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Hallway Lighting

Hallway Lighting - Buying guide

Helpful Tips to Buy the Best Modern Hallway Lighting

A hallway is one place that should not be overlooked when designing the interior of a modern residential or commercial place. And of the most important interior design element is the type of lighting that you choose to illuminate the area.

Hallways require unique lighting solutions that offer just the right illumination. Whether the corridor is narrow or wide, dark or filled with daytime light, a hallway lighting you choose should perfectly complement the place. Some of the practical solutions for hallways include chandeliers, wall scones, and modern pendant lights.

You need to consider many factors before buying hallway lighting for your residential or commercial place. Here we have compiled for you some of the most frequently asked questions relating to hallway light. The information presented here will prove helpful in selecting the best hallway lighting that perfectly illuminates the place.

Q.1. What type of light bulb should I use for Hallway lighting?

Ans. Hallway lighting features four basic types of light bulbs. These include incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, and LED lighting. The light bulbs are different from each other concerning light quality, wattage, and durability.

Incandescent hallway lighting features incandescent bulbs. These bulbs glow when electric current heats the metal filament. They are inexpensive and also prove an excellent light quality. However, a downside with these bulbs is they tend to consume a lot of power as compared to other types of lighting bulbs. Also, the light bulbs tend to burn out quickly as a result of the heat. These bulbs can be used with dimmer switches and boast off a wide array of colors such as amber that reminds of an open fire, light blue that filters out the yellow light to provide crisp white light and pink that looks beautiful with any home décor and color.

Halogen bulbs are similar to incandescent bulbs with the difference being that they use halogen gas instead of electricity to produce light. They are brighter and more durable as compared to incandescent bulbs.

Another type of bulb in hallway lighting is the fluorescent light. These bulbs are a type of gas-discharge lamps. It uses electricity to excite mercury vapors. They are ideal for homes as they don’t break easily and usually last for a long time. A drawback with this type of bulb is that they sometimes have a slightly green cast that you must watch out when buying a hallway lighting. The bulbs also come in different color ranges.

LED is an abbreviation of Light Emitting Diode. LED bulbs are semiconductor devices that illuminate when an electric current is passed through them. They were first developed in 1962 by an employee of General Electric named Nick Holonyak Jr. Lighting containing LED bulbs were first commercially marketed by Philips in 2009. These bulbs are the most energy-efficient and durable as compared to other types of lighting bulbs mentioned here. Since the bulbs glow at a single wavelength, you have greater choices when it comes to color. The only drawback with these bulbs is that they tend to be a little more expensive as compared to incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.

Q.2. How much wattage do I need for Hallway lighting?

Ans. Wattage measures the electricity used by a light fixture. Keep in mind that wattage is not an indicator of brightness. Lumens are used to gauge the intensity of a lighting fixture.

Hallway lighting containing incandescent bulbs use the most wattage followed by those that include fluorescent bulbs. LEDs lighting fixtures use far less wattage as compared to either incandescent or fluorescent lighting fixtures. A single LED bulb uses about 10 watts power, while incandescent and fluorescent bulb uses 60 to 100 watts.

Q.3. How many lumens do I need in my Hallway?

Ans. As mentioned previously, lumens measure the brightness of a bulb. It represents the real intensity of ambient light that originates from a bulb. Higher lumens are brighter as compared to lower ones. The lumens, in other words, determines the brightness of a lighting fixture.

For hallways, we would recommend installing 1,200 lumens lighting fixture. This is because hallways are compact spaces with no windows that could let in natural light. A typical 60 W incandescent bulb produces about 1200 lumens. So, to properly light up the hallway, the incandescent lighting fixture should have at least one 60 Watt bulb. Similar is the case with fluorescent bulbs.

On the contrary, a LED bulb produces just 30 lumens. This means that you need to buy a lighting fixture that contains about 40 LEDs to illuminate the hallway properly.

Q.4. What are the different types of lighting fixtures available for the Hallway?

Ans. Hallway lighting fixture can be categorized in different ways. They can be categorized according to the place where they are fixed, the type of finishing, color, shape, listing type, bulb type and style.

When it comes to lighting fixture according to the position, you can buy Hallway Mirror lighting, Hallway wall lighting, Hallway table lights, and All Hallway lighting.

