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Drum Shade Pendants – Quality Design, Great Functionality

Drum shade pendants offer unparalleled style and amazing versatility. As the name suggests, drum shade pendant light features a round shaped shade that looks similar to a musical instrument with which it shares its name. These lights are perfect to illuminate a living room, bedroom, or hanged above a dining table. The pendant light is highly versatile and adds a refined, geometric design element to any space.

You can find an extensive collection of uniquely shaped drum shade pendants at Interior Deluxe manufactured by highly renowned international brands, such as >Carpyen, > Oligo, >Flos, >Modoluce and others, which represent a perfect fusion of great functionality and design.

Our exclusive range of light fixtures can add a faltering glow to the space. Whether you want to highlight a piece of furniture, or set a scene with the unique shape of these splendid fixtures, these modern lighting fixture can serve as a perfect addition to the home or office décor.

If you are looking for an adjustable lighting fixture that you can move up or down as required, the Funi pendant light by Carpyen will fit the bill. Designed by Pascual Salvado, this elegantly shaped pendant light features an oval cotton shade. You can choose a pendant featuring gold or grey finishing with white or beige shade.

The Isamu pendant light is another great pendant light that was designed by the famous Nahtran. The modern design pendant light consists of a white polycarbonate diffuser that is covered with a black, white, or red shade. The lighting fixture illuminates the room by throwing light from the top and bottom of the pendant light that create a soft defused light.

Designed by Gabriel Teixido, Aura pendant light by Carpyen is a great pendant lighting fixture that you can hang from the ceiling. The lighting fixture boasts of polished chrome metal structure and plain cotton fabric chain in beige, white, or black color. It can give a soft, welcoming feel to any room and space.

If you fancy something a little more artistic, you can opt for the Max pendant light by Carpyen designed by Gabriel Teixido. This great modern design pendant light features a telescopic arm that you can adjust as per your requirements. Available in white, black, or beige shade, it has a built in switch and comes in chrome finishing.

Oligo lighting fixtures are also extremely popular at Interior Deluxe. The light fixtures made by the iconic luxury brand offer a combination of elegant simplicity and superb functionality.

Grace single pendant light from Oligo is a beautiful pendant lighting fixture that will look elegant with just about any modern home décor. Frosted, two-lens glass bowel of the lighting fixture refract light allow glare free lighting. This makes it ideal for placing above desk or table for a tasteful scene.

Another great drum shaped pendant light made by Oligo is the Adjustable Height Grace single pendant light. What’s great about this drum shade light is that you can adjust the length of the pendant as per the illumination need.

This timeless beauty has been designed for Oligo by the great designer Ralf Keferstein and can fit any setting with perfect elegance.

Flos lighting fixtures are elegant and refined, and represent a fusion of great design and brilliant functionality.

At Interior Deluxe, you can find two premium quality drum shade pendant lights made by Flos: the Smithfield S Pendant Light and Ray S pendant light.

Designed by the iconic designer Jasper Morrison, Smithfield S pendant light features an aluminum body and injection-moulded opalescent polycarbonate diffuser. This simple yet graceful pendant light can serve as a perfect addition to any modern themed home or office space.

The Ray S pendant light by Flos is another great lighting fixture that has been designed by Rodolfo Dordoni. This luxury lighting fixture consists of a chrome plated metal structure and lathe-shaped aluminum diffuser as well as an opal brown diffuser located inside.

The pendant light made by Flo boasts of a glossy external finish and represents a fusion of upscale modern design, excellent functionality, and quality of craftsmanship.

Modoluce is another great name when it comes to premium quality lighting fixture.

The iconic brand offers an extensive range of lighting fixture, all of which are excellently made with great design.

When it comes to best quality pendant lights, Cilindro pendant light from Modoluce can serve as a perfect addition to your home. Designed by Modoluce Research team, this quality light fixture is available in cotton and pleated fabric with a great selection of vibrant colors.

Another great drum shaped pendant light from Modoluce is the Discovolante pendant light.

If you fancy something simple, then Loto XL pendant light from Modoluce will suit your taste best.

Designed by the ionic designers Bruno Menegon and Annarosa Romano, the Loto lighting fixture feature a chic, elegant design that can beautifully illuminate a modern décor. The pendant light offers a perfect fusion of great design and quality craftsmanship.

The great thing about every Modoluce lighting fixture is that you can have a great variety in terms of color and material that you can choose to perfectly complement according to theme and décor of the place.

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