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Escale Lighting

Brand Story - Escale

The German manufacturer Escale Lighting located in Germany has remained true to its German roots of impeccable quality and beauty. The company takes pride in producing light fittings that are light for life. When furnishing and decorating a room, the choice of lighting fixtures and lamps is the most salient example of combining form and function in design. Choosing the right lighting for your space is a crucial decision that will influence the aesthesis and the functionality of the space. One of our favorite lighting brands is Escale Lighting. The collection by Escale is a perfect harmony of form and function.

This collection features pieces that are contemporary and modern in nature, but have a very classic twist. Escale pieces have a great sense of continuity within its collection – therefore if becomes easy and efficient to light and furnish your whole space with Escale and you can be sure that the design will flow seamlessly from room to room. All the while, Escale provide enough diversity in style and form to be suitable for all spaces and tastes

One of the great examples of this continuity in aesthetics is the Della Collection. One would easily put together the lighting and design for a whole house from this collection. The Della ceiling fans feature a very similar aesthetic, but with unique accents that are appropriate for many different spaces. The celling light in copper is great for spaces where a warmer feel is desired such as a bedroom. The ceiling light with the crystals adds a contemporary and sleek feel perfect for a living room. A more playful sense can be achieved with the “Sculpture” ceiling light.

But you can also go outside of this collection and keep the same aesthetic themes. The Page small wall sconce ties into the Della theme, with its geometric and flat shape perfectly combining with the Della fixtures. It's warmer accents of gold or silver foil are perfect for to carry its modern theme into cozier spaces such as a bedroom. The Magic collection has a similar geometric lines and is also a good combination with Della and Page collections. The Magic Crystals Ceiling light provides great indirect lighting and can serve to create a defined space within a space, such as a sitting area. The two Magic Wall Sconces provide great accent lighting. And the Magic Floor Lamps provide great functionality with similar design aesthetics. For a light fixture that provides a true conversation starter, the Capito collection features a pendant lightwall light and ceiling light that follows the same lines of multiple, thin, and interspersed lighting elements in style reminiscent of twinkling lights

If you prefer a whimsical aesthetic to the modern and sleek pieces above, Escale provides several collections. The Spin collection, with its thin and curvy lines and multiple lighting sources, provides a great continuation of the Majesty Aesthetic. The spin collections a great choice for those who enjoy free flowing and whimsy design, as it includes many functional forms – from several sizes of ceiling lights to floor lamps, and wall sconces. For a more elegant continuation of this theme – the Windsor ceiling lights feature a more elegance nuance that is perfect for more formal dining rooms or spaces.

Escale provides a great variety of functionality – from pendant lights, table lamps, wall sconces, ceiling lamps, and floor lamps. The Eos collection provides great direct lighting and comes in many forms – from a floor lamp, to ceiling lamp to sconces. Several of the pieces in this collection feature dimmable lights, such as the floor lamp and the ceiling light, which are great for versatile living spaces. Escale also offers many types of lighting. The Page collection has Emery saving high voltage halogen lamps. While the Majesty collection has low voltage lamps. Escale incorporates many options that are highly functional in any space – prime example being the Sir Henry floor and Table Lamps. The Cantata Floor lamp is one of my favorites regarding functionality – as it is stylish and provides excellent, continuously dimmable lighting that would be perfect for any room.

When choosing lighting sources for your space, it is important to priority both function and form. There are few other elements to room design that impact room functionality as deeply as lighting does. It is an important choice. Balancing aesthetics and functionality, my favorite piece by Escale has to be the Duetto Floor lamp. Its rods extending to the lighting source give the piece a sleek and modern feel. However, the double gold plates at the top give the piece a warm feeling making it appropriate for any home. The lighting elements provide enough indirect light to light a whole room. Another source of light is located inside the lamps tubes, which light up the gold plates at the top. This light can be turned on separate from the main lighting source – making the Duetto floor lamp a great accent piece as well, even when it is not providing ambient lighting.

Additional information about Escale lighting

The light fittings of the company not only add beauty and elegance to the décor of the establishment but also add comfort and style to lives of the customers. The company’s light fittings are designed to provide ample amounts of illumination without producing shadows and glares. The company has also regularly updated its designs to suit the modern and changing times.

The company has constantly nurtured its main asset: its people. The company also encourages its non-designing staff to come up with improvisation and improvements that can help in better functioning of the company. The manufacturing processes of the company maintain the highest standards to produce uniform and high-quality light fittings. The company also streamlines its processes so that the last minute customizations of the customers can be accommodated.

The company boasts of a spectacular portfolio of ceiling lamps, pendant lights, wall mounted lamps, table lamps and floor lamps. The Windsor collection has been the most famous collection of the company. This collection is a family of matching lights consisting of pendant lights and chandeliers. Designed by the famed designer Mosru Mohiuddin, the collection has featured in the catalogs of the company since it was released in 2008.

The lamps of this collection have strings of cascading crystals and additional lights streaming out of a central stainless steel ring. The lamp shades are made of glass which is available in transparent or gold leaf version.

The Duetto has been another popular collection of the company which inspired other collections like the Cantata and Motion collections. The lamps of the Duetto collection have blown glass lamp shades which come in textured colors of gold leaf and silver leaf. The lamps shades are attached to highly polished nickel metal stands. The collection is also a family of matching lights which consists of ceiling lights, floor lamps, and table lamps.

All the light fittings of the company come with dimmer switches so that the user can regulate the intensity of the illumination to suit working and reading needs or simply to create an environment that is conducive to leaving guests awestruck. The company also regularly features in top events of the lighting industry to showcase its latest collections to audiences worldwide.

With years of experience and expertise, the Escale Lighting has seen a meteoric rise and is bound to remain a formidable competitor in the markets of quality light fittings. The company employs about 60 people; who take care of the designing, manufacturing, and marketing of the light fittings. The complete process from designing to manufacturing takes place in Germany hence the light fittings of the company proudly display ‘Made in Germany.' The company has also partnered with various designers and design studios across Europe and other countries, who provide their valuable insights and creations to result in stunning collections produced by the company. The company also provides complete creative liberty to its designers.