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Dining Table Lighting

  • PH 4/3 pendant light from Louis Poulsen | Modern Lighting + Decor

    PH 4/3 pendant light

    Louis Poulsen
    $ 646.00

    The PH 4/3 pendant light fromLouis Poulsen has been designed by Poul Henningsen in 1966. This suspension mounted luminaire is great for incandescen...

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  • Nostalgia Large Pendant Light from Studio Italia Design | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Nostalgia Large Pendant Light

    Studio Italia Design
    from $ 795.00

    The Nostalgia Pendant Light was designed and made by Studio Italia Design. The Nostalgia pendant light was designed by Dima Loginoff in 2015 and is...

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  • Niagara chandelier - Large from Sillux | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Niagara chandelier - Large

    from $ 3,076.00

    Product description: The Niagara chandelier has been designed by Team Design for Sillux. The Niagara series come with a stainless steel frame and b...

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  • Moon Pendant Light from Verpan | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Moon Pendant Light

    from $ 1,315.00

    Moon is a spherical lamp of metal with vertical lamella, arranged like a fan, for individual regulation of the light. Available in white. Moon lamp...

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  • Little Bit 12 Pendant Light from Steng | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Little Bit 12 Pendant Light

    from $ 210.00

    The Little Bit Pendant Light has been designed by Peter Steng&Prof. HA Raiser for Steng. Made of Murano glass the lights are a design highlight...

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  • Kora Pura Pendant Light from Steng | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Kora Pura Pendant Light

    from $ 252.00

    The Kora Pura Pendant Light has been designed by Peter Steng&Stefanie Hering for Steng. Pura is the name of a pendant light line with a very sp...

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  • Global Single Pendant Light from Metal Lux | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Global Single Pendant Light

    Metal Lux
    from $ 430.00

    The Global Pendant Light is the newest collection designed by Studio Tecnico Metal Lux & SSD from Italy. Global is the newest collection design...

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  • FL/Y Pendant Light from Kartell | Modern Lighting + Decor

    FL/Y Pendant Light

    $ 365.00

    The FL/Y Suspension Light has been designed by Ferruccio Laviani and made by Kartell. This modern, clean and simplistic fixture is created from tra...

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  • Etch Black Pendant Light  32 cm from Tom Dixon | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Etch Black Pendant Light 32 cm

    Tom Dixon
    $ 550.00

    Etch Shade Black Pendant Light is designed by Tom Dixon and made by Tom Dixon. Inspired by the logic of pure mathematics, geodesic structures are m...

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  • Discoco Large Pendant Light from Marset | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Discoco Large Pendant Light

    from $ 4,254.00

    The Discoco Pendant Light by Marset was designed by Christophe Mathieu in 2010. Attractive and exuberant the Discoco pendant light is by far the u...

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  • Damasco SP P Pendant Light from Vistosi | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Damasco SP P Pendant Light

    from $ 270.00

    The Damasco pendant light by Vistosi is designed by Paolo Crepax 2003. This lamp is created using "Bozzolo" technique, which entails manually apply...

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  • Cubi S 11 Pendant Light

    from $ 361.00

    The Cubi S 11 Pendant Light from Leucos has been designed by Leucos Design Lab. The Cubi is composed of a white satin-finished diffuser made of lay...

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  • Clizia Suspension Light from Slamp | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Clizia Suspension Light

    from $ 750.00

    The Clizia Suspension Light is an erratic, soft and curved form, created from the regular lines of numerous squares of Opalflex® ‘sewn’ into a diff...

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  • Ceremony Chandelier from Slamp | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Ceremony Chandelier

    from $ 1,500.00

    The Ceremony chandelier by Slamp was designed by Bruno Rainaldi. This contemporary chandelier is made from an opalflex material. The Ceremony cha...

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  • Cannettata S42/S52 Pendant Light from De Majo | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Cannettata S42/S52 Pendant Light

    De Majo
    from $ 1,634.00

    Product description: The Cannettata S42/S52 pendant light was designed by Massimo losa Ghini for De Majo. The Cannettata pendant light has an alum...