Hallway mirror lights are used to illuminate pictures and mirrors that are hung on the walls in the hallway. Hallway wall lighting are similar to hallway mirror lights in that they are fixed on the walls, but they are not used to illuminate pictures or mirrors. Hallway table lights, on the other hand, are placed on top of tables that are situated in the hallway.

When it comes to hallway light finishing, you have different options to choose from. At Interior Deluxe, you can buy hallway lighting that features Aluminum, Black, Brass, Bronze, Chrome, Chrome Matt, Gold, Nickel, Nickel Matt, and White finishing.

Hallway lighting fixtures are also available in different shapes. Some of the forms you can buy include Abstract, Bell, Conical, Curved, Cylindrical, Dome, Drum, Globe, Multipoint, Rectangle, Round, and Square. You can select a particular shape lighting fixture that perfectly complements the interior décor of the house. 

Another way we can categorize hallway lighting is according to the listing type. Generally, there are seven different types of highway lighting listing that include UL Listed, CE Listed, cUL Listed, ETL Listed, cETL Listed, ADA Listed, and Wet Location.

The UL listing lighting fixture are approved by a global independent safety service company based in America known as Underwriters Laboratories (UL). A lighting fixture that carries a UL Listed mark has passed the safety standard tests that are specified by the US government. The seal of approval gives assurance to the buyer that the product can be safely installed in the premise.

CE marking is necessary for products sold within the European Union. The letters CE is an abbreviation of the French words Conformité Européene that is translated as European conformity. CE marking shows that the product conforms to requirements of the EU health, safety, and environmental protection directives.

A variant of UL listing is the cUL listing. This quality marking reflects that the product has met additional testing requirements set by the Canadian government.

ETL/CETL is a quality trademark issued by Electrical Testing Laboratories for products that conform to North American Safety Standards. The quality safety standard is accepted in all 50 states in the US and Canada. The safety standards specify that the product conforms to the safety standards set by state and federal governments in the US and Canada. It shows that the manufacturing site where the product is manufactured has been properly audited, and the product is completely safe for installation in residential and commercial settings.

ADA stands for Americans with Disabilities Act. Products that are ADA listed are considered safe and accessible for disabled persons. Finally, the Wet Locations marking indicates that the lighting fixture is suitable for areas having high moisture.

You can also select hallway lighting fixtures according to the bulb types i.e. Incandescent Halogen, Fluorescent, and LED. We have already described the benefits and drawbacks of different types of bulbs earlier.

The best thing about hallway lighting fixtures is that they are available in different colors that you can select according to the interior décor of the house. Some of the colors selection include amber, beige, black, blue, bronze, brown, white, copper, cream, golden, gray, orange, red, silver, clear, and yellow colors.

Finally, there are two styles of hallway lighting fixture that you can choose from at Interior Deluxe. The Modern / Contemporary style lighting fixture complements modern design and décor that refer to 20th- and 21st-century era. A modern design interior décor feature clear lines, innovative design, and bright and open spaces.

Another style of hallway lighting fixture that you can buy at Interior Deluxe is the Transitional style lighting fixture that represents a fusion of modern and traditional design. Transitional design is elegant and timeless. It is both classic and comfortable. Transitional designs strike the perfect balance between modern and traditional look through neutral color schemes, simple lines, and use of warm lights. It represents the best features of both the conventional and modern design elements.

Q.5. Why should I use LED lighting in my hallway?

Ans. LED lighting fixtures are the best when it comes to maximum savings in utility bills. These bulbs are highly energy efficient and last for a long time. They can be the best solution for an optimum energy efficient home.

Due to being solid state devices, LEDs have a long lifespan. A single LED is often quoted to have a maximum of 100,000 hours lifetime, which equates to about 11 years. In contrast, the lifetime of an incandescent bulb is only about 1,000 hours.

The long life of LEDs means that you don’t need to replace them frequently. This will result in considerable savings and inconvenience as you don’t have to get up on a ladder or chair to replace burnt bulbs. This also makes LEDs perfect for lighting fixtures that are installed in places that are not easily accessible.

