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  • Ring LED Chandelier from Interior Deluxe | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Ring LED Chandelier

    Interior Deluxe
    from $ 656.00

    The Ring LED Chandelier is a round shape. The body was available in?iron finish and iron structure. Well suited for kitchen, living room, dining ar...

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  • Baggio LED Ceiling Light

    Interior Deluxe
    from $ 496.00

    The Baggio LED Ceiling Light features an elegant circular design with a clean and modern aesthetic. Serving as a special focal point, this essentia...

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  • Eudas Outdoor LED Wall Lamp from Interior Deluxe | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Eudas Outdoor LED Wall Lamp

    Interior Deluxe
    from $ 76.00

    The Eudas Outdoor LED Wall Lamp has been designed specifically for outdoor use. It is equipped with IP65 protection and is ideal for illuminating f...

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  • Chaly Pendant Light from Interior Deluxe | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Chaly Pendant Light

    Interior Deluxe
    $ 126.00

    Super-sleek and incredibly modern, the?Chaly Pendant Light?offers an easy way to add sophistication and interest to a contemporary setting. The sin...

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  • Perchgrand Chandelier from Interior Deluxe | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Perchgrand Chandelier

    Interior Deluxe
    $ 3,386.00

    Perchgrand Designer Ceiling Lamp gives a modern touch to its fixture. Lampshade color is gold, the body material and finish is brushed stainless st...

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  • Focoti LED Linear Suspension Light

    Interior Deluxe
    from $ 262.00

    A mix of modern elegance and pure functionality characterize the Focoti LED Linear Suspension Light. This sleek linear pendant light sticks to mode...

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  • Tatti LED Suspension Light

    Interior Deluxe
    from $ 644.00

    The Tatti LED Suspension Light is an extraordinary contemporary piece characterized by its strands of playful light. Aluminum strands fall graceful...

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  • Starsta Ceiling Light from Interior Deluxe | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Starsta Ceiling Light

    Interior Deluxe
    $ 714.00

    Introducing the Startsa Remote controlled LED ceiling lamp with light abs aluminum body perfect for Living room, bedroom, restaurant, study area wi...

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  • Nur LED Ceiling Light from Interior Deluxe | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Nur LED Ceiling Light

    Interior Deluxe
    from $ 609.00

    A wide variety of lighting scenarios can be produced with this Nur LED ceiling light to give the room the perfect ambiance. You can determine the l...

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  • Dodo LED Wall Light from | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Dodo LED Wall Light

    Interior Deluxe
    $ 449.00

    The Dodo Wall Light is an LED technology that lights the way to energy savings with a USB charger. This light is best suited for the bedroom, dinin...

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  • Dice 910 Arm LED Ceiling Light from Interior Deluxe | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Dice 910 Arm LED Ceiling Light

    Interior Deluxe
    from $ 1,848.00

    The Dice ceiling Light?is an LED technology that lights the way to energy savings.?The Dice ceiling Light?comes in six different sizes with the num...

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  • Cloudious LED Ceiling Light from Interior Deluxe | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Cloudious LED Ceiling Light

    Interior Deluxe
    from $ 588.00

    This ceiling lamp looks like a cloud that is naturally unmistakeably conceptualized for the children’s room. The light of night light is naturally ...

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  • Curve LED Ceiling Light from Interior Deluxe | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Curve LED Ceiling Light

    Interior Deluxe
    from $ 577.00

    The Curve?LED Ceiling Light will elevate the aesthetic and atmosphere of any contemporary styled interior.?The diffuser illuminated the light softl...

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  • Swing LED Pendant Light from Interior Deluxe | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Swing LED Pendant Light

    Interior Deluxe
    from $ 997.00

    The Swing LED Pendant Light is an LED technology that lights the way to energy savings. The subtle finishes fit well into the?entryways, kitchens, ...

