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OneLED by F-Sign Lighting

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F Sign Lighting: The German lighting manufacturer F Sign Lighting was established by three brothers who had one common goal and that was of producing light fittings that took lighting devices beyond their basic functionality of providing illumination. The light fittings produced by the company are not only exquisite in beauty and quality but also help improving the lives of the customers by adding style and comfort.

The company is headed and guided by the three brothers who also head the designing company to oversee the designs that will form the image of the company once released into the markets. The company also believes in partnering with fresh and experienced designers and design studios which provides the variety and freshness to the light fittings’ designs by the company. Hence the three brothers regularly scout for talent fresh out of the design schools.

The company has an impressive portfolio of lighting solutions that includes table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lights, wall mounted lights and suspension lights. The ONE collection of the company has been an award winning collection featuring on the catalogues of the company since it was first released. This collection is a family of matching lights which includes table lamps, floor lamps, wall mounted lights and ceiling lights. The lamps of the ONE collection are ultra flat lights with a thickness of just 4mm.

The body of the lamps is made of aluminum composite which helps in heat conduction and energy efficiency. The lamps save up to 80 percent in energy and are very easy to maintain. The lamps of this collection can be customized according to the desires of the customers. The customers can choose from different colors, sizes, thickness and clusters. The company also offers the ONE collection in rail lighting.

The lamps of this collection are perfect for indoor as well as outdoor lighting. The company also offers a rotatable version of the lamps of the ONE collection. The lamps rotate continuously in 360°. These lamps are perfect for fixing over workstations or your favorite armchair to finish the book you have been intending to or complete the weekend crossword. The lamps have been extremely popular with offices around the country because they provide ample amounts of illumination with causing discomfort to the eyes, hence improving productivity.

The company though relatively new has been featuring in events and exhibitions to showcase their collection which has already become popular in the native country of Germany. The company plans to expand internationally through a network of agents and representatives. The company has already partnered with distributors across various countries to increase its customer base.

The company also takes up contracts to provide lighting solutions to private residences and various commercial establishments. Hence despite being new in the lighting industry the company’s light fittings are already visible in top luxury hotels and restaurants across Germany and Europe.

Though new on the block the F Sign Lighting is all set to create ripples and flutters in the lighting industry with the unique and innovative collections of light fittings.