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Eric Solè

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Eric Solé is an architect and designer who was born in Paris in1960. He studied architecture in 1987 at UP1. He opened his own studio trax design as soon as he graduated. He dealt with interior design, shop furnishings, villas and urban furnishings.

In 2005, he started an important partnership with Artemide and designed many furnishing solutions, primarily in the field of illumination. His first projects were more focused on technical research on the principles of transformation, folding chairs, office lamp or use of materials for exploiting their structural properties as the rollmob for Megalit. He has worked on many occasions with well-known brands of industrial design. Eric Solé focuses on innovation and painstaking research of the materials he uses in his contemporary, genial new ideas and his own unique style.

His interest in lighting design is currently using the continuous evolution of the raw material availability. His brilliant philosophy is “a beautiful lamp should be like a living object, turning when it is illuminated. She should talk to us, enlighten us and bring comfort when it's dark”, and his latest products are more focused on what makes this.