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Flos Lighting


The Italian lighting maker Flos was founded in 1962 and has been a pioneer in the lighting industry since then. The company was established keeping in mind the simple and basic Italian principles of quality and beauty. The company is hence now the market leader of high quality light fittings. The company has taken the basic functionality of lighting and transformed it into light fittings that add elegance, style and comfort to the décor and the lives of the customers.

Since then the company also conducts research and development of new designs, materials and production techniques. This has made the company’s products compliant with most of the quality and environmental standards of different markets. The latest production techniques also allow the company to accommodate the various customizations requested by customers. The company also takes up contracts to provide lighting solutions for private residences and various commercial establishments.

Hence the light fittings of the company are visible in major hotels and restaurants across Europe and other countries. The company also has many retail stores across various cities including New York, Milan and Paris. The company hence markets and sells its products through these retail stores and affiliates located in other cities and countries.

The company also provides outdoor lighting solutions apart from indoor lighting solutions. The portfolio of the company hence includes an impressive list of table lamps, floor lamps, wall mounted lights, suspension lights and spotlights. The Aoy collection of the company has been the most famous collection of the company. The collection is a family of matching lights which includes table lamps, floor lamps and wall mounted lights.

The lamps of this collection are made from blown glass which can be textured to suit the needs of the customer. The customer can also request customizations based on size, colors and texture of the glass. The collection was designed by Achille Castiglioni and has featured on the company’s catalogues since 1975 ever since the collection as released.

The Arco collection designed by Achille Castiglioni is also another popular collection. This collection is also a family of matching lights which includes floor lamps, table lamps and wall mounted lights. The lamps of this collection consist of exquisitely handcrafted glass lamp shades. The customers can request for various sizes, colors and textures.

The company regularly features in major events and exhibitions of the lighting industry across the world. The company has not only created a formidable presence for itself but has also won many prestigious awards. With more than five decades of expertise the Flos Lighting is bound to reach the top and retain its position. The company hence has partnered with several top designers and design studios that have helped create stunning collections of light fittings for the company. The company in return has provided complete creative freedom to the designers and its employs resulting in the company bagging many prestigious awards for its quality and beauty of the light fittings. The company underwent a major overhaul in the nineties to keep up with the changing times. The designs and production techniques of the company were revamped to meet modern standards.

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