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  • Royad LED Pendant Light from Interior Deluxe | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Royad LED Pendant Light

    Interior Deluxe
    from $ 264.00

    The?Royad LED?Pendant Light elevates the cylinder to a rare level of sophistication and grace. Simple, clean detailing creates a very elegant penda...

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  • Modtern Pendant light from Interior Deluxe | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Modtern Pendant light

    Interior Deluxe
    from $ 3,486.00

    Modtern Crystal Pendant LampShade with modern style that goes quite well with any areas without fail. with plated technics, polished chrome finish ...

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  • Cono Pendant Light from Interior Deluxe | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Cono Pendant Light

    Interior Deluxe
    from $ 117.00

    The Cono Pendant Light will fill the room with potent illumination and an elegant ambiance. This fixture is ideal for modern bedrooms, kitchens, di...

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  • Clasiadus Pendant Light from Interior Deluxe | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Clasiadus Pendant Light

    Interior Deluxe
    from $ 537.00

    The?Clasiadus?Pendant Light is a minimal ceiling fixture designed to provide a striking focal point while also remaining unobtrusive with its desig...

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  • Vertigo LED Chandelier from Interior Deluxe | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Vertigo LED Chandelier

    Interior Deluxe
    $ 997.00

    This contemporary chandelier features a modern, round shape and is consists of white and black color in one fixture.?The subtle finishes fit well i...

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  • Yokoho Square LED Ceiling Light

    Interior Deluxe
    from $ 950.00

    If you are looking for a versatile light that can be easily integrated into different living areas, you have found it with the Yokoho Square LED ce...

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  • Avrie Round LED Ceiling Lamp

    Interior Deluxe
    from $ 515.00

    The modern Avrie Round LED ceiling lamp is a stylish light fitting with a design that enables it to provide effective lighting even in large rooms....

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  • Motus Square LED Ceiling Light

    Interior Deluxe
    from $ 530.00

    The Motus Round LED Ceiling Light looks impressive in any contemporary setting. This light provides powerful yet economical lighting in any room. T...

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  • Luda Rectangle LED Ceiling Light

    Interior Deluxe
    from $ 1,206.00

    Simple yet effective, this stylish ceiling light will help to give a soft and soothing glow of accent light to the interior, making it a very comfo...

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  • Delion LED Linear Suspension Light

    Interior Deluxe
    from $ 504.00

    This extremely effective light source primarily attracts attention due to its clear, uncompromising geometry. The design of the Delion LED Linear S...

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Q & A - Decorative Design Lighting Fixtures

What brands would you recommend for decorative lighting and for what locations would they be suitable?

While many may think of decorative and luxurious lighting as an additional layer, it is actually an important layer that can add more life into your rooms. At Interior Deluxe, you can find a huge collection of decorative and stylish lighting fixtures made by such highly renowned brands such as > FLOS, >Nimbus, >SLV Lighting, > LumenArt, >Northern Lighting and > Artemide.

Our high quality decorative lights can add a touch of sophistication and charm to your office, home, restaurants, hotels, and other venues. Our indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures can help in enhancing style and elegance of the décor.

What types of modern decorative lighting do you offer? Can you show me some samples for each category?

Recessed lights

Decorative recessed lighting inset directly inside the wall providing an ideal solution for those that want subtle illumination, or who want to maximize available space. Two most popular recessed lights that are also energy efficient include Aria Mini Recessed Wall Light from Artemide and Modul R 36 LED recessed light from Nimbus. These two LED recessed lightings not only look good in the room but also save on energy bills as well.

Other examples of great recessed decorative lightings include the Faretti 6001/6002 recressed light from AVMazzega, Cut F Recessed Light from De Majo, Drop Recessed Light from Leucos, and Drop 9101 recessed light from Alma Light.


No living space is complete without a Chandelier. These decorative lighting add beauty and elegance to a room. Whether it is a house, office, restaurant, or hotel, chandeliers can add glamour and charm to the room décor. Our most popular decorative chandeliers include Cellula LED Chandelier B from Anthologie Quartett, Fontana 48 LED Chandelier from Metalspot, The Light 5150 suspension lamp from Alma Light, and Raimond Zafu suspension from Moooi. These chandeliers are highly energy efficient as well that enhance look of the house without adding much to the energy bill.

