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Holtkotter Lighting

The fine German manufacturer Holtkoetter promises to provide the ‘ultimate lighting machines’ for all purpose usage. At Holtkoetter people work with the vision to provide the maximum outcome towards the prime functionality of light fixtures – that is to generate immensely powered and high quality lights. The perfect functionality of the lighting devices is what is of prime consideration to the developers here. Following the satisfactory fulfillment of this factor, the next criterion is the successful and elegant designing of the same. A thorough dedicated group of developers and workers work towards building a product that is efficient in its performance as well as grants a good look and feel to the user.

At Holtkoetter, professionalism is never compromised upon and designers and developers work with immense dedication. The lamps or lighting fixtures manufactured here guarantee that it suits the needs of all occasions and environments whether it is home or office. Blending the touch of conventional and contemporary, the lightings here are extremely fashionable and at the same time are highly affordable to be used by people of all classes and all generations.

Enhancement of your home or office is not too far away with the usage of Holtkoetter lighting products. They were founded way back in 1964 by Franz Holtkoetter who was himself an expert in giving an artistic touch to an effective functional lighting device and this thought has been put into action by one and all at this company since its establishment. Thus, being the reason it has gained such immense popularity and followers at this present day.

The technology used at Holtkoetter lighting:

    • Halogen light and Halogen light bulbs: Halogen bulbs are considered to be 40% more efficient than standard incandescent bulbs. It has low cost of replacements and can be easily disposed off. It does not require expensive ballasts. Completely safe to be used with various lighting fixtures.

    • Lighting and the Ageing Eye: This has been taken up keeping in mind the task lighting feature for the elderly. With age the eye vision may reduce its ability to clearly view especially while reading. This technology is meant to support this factor. Specific research has been undergone and the corresponding study results are incorporated into building up a technology which is capable of supporting the physical requirements of the weakening eyesight. The lighting devices are available in the form of table and chair side lamps as well as strong based floor lamps.

    • Secumdum Dimming Technology: The dimmers available in the market were not up to the satisfactory quality and thus at Holtkoetter they have taken up to their own dimming technology wherein the dimmer is controllable with a potentiometer. It is capable of dimming from the full brightness range to as low as 0.001th time of 1 percent. In case the lamp is imbalanced and tends to fall, then the dimmer has the capability to automatically get switched off due to the presence of a tilt switch. It is always ensured during the manufacturing of these dimmers that no forms of hazardous elements are used.