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  • Bubbles Large Pendant Light from Martinelli Luce | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Bubbles Large Pendant Light

    Martinelli Luce
    $ 445.00

    The Bubbles Large Pendant Light by Martinelli Luce has been designed by Emiliana Martinelli. Suspension lamp providing diffused light, diffuser in ...

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  • Blow Me Up Pendant Light from Ingo Maurer | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Blow Me Up Pendant Light

    Ingo Maurer
    from $ 312.00

    Thy inflatable tube Blow Me Up by Theo Moller, Ingo Maurer & Team was first presented at Euroluce 2017. It is flexible to use. Fasten it to the...

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  • Bola Disc Pendant Light from Pablo Designs | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Bola Disc Pendant Light

    Pablo Designs
    from $ 375.00

    The Bola Disc pendant light by Pablo Designs features an outstanding modern-contemporary fixture to complement interior layouts. Bola’s seamless si...

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  • Beat Fat Brass Pendant Light from Tom Dixon | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Beat Fat Brass Pendant Light

    Tom Dixon
    $ 575.00

    This elegantly crafted pendant light has been designed and manufactured by Tom Dixon. Beat Fat Brass Pendant Light is simply inspired by tradition...

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  • Beat Wide Black Pendant Light from Tom Dixon | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Beat Wide Black Pendant Light

    Tom Dixon
    $ 550.00

    The Beat Wide Black Pendant Light is designed by Tom Dixon and made by Tom Dixon. A series of lights inspired by the sculptural simplicity of brass...

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  • Aplomb Suspension Lamp from Foscarini | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Aplomb Suspension Lamp

    from $ 696.00

    The Aplomb Suspension Lamp has been designed by Paolo Lucidi and Luca Pevere in 2010 and is made in Italy by Foscarini. This brand new suspension l...

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  • Zeppelin Chandelier from Flos | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Zeppelin Chandelier

    from $ 4,295.00

    The Zeppelin Chandelier manufactured by Flos is designed by Marcel Wanders in 2005. It is an updated version of the cocoon series initially done fo...

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  • Zettel’z 5 Chandelier from Ingo Maurer | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Zettel’z 5 Chandelier

    Ingo Maurer
    from $ 1,210.00

    Zettel’z is grand chandelier where the Bohemian crystal drops substituted by scribbled paper notes from some incurable romantic’s desk. The light s...

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  • Willydilly Pendant Light from Ingo Maurer | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Willydilly Pendant Light

    Ingo Maurer
    $ 256.00

    The Willydilly pendant light has been designed by Ingo Maurer. This pendant light is quite the unique find. It features the ability for the shape o...

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Dining Table Lighting - Buying Guide 

High-Quality - Design & Flawless Functionality

It’s not just illumination that dining room lights provide; they also ads create accents and add to the aesthetics of the home décor. The right dining room lighting can create dramatic focal points to wall sconces thereby adding a touch of elegance as well as the intimacy to the place.

Interior Deluxe offers a variety of options for you to select the perfect dining room light that pairs seamlessly with your home interior design. Check out our exclusive range of dining table lighting manufactured by world renowned brands such as >Flos, >Prandina, >Rotaliana, >Pieter Adam, >Tom Dixon and >Vistosi. All of these brands offer high-quality lighting products that have been designed to perfection.

Whether you want to purchase LED, Incandescent, Halogen, or Fluorescent dining table lighting, you can find it all here at Interior Deluxe. The lights are available in different colors, shapes, and styles. You can find Abstract, Bell, Cluster, Conical, Cylindrical, and many other lighting shapes made by highly renowned designers. The lights are also available in different finishes: Gold, Nickel, White, Aluminum, Black, Brass, Bronze, Chrome, and Chrome Matt.


Winning the highly acclaimed Red Dot Design award, we have in our collection the Igloo series dining table lights, made by Fontana. This modern LED lighting series boasts of units, joints, and connections for maximum freedom of composition. The premium quality dining table lighting series is available in downlight or up and down-light configuration.

Leaning more towards traditional dining room table lighting options? The D27-114gsA Pendant Light from Berlin Brass lamps would be your best bet. The elegant pendant light features antique finishing with gray satin glass globes. It is made with the highest quality brass materials, adding to the durability of the fixture.

