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Black Friday Sale - Savings up to 30% OFF Sitewide! Shop Now »
Black Friday Sale - Savings up to 30% OFF Sitewide! Shop Now »

Heaps and Woods

Timeless furniture created for the future, crafted from sustainable materials native to the land of our artisans.

Heaps & Woods is a project born from a shared love of iconic design and a desire to produce beautiful, sustainably crafted furniture.

Louis & Marta, our founders, met in Bali, Indonesia. Louis had moved there to study Indonesian carpentry techniques. Marta, an interior designer, is on a trip to discover the island’s spiritual culture and natural beauty. The pair connected quickly, embarking on a personal relationship that later blossomed into the business you see today. 

Soon they realized the potential in the natural materials available in this corner of the Earth and began building bonds with the local craftsmen who still produce our furniture to this day. 

In 2019, Louis and Marta jumped bases in Barcelona, Spain, and here our family continues to grow, as we connect with our collective of makers, creative collaborators, and clients around the world, taking pride in our timeless yet unique collection of artisan furniture.

At Heaps & Woods, we do more than create beautiful furniture. We’re travelers, hopping to untouched corners of Indonesia in search of age-old crafts to keep alive. We’re artists, drawing on the many inspirations surrounding us, from beauty in nature to the iconic concepts of the great design maestros, shaping these references into refined, intriguing pieces to treasure. Ultimately, we’re investigators, searching out solutions to problems so we can create sustainable, future-focused furniture to remain in our homes for generations to come.