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Eichholtz Lighting

Where is the company located?

The present location of the Eichholtz headquarters can be found in Noordwijkerhout, one of the cities in The Netherlands. Their main office is located in Delfweg 52, 2211 VN Noordwijkerhout, and they are known for their vast showroom which is more than 4,000 square meters in area. The center boasts of 40 decorated rooms, showcasing the Eichholz furniture sets and lighting products created by the company. There is also a restaurant built inside their main showroom that offers the visitors a scenic view of the flower fields outside. Another feature offered inside the main headquarters would be giving the visitors a chance to design their own furniture sets and convert their interior design projects into a whole new environment. It will be transported to the 3D platform, and visitors would experience looking at the finished result in virtual reality. People who have been visiting the warehouse owned by the company are satisfied with the services given to them, and it is also reported that the company rarely experiences being out of stock, as 95% of their collections are always in stock. The company only deals with business identities, and they have strongly emphasized that they will never sell to private individuals. The company also has a strict minimal ordering price, at 1,000 euros. Businesses who purchased a furniture set or lighting set with the company could pick up the items at their warehouse or ship it if they are from a different country.

What is the lead time of their products?

The company is making sure that their clients are satisfied with the services that they provide, so they try to keep a short lead time from the time that their clients ordered an item to the time when it will be delivered. The company assures their clients that their lead time would strictly be between six to eight weeks. Clients can always follow up with the company regarding the item that they purchased, but they can be assured that the whole process will last for a maximum of eight weeks. To ensure that the lead time is strictly followed, the company established several units within the company that would be taking care of the customer service department. The company divided the world into three distinct areas: Area 1 includes the Baltic Countries, France, Southern Europe, Russia, Central Asia, and all of Africa. Area 2 consists of the Low Countries (Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg), Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Eastern Europe, Oceania, and Asia. Area 3 encompasses all of North America and South America, the Middle East, the United Kingdom, and the Nordic Countries. Through their effective customer care departments, the company is assured that their clients are kept happy with the services and the products that they give.

Can you tell me a bit more about the history of the company?

It is one of the most familiar brands for Eichholtz lighting and Eichholz furniture in the Netherlands. The company is currently led by Theo Eichholtz, who is also the company’s founder. The company has been the standard brand for interior designers who are looking for high quality and elegant furniture sets. The company became known worldwide after they released a series of catalogs showcasing the furniture sets that they design. Members of the middle and the upper class were attracted to the designs made by the company, and news about their products has been reported in every corner of the planet. This level of success is attributed to the hard work of the founder who never stopped dreaming that one day, his company would achieve success.

The founder has been thinking about establishing a company that sells furniture sets. His dream became a reality 20 years ago when his first shop was opened to the public. The founder is the son of an entrepreneur who has been managing a family grocery business that was established in the late 1800s. Before he managed to set up his business, he had to attend a secondary school and perform military service. Later on, he decided to travel the world and visited cities in Asia and North America. After he witnessed the beauty of furniture sets in Asia and North America, it inspired him to design his own furniture sets. His passion for designing soon became an idea for him to open up his business, which will become known as the popular brand familiar to most people. His company quickly became known around the world, and a few years after the foundation of his business, he saw himself exporting furniture sets to Asian countries like Indonesia. It later expanded to include new markets in China, India, Myanmar, and Thailand. Today, the founder of the company is entrusting the operations of his company to his 50 employees who have been loyal to the company, serving their clients around the world.

Can you tell me a little bit more about the company’s collections, quality, and model?

The company has an extensive collection of furniture and lighting products. Their current collection includes more than 2,900 individual objects, and it is further categorized into accessories, beds, cabinets, chairs and sofas, lighting, mirrors, tables, and wall decorations. The company is known for their modernist approach to creating furniture sets and lighting products, and they are applying touches of different cultures from around the world to make their creations more authentic.

Under the Eichholtz lighting category, some of the new arrivals for this year are the Chandelier Largo, the Chandelier Argento, the Chandelier Azure, the Chandelier Bermude, the Chandelier Tortora, and the Chandelier Opera, among others. These chandeliers looked modernist, as it applies different geometrical patterns that are randomly arranged, compared to the intricate designs of chandeliers from the past decades. Under the furniture set category, some of the newest arrivals are Print Palm Leaves (set of two), Print Modern Art, Candle Holder Livia (set of three), Bar Table Avoria, and the Dining Chair Cardinale. More items are available on their website at

What is the warranty of the company’s models?

All of the products sold by the company are eligible for a 1-year warranty.

Is there a video I can watch?

The company is active in social media, and their videos can be viewed on their official YouTube channel called EichholtzBV. Alternatively, one could also visit their official YouTube channel URL at