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Ilfari Lighting

Ilfari Lighting - Q&A

Where is Ilfari located?

Ilfari is located in the Netherlands.

What is the history and philosophy of llfari?

Ilfari is a fascinating company- the lights are not only designed for their obvious purpose, to provide light in a room, but they are also eye-catching and inspiring. You can call their fixtures fine modern art pieces. Ilfari was founded in 2001 and is of Dutch origin. Their lighting systems are quite idiosyncratic in design- these are not your average lights. The Ilfari style of lights reflects both modern and classical styles of interior design, making a wholly new combination that is most suited to their slogan: "For Fascinating People".

What are the most popular collections of Ilfari ?

The Crystal Hearts collection is by far the most fascinating and fluid collection they have designed. The movement ideas 1 and 2 showcase the brilliance of the Crystal Hearts design. The circles in these movement ideas vary in size, shrinking and growing like waves on a shore, or, interestingly enough, like a heartbeat measured on a heart monitor. The symbolism of these lights is very present in their resemblance to the swiftly turning line measure on an EKG. These are not merely lights- they are an art piece. People would not see these lights and not take immediate notice- that would be next to impossible. It is both beautifully aesthetic and wonderfully functional- just what anyone would want in their living space. The heartbeat pattern is a sign of life in this artistic lighting- it is unique.

Tell me a little bit more about the designers of Ilfari.

Ilfari is a company of European design- they use the finest Swarovski crystal and glass, and all of their pieces are handmade in Europe. Coen Munsters is the founder and designer of Ilfari. He is inspired by music, and the hints of classical music one can find in many electronic songs, the undertone of a gracious nod to the past. He uses this music as inspiration for his finest pieces.

What are their most favorite products?

The beautiful nature of Ilfari products and their attention to detail illustrates the fact that many people buy their products, so they are to be seen, not to be shut away in a house. This excellent company is distributing all over the world, and their lights can be found for instance in a discotheque in Germany, a lounge bar in Holland, a private residence in Canada. The inspiration for many of their most popular pieces came from modern electronic music, and yet the classical refinery of centuries past is also present. This is what widens the appeal for Ilfari lights- many can find this brand attractively illuminating. A particularly interesting piece is the Estrella ceiling mount. The curving tendrils of this lighting fixture swathe the room in a delicately refined light, in contrast to the equally popular Feel You ceiling mount ith its reaching flowery grasp to the center of the room, catching eyes and streaking light from within itself.


Ilfari’s lighting designs are undoubtedly decorative, bringing together Baroque and modern influences in their metal and Swarovski lighting elements. This fine lighting company cites electronic dance music as their muse, yet the nod to classic shapes render the designs perfect for fine hospitality and residential interiors.