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Estiluz Lighting

The Spanish brand Estiluz Lighting was established in Girona Spain in 1969 to produce light fittings of high quality and beauty. True to the Spanish principles the company has since then grown and created a name for itself on the basis of the exquisite light fittings it produces. The company hence now markets its products both nationally and internationally to over 50 countries. The company has always focused on producing unique and exclusive designs and hence in last four decades the company boasts of more than 7000 customers.

The company also has established offices in major cities like New York, Shanghai, Paris, Frankfurt and other cities of Spain. The company boasts of an impressive list of designers like Estudi Ribaudi, Estudi Estiluz, Lagranja design studio, Dikas Design and King & Miranda amongst many others. The company also has an impressive portfolio of wall mounted lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lights, suspension lights and wall sconces.

The Infiore collection has been the most popular collection of the company even winning the Interior Design award in 2010. Designed by the Lagranja Design Studio this collection is a family of matching lamps consisting of table lamps, floor lamps and suspension lights. The design of the lamps of this collection is inspired by the leaves arrangements on plants and trees. Intricately interwoven glass leaves with green tops and white bottoms give a delicate touch to the lamps. The lamps are available in three color options of green, white and grey.

The bottom of the leaves however, remain white with every color option and are available in finishes of shiny white and satin white. The Cameo collection is equally popular and is also a family of matching lights consisting of table lamps, floor lamps and wall sconces. The lamps of this collection have textured lamp shades which provide a touch of elegance and style to the décor. Designed by the King & Miranda Design Studio the lamps come in two finishes white and beige.

The company regularly participates in top events of the lighting industry across the world. The company make its formidable presence felt in the 2011 HD Expo conducted in Las Vegas and the Euroluce 2011 where the company showcased its upcoming collections to cheering and applauding audiences. The company has also won many prestigious awards for its stunning collection like the Interior Design award and the DME award.

With five decades of experience the Estiluz Lighting looks all set to conquer the lighting industry and remain at the top with its exquisite collections. The company has kept in line with its mission of producing high quality decorative light fittings to its customers and hence has become the market leader in many of the countries it markets its products. The company employs approximately 50 people who handle the designing, production and marketing of the products. The company has always nurtured its biggest and most important asset: its people. Hence the company not only provides complete creative freedom to its designers but also encourages its other employees to come up with solutions and improvements for the processes.