can greatly enhance the look and beauty of a room. Designers at the company have experimented with different fusion of shadow and light and the result has been nothing short of spectacular.

Design of the lighting fixtures made by Catellani & Smith is inspired by nature as well as ancient cultures and traditions. The company has revived the lost art of many ancient civilizations to create something that is unique and elegant at the same time reflects a rustic appeal.

When it comes to high quality functionality and rugged design lighting fixture, not many brands can compare with Pablo Designs. Ever since the company was established about two decades ago in San Francisco, it has produced some of the best design lighting series that has earned it international acclaim. The company has bagged several lighting award due to the elegance of their designs, high quality build, and impeccable functionality.

Lighting fixture made by Pablo Designs are popular due to the gifted skills of designers and artists that go at deep lengths to produce exceptional quality lighting fixture that impresses the viewers. Every lighting fixture featureshigh quality material and finishing that are built to last for a long time. Also, the lighting fixtures are designed to completely complement modern look and appearance of the home or restaurant décor.

Artemide lighting fixtures have won several awards for their unique and graceful design. You can select from a large range of beautifully design highly functional lamps manufactured by world renowned designers for Artemide. Lighting fixture made by Artemide has won the Compasso d’Oro design award – which is the most sought after award in the world – not once but on five separate occasions.

Most recently, lighting fixture the company had won the 2016 LuxLive Middle East award due to a combination of outstanding functionality, stunning appearance, and energy efficiency. The company has also won the 2016 Red Dot Award for the ‘Best of the Best’ category. This award started out with more than 5,000 products from 57 countries and judged by 41 independent experts from different parts of the world. What’s even more amazing is that the company made a hat trick of awards in 2016 by winning the internationally renowned Hans Grohe iF Design Award for excellent design.

Q.14. What are the top selling LED Bar and Kitchen Island pendant lighting at Interior Deluxe?

Ans. Ourbest selling LED bar and kitchen island lighting include Sky-Fall pendant light from Studio Italia Designing, Free 60 pendant light from Anta, Wands 1-Light pendant light from Sonneman,Supros PD pendant light from SLV Lighting, and Conus LED pendant light from Linea Light.

Sky-Fall pendant light from Studio Italia Design represents the perfect blend of simplicity, functionality, and quality build. The light clean and polished appearance of the light fixture looks great in any décor and setting. The unique design of the LED pendant light depicts the level of detail that has gone in manufacturing the lamp.

The Free 60 pendant light by Florian Light is another top seller at Interior Deluxe. It features a suspension mounted luminaire perfect for low voltage LED lighting in bars and kitchen. The Free 60 is made up of a glass that absorbs and perfectly project light over the kitchen or bar table. Its height is fully adjustable, while it also features a dimmer that allows you to adjust illumination of the lamp.

Our third best selling pendant light is the Wands 1-Light pendant light from Sonneman. It is a high quality pendant light that has been designed by Robert Sonneman. The LED pendant light uses a white etched acrylic cylinder perfect for diffused LED lighting. It comes with a cord that can be adjusted as per your requirement. The design of the pendant light displays perfect craftsmanship and elegance that will complement any modern design environment.

SLV pendant light from Supros PD is a favorite among our customers. The best thing about this beautiful LED light is that it has an integrated and wide flooding reflection. You guests will certainly appreciate the lighting that will leave them impressed and delighted at the same time.

Lastly, the Conus LED lamp from Linea light is another popular LED product at Interior Deluxe that is perfect for bars and kitchen - the elegant design light made of shiny aluminum casing. It also features crinkle paint finish in white or grey. It looks great in any modern and contemporary design settings in bars and kitchen.