Another advantage of LEDs is that they produce light in a highly efficient manner. Not only do they consume minimum wattage in producing light, but they also don’t produce any heat. This makes them ideal for illuminating wooden picture frames and textiles in hallways.

LEDs also do not contain mercury that is deadly for the environment. In addition, steps are being taken to replace lead-containing solders that fix LEDs in circuit boards with lead-free material to comply with European directive. This means that the lighting fixtures containing LEDs leave a minimum carbon footprint on the environment.

The only drawback with LED lighting fixtures is that they are relatively expensive as compared to lighting fixtures containing incandescent, halogen, or fluorescent bulbs. But the long life of the LED bulbs in addition to their energy saving potential will result in greater cost savings in the long run as compared to other types of bulbs.

Q.6. What are some recommended products for Modern Hallway lighting?

Ans. You can find a wide variety of hallway lighting fixture at Interior Deluxe. Here you can find lighting fixtures manufactured by such well-known brands and designers as Anta, Artemide, AVMazzega, Catellani & Smith, El Torrent, Flos, LBL Lighting and many others.

Our three most popular hallway lighting fixture includes AWL 13.1 Wall Sconce from LumenArt, Tolomeo clip spot from Artemide, and Tolomeo classic wall sconce from Artemide.

The AWL 13 wall sconce from Lumen art is our most popular hallway lighting fixture. This lighting fixture features a clear coat finishing that looks great in any modern design home. It is made of machined aluminum and stainless steel fasteners.

Our second most popular hallway lighting is the Tolomeo clip spot made by the renowned designer brand Artemide. The lighting fixture has been designed by Giancarlo Fassina and Michele De Lucchi. The spring clip wall mounted lighting fixture is perfect for direct or indirect lighting. You can choose between LED and incandescent bulb lighting fixture according to your taste, budget, and requirements. It is made of high polished die-cast aluminum featuring a diffuser with matte anodized aluminum. The hallway lighting wall sconce is adjustable, tiltable, and rotatable. This lighting fixture boasts a practical yet elegant design and craftsmanship that will perfectly illuminate any modern design hallway. You can also find an on/off switch on lamp holder of this UL listed hallway lighting fixture.

Another popular hallway lighting fixture from Artemide is the Tolomeo classic wall sconce that has also been designed by the famous designers Giancarlo Fassina and Michele De Lucchi. The wall sconce lighting fixture is ideal for adjustable direct task incandescent lighting. It is made of polished die-cast aluminum and is rotatable 360 degrees. It is available in three aluminum, black, or white finishing. The lighting fixture features a genuine and classic design boasting of quality craftsmanship that will beautifully illuminate a hallway. You can choose either a light fixture with S-bracket that is suitable when you want to fix the lighting fixture into a wall outlet, or J-bracket that is ideal for mounting the fixture to a junction box.

Our next two most popular lighting fixtures include the Surf 30 wall sconce from Artemide and Mini Glo-Ball/Ceiling Light from Flos.

The Surf 30 wall sconce from Artemide is beautiful and elegant design hallway lighting designed by Neil Poulton. The wall mounted lighting fixture is available in either fluorescent or halogen lighting. It consists of a die-cast aluminum with gray coated or matte white finishing. The UL listed lighting fixture also includes a reflector with halogen glass protector. It provides a practical and elegant way to illuminate a hallway.

Lastly, our Mini Glo-Ball hallway lighting fixture designed by Jasper Morrison for Flo is also extremely popular among the customers. The lighting fixture can be fixed both on the wall and the ceiling. The elegantly designed lamp provides brilliant diffused light. Its diffuser features an external handblown, acid-etched, flashed opaline glass as well as an injection molded PPS threaded ring nut. It is a perfect hallway lighting fixture for anyone that wants to illuminate the space in an elegant yet simple manner.


Hallways—whether dark and narrow or wide and filled with natural daytime light—require unique lighting solutions. Typically, floor lamps are not an ideal solution for these areas—wall sconces, chandeliers, or a series of ceiling fixtures (including pendant lighting) are more practical.

Practical, however, doesn’t have to mean boring—we offer a vast selection of spectacular hallway lighting fixtures, perfect for those who appreciate luxury accents and modern home décor.

Get the right light for your hallway

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