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Droog Lighting

The dutch company Droog Lighting was co-founded by the famed author and curator Renny Ramakers. The company takes pride in the fact it provides unique and exclusive products for the residences of its customers and each product is beautifully crafted with a story behind it. The company works in collaboration with major designers and design studios from across the world to create these beautiful products. The company has its offices in major cities like New York, Amsterdam and partners worldwide.

The company offers a variety of products for residences. The company is a market leader in lighting solutions, furniture and home décor accessories. The company takes pride in creating designs and products that add beauty and style to the lives of its customers. The company also regularly takes up projects to decorate the interiors of major establishments across the world. Hence the products of the company can be found in major hotels and restaurants across various countries.

The company employs an impressive list of famous designers which includes Liesbeth in’t Hout, Mark Blaisse, Wim Pijbes and Alfred Meijboom who also supervise and guide the company. The company hence offers unusual lighting solutions like clothes hanger lamps, diamond lights, and diamond lights with fittings, book rest lamps, dandelights and flexlamps.

The clothes hanger lamps have not only been an unusual addition to the lighting industry but have also earned the reputation of uniqueness and exclusivity for the company. The flexibility of these lamps has made them extremely popular with customers and critics alike. The customers are able to choose the type of lamp they want by simply hanging their favorite clothes over the hangers with lamps. This collection has been so popular that it has featured on the company’s catalogues since it was released in 2002. Made of acrylic this lighting solution is bound to create flutters among your guests.

The book rest lamps collection has been equally popular with customers. This lamp allows customers to simply rest their books onto the lamp to create a soothing effect and remember the page they were reading before they left it for some other errand. This lamp is also perfect for reading irrespective of the reading location. Providing soft reading light the lamps of this collection can be used on a table or hung over your favorite arm chair to read or finish the long awaited crossword puzzle.

The company also encourages its customers to regularly provide requests of customizations to the designers and technicians. The company then surprises its customers by not only matching the specifications ordered but by surpassing the expectations of the customers. The company also regularly attends several fairs and festivals of the lighting industry to showcase its upcoming collections to customers and critics. The company also utilizes these events to judge the how the customers might respond when a new collection is released into the market.

With years of experience and an increasing international presence the Droog Lighting is sure to create more ripples with its unique and exclusive designs in the upcoming events of the lighting industry.