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Dreizehngrad Lighting

Dreizehngrad is German and stands for Thirteen degree - All lamps are created of genuine wood veneer. The lamps made from naturally treated maple or satin walnut veneer are designed with clear, elegant lines and bath their surroundings in a warm, atmospheric light.

Each lamp is unique Due to the individual growth patterns of the wood, such as tree rings or coloring.

No matter whether they shine in private homes or public cafés, in hotels or restaurants - veneer lamps by dreizehngrad create a very special ambiance. The wafer-thin wood is presented in a very special way - delicate, flexible, translucent. The veneers are laminated on one side with cellulose fleece. The process reinforces the veneers rigidity, making them more resistant than conventional veneers. All veneers are sealed with natural oils.

The collection was designed by the team „dreizehngrad“: Alex Paul Finke and Jљrg Zinser, two young graduate product designers. They met during their studies in Dresden - on the 13th degree of longitude. Their passion for wood led them to the idea of building lamps. Precisely lasered steel rings and curved genuine wood veneer are the ingredients for the distinctive series "Funk" and "Bebop".

In addition to the broad selection from their own product lines, dreizehngrad can also develop and manufacture customer-specific lamps in small batches.