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Gabriel Teixidó

Gabriel Teixidó was born in Barcelona in 1947. He has more than thirty years’ experience in his profession and has innumerable design creations and important awards to his name, thus making him one of the most renowned Spanish designers in the industry.
Trained at the School of Applied Arts and Crafts in Barcelona and specialized in product design, he is characterized by his almost austere designs and distancing from formal exhibitionism.
His numeral awards include two SIDI awards for“The Columba lamp” and “Bolero chair”, the “Delta de plata” awards 1992 for the “Canaletas wine rack” and the New Style Award 1995 for “the wide bookshelf” and in 1997 for the HI - FI lamp .
He turned his ideas into commercial successes with a long market life, attributed to his strong artistic background and his keen eye to capture problems traditionally poorly resolved and give good solutions. His main desire in his profession is to make people happy with his designs.