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The very famous and extra ordinary designs in lighting from Italy are also well known as Evistyle lighting. The brand is synonymous with the phrase passion for light which also happens to be its tagline. It truly defines how passionate and sincere are the designers who are working to create innovative designs for floor lamps, ceiling lights, wall sconce, table lamps, suspension lights etc. The designers put in their soul in maintaining the traditional look while combining the output with contemporary technologies. Deep research is required to come out with a unique design that complements the brand value of Evistyle.

The composition of their lighting is what makes it look classy, unique and very much elegant. It is made up of iron and glass components in many different forms. The category of ceiling lamps from Evistyle has an array of options like Fall, Frise, Frise Mini, Gadora, Roll etc. The Fall ceiling piece is very impressive in design with Swarovski crystals. It can easily pass for a mini chandelier if you have space constraints in your house. The Frise is lamps which are conical in shape with an indentation in the middle to give it a very angular look. This variety also has a miniature version, called Frise Mini, of it to suit the needs to the customers.

The Gadora is a regular lamp shade which can be modified into a ceiling lamp, wall hung lamp, or even assort a number of individual Gadora’s together to form a chandelier. It has a usual cylindrical lampshade at the top and that is followed with an extension of the shape of a jelly fish. The roll lights can be hung from the ceiling and gives a very modern look to your interiors. It is made up by giving a rolled look to the metal which supports a halogen bulb inside to give sufficient light on a dinner table, desk, or study table etc.

The Groove design of the lighting can be customized to use as wall sconce, ceiling light and even floor light! It looks like a frame which can be incorporated into the wall surface/ceiling/floor as per the intended use. The aluminum foam within the frame can be painted in gold, silver, copper finishes to give a very rich look to the lighting assortment. The hermitage design can be either a wall hung light piece or a ceiling piece just like a chandelier. The beautiful designs and combination of metal body and crystal embellishments makes Hermitage a royal looking artifact.

The suspension lights have a wide scope for innovation and creativity. The two most beautiful light designs include Symphony and York. Symphony is a unique ball shaped light piece with small individual cups shaped depression to hold the light bulbs. The York is a very creative design composed of shade diffuser which can be made available in pearl white, matt gold or even rainbow colored chrome. It is a very stylish ensemble to light up any room by adding up to the glamour quotient of the entire interiors.