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Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby

Edward Barber was born in Shrewsbury, UK in 1969.

He started his collaboration with Jay Osgerby in 1997. Looking at the thread running through Edward barber & Jay Osgerby’s work, there is a high level of consistency and diversification, a coming together of designing integrity, substance and modernity.

One can see no superfluities: “function is allowed to define form in a way that is simple and intuitive while being guide by a free spirit of experimentation with the most advanced technologies “Lucy Bullivant 2006. Internationally acclaimed designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby founded their eponymous studio in 1996 after graduating with Master’s degrees in Architecture from The Royal College of Art in London. From their first studio in Trellick Tower in London, they designed their first piece, the Loop Table, produced by Isokon in 1997. Much of Barber and Osgerby’s early work involved the folding and shaping of sheet material, influenced by the white card that they had used frequently in architectural model making. Plywood and Perspex were used in the development the Pilot Table, 1999 and Stencil Screen, 2000.