Display lighting

Modern display lightings enhance existing décor as well highlight your favorite objects d’ art. You can enhance the ambiance and attractiveness of the displayed work by using display lighting. The decorative lighting can mounted on ceilings walls, and floors. Some of the most popular display lighting includeVano CFL Outdoor Luminaire from SLV Lighting, Just A Little Spot Light from Oligo, and Neat Flex Clamp Spot Light from SLV Lighting.

Track Lighting

Track lighting adds a dramatic effect that you can customize to illuminate the living space or specific artwork. This type of lighting fixture creates a sleek and contemporary ambiance. It can be used both in residential and commercial settings. One of the most popular track lights is the Chill low voltage pendant lamp from LBL Lighting. The lighting fixture boasts of low voltage with multiple mounting options. It has a blown glass dome and feature nauge blown accents. It is available in satin nickel and bronze finishing.

Another great track light is the Mango Coax Nuage low voltage from LBL Lighting. This one has an organic shaped transparent glass featuring frosted scavo finish and ice fractured texture. It is available in blue or clear color options and satin nickel and bronze finishing.

Rachel low voltage pendant lamp from LBL Lighting is another great track lighting fixture. The elegant yet affordable decorative track light features high quality Murano glass that has organically shaped pattern and accents of silver leaf. The elegantly designed lighting fixture is available in multiple colors including mocha/latte, latte/opal, opal/amber, and with satin nickel and bronze finishing.

Outdoor Lighting

You can also find an extensive range of outdoor lighting that serves different purposes. From outdoor wall sconces, pool lamps, patio lighting, floor lamps, to chandeliers, pendant lights and pool lamps, you can find them all at Interior Deluxe.

Patio Lighting

For patio decorative lighting, you should consider Miami F3 Outdoor Floor Lamp from Anton Angeli. This popular lighting fixture is perfect for illuminating outside ambiance that gives the feeling as if you are indoors. It features a stone base that can be movable or stand still at the base. It offers a reassuring and comfortable lighting for green areas, terrace table, and porticos.

Another good patio lighting is the Lite Box Outdoor Light from Carpyen. The decorative lighting fixture has been designed by Daifuku exclusively for Carpyen. It features light seats that are made from white polyethylene and are ideal for terrace and garden setting.

If you fancy something more modern and futuristic looking outdoor lighting, then Kanpazar 150 outdoor floor lamp - Version C & D from B.Lux can serve as the perfect outdoor lighting. The outdoor lighting features unique design element that adds to the charm of the place. Designed by Jon Santacoloma, this branded outdoor light is UL listed and boasts of a smooth white frosted fishing. It is composed of UV resistant polyethylene that makes it perfect for use in outdoor settings.

We also stock decorative Pendant Lights, Wall Sconces, Floor Lamps, Table Lamps, and Ceiling Lights. A good example of high quality pendant light is Small Glo Pendant Light from Penta. AWL 13.1 Wall Sconce from LumenArt is one of the most popular decorative wall sconces that we have in stock for you.

In the decorative table lamp category, Miss Sissi table lamp from Flos is extremely popular due to its simple design and affordable price. Mini Glo-Ball Wall/Ceiling Light from Flos is a great example of a ceiling light that is popular among individuals who want to add a touch of elegance and charm to the living space. All of these decorative lighting create a wonderful ambiance greatly enhancing the look and appearance of the living space.

If you want to save energy bills on decorative lights, you should consider our exclusive range of modern Energy Efficient Lighting. By switching to energy efficient decorative lights, you will save costs as well as turn an ordinary looking room into one that is worth appreciating.

Still not sure which Decorative Lighting Fixture to buy?

Call us today on +1-866-477-1345 and our ALA certified lighting experts will provide you with inspirations and guide you through the process!