Another excellent example of traditional dining table lighting is the D55-48opB Pendant Light made by the German brand Berlin Brass Lamps. This one has a rustic appeal that can perfectly complement the classic look of traditional houses. The dining room table lighting looks great both over dining room table and kitchen counter.

Interior Deluxe also offer Romanesque style transitional dining room table light in which there are traces of old design elements. Beat Stout Brass Pendant Light from Tom Dixon, for instance, has a dome shape and features a spun brass shade, finished with high-quality brass powder coat exterior. The incandescent lighting can complement transitional style home décor, adding a touch of style and elegance to the dining room.

Lens Pendant Light from Tom Dixon is yet another transitional style lighting solution that features a stunning combination of geometry and luminosity. The premium quality Incandescent lighting complements the looks of any transitional style home. It boasts of a clear polycarbonate globe consisting of 12 pentagonal components that are further subdivided into 5 prismatic triangular lenses.

If you are looking for something that stands out, we have another of Tom Dixon’s designs that may fit the bill: the Plane Triangle Pendant Light. The halogen lighting features basic silhouettes made from brass plated steel frame and a double layered white glass sphere. It boasts of a minimalistic design that produces stunning and beautiful illumination.

Melting Amsterdam XL Chandelier from Pieter Adam is also a great transitional style dining room table light that looks slightly more traditional as compared to other lights in its category. The halogen lighting fixture offers a combination of conventional and transitional style look. The light features high-quality craftsmanship with flawless functionality.

Beat Wide Brass Pendant Light from Tom Dixon is an attractive transitional style dining room lighting fixture inspired heavily by traditional Indian water vessels. Taking his students on a trip to India, Dixon glimpsed these and was intrigued, so much so that he ultimately decided to create this particular fixture in the same style. The halogen lighting boasted of unique aesthetics and was crafted by renowned craftsmen in Northern India. On the whole, the light is highly functional and is ideal for houses with modern home décor.

Popular examples of dining room lighting fixtures for modern home décor include PH 5 Pendant Light from Louis PoulsenSky-Fall Pendant Light - Large from Studio Italia Design and Pirce pendant light from Artemide.

Louis Poulsen’s PH5 pendant light boasts of a highly distinct modern design featuring suspension mounted luminaire. This incandescent lighting features a unique design element appearing futuristic and pleasant at the same time. It has white finishing and consists of shades of spun aluminum. Sandblasted glass is used in the construction of the concealing shield. The design of the light ensures that illumination is provided both vertically and horizontally. The lower shade of the sandblasted glass shield diffuses the light to create stunning lighting.

The Sky-Fall Pendant light from Studio Italia Design looks simple yet futuristic at the same time. The fixture, shaped in the form of a flask, comes in different shades including metalized crystal, bright chrome, and copper. The combination of glass and chrome creates a unique sense of dialogue within the room. It looks modern and suave significantly adding to the charm and beauty of the place.

The smooth and spiral shape of the Pirce Pendant light from Artemide can serve both as an illumination source and a piece of art in the home or office. The fixture is made from a continuous slender piece of stainless steel aluminum. This halogen lighting option for the dining room is perfect for both small and large sized rooms. It features a thermoplastic cover and suspension cable that allows for easy and secure installation. The functional halogen light offers a brilliant glow setting the mood for artistic atmosphere. A particularly unique feature of the pendant light is the indirect lamination, not only providing ample illumination but being aesthetically pleasing as well.

Still can’t seem to decide on which light to buy for the dining room?
Call us today on +1-866-477-1345 and our ALA certified lighting experts will provide you with inspirations and guide you through the process!



All of the dining room lighting solutions you see here have been specially selected for this collection. With pieces ranging from spartan and simplistic to elaborate and ornamental, you’ll be sure to find the perfect fixture to complement your modern décor.

Exquisitely-designed lighting for your dining room

Looking for one-of-a-kind lighting for your dining table?

Our designer lighting solution range is just what you need. As your dining table is the focal point in the room, our exquisite-designed lightings are the smart choice for any dining room. Be it contemporary or traditional, we have all sorts of styles, colors, finishes, and shapes.

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