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Black Friday Sale - Savings up to 30% OFF Sitewide! Shop Now »

Ingo Maurer Lighting

When talking about the best of contemporary lighting designers, no one can forget mentioning Ingo Maurer because this brand generates a mixture of classic touch with the ultra-modernized techniques. This lighting possesses the best of creative and artistic designers to build world class creations and products. It all began when the German based designer named Ingo Maurer took all steps and measures to create highly sophisticated and elegant modern lighting fixtures. A well balanced and well researched creation is what is brought out through the perfect blend of the right colors, the right shapes and the right features. The main functionality of these fittings, that is the generation of bright yet soothing and comfortable lighting, is what is accurately fulfilled through these creations. 

Since its initiation in the year 1996, Ingo Maurer has dealt with plenty of graceful lighting creations ranging from modern pendant lights, floor lamps, modern outdoor lighting, bulb lamps, etc. they believed that light serves to build and provide magic which can be obtained only if the right technique is put into use to extract its mysteriousness. These creations have graced several occasions and auspicious events and have been a part of many international venues, public and private architectural models and monuments.

The highlight and focusing aspect of their products is that a good research is conducted to bring out the perfection in each of its creations. High quality and beautiful accessories are being used for its production which incorporates the modern day upcoming technologies of the lighting secto

    • 24k Blau pendant light: This is an extremely pleasing and soothing pendant light which is sure to be a treat to your eye. It comprises of a brilliant suspension lamp which is very beautifully designed with gold leafy features concealed in a plastic. This lighting fixture can alone glorify any space where it is placed. These are provided with reflectors for discretionary usage. The golden leafy shades can be hung in various positions based on desire and requirement.

    • Ingo Maurer 24 Karat Blau T Table Lamp by Axel Schmid: Designed by Axel Schmid, this 24 Karat table lamp is one of the most recent creations of theirs. This is designed to comprise of four transparent modular synthetic plates provided with golden leafy shades which can be positioned either vertically or horizontally. It is built to blend two colors – glossy blue on the outside and golden on the inner region. A combination of conventional as well as contemporary, this 24 karat table lamp has been designed to keep all geometric as well as organic textures intact.

    • Ingo Maurer Aka Tsuki Wall Lamp by Matthias Liedtke: The English translation of this Japanese term rightly refers to the actual creation as its look resembles to be – that is ‘Red Moon’. The red basin reflects light from the main lamp such that it radiates light like a big moon would. This model is available in blue as well as green colors. It is provided with an electronic transformer and is constructed out of metal and glass.