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Pablo Figuera (Madrid, 1988) and Álvaro Goula (Barcelona, 1989) graduated in the design from the Elisava school and Bachelor of Arts from the University of Southampton. They founded Fáctil Design in 2011 and the Goula / Figuera studio a year and a half later.

They collaborate with digital magazine Obsessive Collectors and the Trendhal trends observatory. Pablo Figuera and Álvaro Goula focus on an intermediate point between conceptual and commercial design, where industrial and business values come together with creativity.

When designing, from the very beginning, Álvaro and Pablo anchor themselves in an inalienable principle: the obsessive care of the object's form, which manifests its aesthetic value in the expression of the material, the respect for the manufacturing process and, of course, its use. Their pieces are designed to be elegant and easy to understand, but always staying away from fun references, superfluous decoration and an effect seeming to go beyond their usefulness.

Pablo Figuera and Álvaro Fernández-Goula have been recognized with several nominations and awards, among which are the Lexus Design Award (2013) and first prize from the Crítica Red-AEDE (2013) and the Injuve Prize (2012).