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As a way to furnish outstanding customer service, Interior Deluxe carries some premium Hubbardton Forge lighting products. You'll appreciate the ability to discover a large selection of attractive lamps, sconces, chandeliers and ceiling fixtures for your home and office in one convenient online location through this website.

Peruse our website frequently to identify items of particular interest. Our inventory changes frequently. We offer many new, exciting in-demand designs and styles at very affordable prices. To assist our customers, we've compiled a FAQ about Hubbardton Forge:

Where does the company manufacture its fine products?

Hubbardton Forge takes great pride in operating one of the largest and best known commercial forges in the entire United States. It manufactures all of its products by hand at a facility in Castleton, Vermont.

Can you tell me a bit about the history of the company?

Yes. The firm began about four decades ago. It started with only two founders, working with blacksmithing tools in an old barn. Today, the forge has expanded to encompass some 220 employees. Its labor force includes a professional design team. The New England firm has partnered successfully with an LED-light manufacturing company to help craft many of its internationally acclaimed lines of contemporary lighting.

How much lead time should I expect between the date of placing an order and obtaining fulfillment?

The lead time between placing a customer order and obtaining fulfillment will depend partly on the size and complexity of your order. The manufacturer makes and assembles all products by hand.

You should expect to wait between two and three weeks for your shipment to arrive, following its completion at the factory in the United States. Workers create and assemble all lighting products by hand. This process necessarily involves longer periods of time than a completely automated manufacturing process entails.

Please give me information about the company's lighting collections?

We carry several of the most in-demand collections marketed by this renowned forge in New England. Just consider a few of these fashionable product lines:

Aura Pendant Lights

Aura Pendant Lights demonstrate streamlined utility and charm. Brilliant, long-lasting LED lights shimmer inside a clear glass framework displayed on the interior of a round forged metal circle. A tripod of slender chains help suspend the light fixture from the ceiling.

The orb-like qualities of this elegant chandelier offer a wide variety of decorating options. You'll notice the incredible simplicity of the design. Whether you appreciate Minimalism, or other décor options, an Aura Pendant Light can help advance your interior decorating goals!

For instance, just envision this fixture suspended above a dining room table or a food preparation area. It would illuminate the area clearly, without providing blinding or overpowering light. The hand-forged metal supporting the glass offers durability and strength. You can rely on an Aura Pendant Light to furnish literally years of reliable service. LED lights function well for extended periods of time without requiring extensive maintenance. Robust and well-built, they offer solid value.

Arbo Sconce Lights

The Arbo Sconce products manufactured in Vermont convey a distinctive abstract impression of branching tree limbs. Arranged in a chic lattice pattern, several steel limbs form appealing "V" shapes to support glass portions of the light fixture.

Obtain these products in a variety of eye-catching shade colors and metal finishes. You'll appreciate the visually alluring natural pattern of the sconce. When installed in a residential environment, each sconce offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty. You'll notice the exceptional quality of the craftsmanship and the meticulous attention to detail in these American-made forged sconces.

The Airis Collection

The noteworthy Airis Collection spans the gamut from indoor to outdoor lighting. Fixtures within this group meet criteria for reducing "light pollution", a valuable objective in many populous urban locations today. Whether you select an Airis pendant light or a sconce, you'll notice the characteristic narrow vertical shape and the Minimalist properties of these products.

This hubbardtonforge lighting collection connotes a very trendy, modern element. For example, the sconces in this group enhance the exterior of buildings at night, and illuminate interior hallways and lobbies beautifully. If you've searched for an appealing, eco-friendly and long lasting product, you'll want to give these
unique lights serious consideration! Imagine the advantages of placing exterior sources of light along the outside of company buildings. These lights won't contribute to glare, yet they will softly brighten outside walkways and paths. The improved exterior visibility may help reduce slips and falls after dark, while also offering enhanced security features.

Axis Lighting

The Axis Collection bears a strong resemblance in dimensional form to the Airis Collection, except every light includes a metal partition dividing it along a central axis. This additional band of forged metal helps offer extra support for the glass; place these products in elevated outdoor locations or other spots where you'd appreciate a little extra support for glass fixtures.

The trendy design supplies a contemporary, chic and ultra-modern quality. Just like the Airis Collection, pieces from the Axis Collection work well indoors, also. If you've searched for sleekly sophisticated light fixtures to help showcase a lobby ceiling or arching entranceway, you'll want to explore these elegant Axis Lighting products in greater detail.

The Banded Collection

Combine elements of Axis-style lights with circumferential bands and what will you enjoy? Incredibly alluring, rounded lighting products from the Banded Collection offer a great design element, indoors or outside. The use of fine Opal Glass creates a genuinely memorable glow from these soft, luxurious light sconces, ceiling lights and pendant chandeliers, for instance. Brighten an interior gently with assistance from these fine products.

You'll also appreciate the practicality of these lights. For instance, consider the Banded With Top Plate Outdoor Wall Sconce offered by Interior Deluxe; its overhead plate feature supplies extra protection for the top of the glass element, helping to prevent dust or debris from blowing inside. These easy-maintenance fixtures add attractive illumination in a variety of settings without requiring a lot of care. If you've searched for lights to affix to very elevated exterior locations, then this great line of products may offer the perfect solution!

Cirque Chandeliers

These distinctive chandeliers typically include several thin metal orbs affixed together in concentric spherical patterns. Their sleek, sophisticated design suits contemporary offices or residences alike. You can rely upon the durability of the fashionably sleep forged metal rings to provide years of utility.

Reflecting the impact of trendy Minimalist influences, fashionable Cirque chandeliers make a striking impression on visitors. Each hand-forged orb typically includes two petal-shaped housings containing long lasting, brilliant LED light fixtures. Illuminate your dance floor, dining room or main entrance with some of these classy, steel chandeliers today! Investing in attractive upscale residential lighting products can significantly increase the satisfaction of homeowners.

Antasia Lamps

Inspired by the Art Nouveau Movement, every Antasia lamp includes pieces of carefully curved iron. We offer both floor lamps and semi-flush ceiling mounts, as well as Antasia wall sconce fixtures and table lamp designs.

You can order several different products to craft a pleasing, very fluid interior decorating scheme using this stunning collection. Match these lights to vintage furniture collections, or integrate them seamlessly into a trendy, Minimalist motif; you'll create a memorable ambiance when you rely on elegant hand-forged light fixtures and lamps.

What can you tell me about quality and different lighting models?

Their premium hand-forged lighting fixtures promise many years of reliable service. When you desire long lasting, durable, very stylish light fixtures, sconces and pendant lamps from the United States, you'll want to invest in these superb products. Artisans work on every piece by hand to ensure careful attention to design details.

Please provide more information about the manufacturing of these handmade items?

The artisans employed by the famous New England forge create exceptionally beautiful items by hand. They use traditional blacksmithing skills to fashion some outstanding, high quality products.

Today, the art of blacksmithing remains alive in Castleton. You'll appreciate the old-fashioned quality built into these amazing contemporary light fixtures!

Do any videos provide further information about this manufacturer's products?

Yes. You can admire blacksmiths working at the company's forge while they craft intricate metal items. Consult this video: to watch this fascinating manufacturing process in greater detail.

Okay, how to I order some of these lighting products?

Simply click on the "My Cart" tab at the top of the Interior Deluxe home page. Then follow the instructions for ordering Hubbardton forge lighting fixtures and other fine products.